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GTA 4 cheats don’t appear to work in GTA 5 but some older cheats do work for the Xbox 360 and PS3.
Updated: This article contains a list of cheats available in Grand Theft Auto 5, all of which serve to do things like provide the player with invincibility, spawn vehicles, and give the player superhuman powers.
Regardless of how activating cheats affects achievement and trophy progress the full list of currently known cheats and what you need to do to activate them is below. Anyone who has exploited the shop by buying and selling or using dog residue has found how you can get infinite money from Temmie, then give it back to her to pay for college or the Temmie armor. You can sell every item in the game that you can to her, and you can buy infinite amounts of fancy Temmie flakes, she won’t realize that all this gold coming in adds up to 1000. It’s a happy thought, without you coming along, Temmie would never have been able to go to college. In Undertale you have to carry around a phone with the ability to turn into a turret or jet pack, a load of keys, tons of gold, an armor, a weapon, and you can have 8 items. If you are going for maximum amount of weight you could have temmie armor on, with the frying pan, and have one annoying dog in your inventory and 1 face steak, and 6 empty guns. If you are a dirty cheater like me, you could potentially have an inventory full of annoying dogs or frying pans. The best part is, Toriel talks about leaving room in your pockets when discussing the inventory, meaning you are probably carrying everything in your pockets looking like a really bad shoplifter. Then again, your inventory can be filled with bad memories and last dreams that are limited as the same amount, and 8 jugs of cider  take up the same volume as 8 punch cards, so who knows how it truly works? I’ll take the research Mattpat did and show an alternative with an equally loved and sexually fantasized character. One thing that frustrates some players in MMOs is the use of multiple forms of currency in the game. Most games (pretty much every one I could think of) have a reward system that creates currency as it is needed.
One solution to this problem is to add a new form of currency to the game when you add something new for a player to acquire. I may revisit this subject in the future, so I’ll stop now and read your feedback before delving further.
Right now in CoH, white common salvage is going for crazy amounts of inf while rare orange salvage is pretty much the same cost as it has always been. I am not so sure all the different types of salvage need to be regarded as different currencies. I like the idea of different types of currencies for different systems – I think it helps make them more unique, and also helps them feel more like mini-games in their own right. When you have to learn about 10 different currencies, how they are obtained, what they are used for, how they interact, it is a gigantic mess. Another, important thing to remember about currencies is to NOT make too much dependent on any one form.
If you have one limited form currency that’s used for power boosts, and costume parts, and character advancement, AND you make it harder to get than whatever your base currency is, you have to be careful not to induce the desire or compulsion to repetitively grind out tasks that produce that advanced currency.

This is exacerbated when character advancement is also gated behind a random reward table that rewards attacking instead of working intelligently to solve encounters. Although I still have a special place in my heart for City of Heroes I honestly don’t have a lot of respect for the design choices that are being made. Instead of perpetuating the cycle with another currency every issue maybe you (the devs) need to think about what is being bought and why. Just stick to two (max!) and when you get the inkling to make more see how they would fit into the two that you have.
Dude, we heard you like currencies, so we’ve added currencies that can (legally) be bought with real life currencies! Enhancements are the equivalent of persistent items and inspirations are limited-use items, so that’s pretty easy so far. Finally at 50, players get access to a whole new branch of salvage for incarnate stuff, which is another component-type item. So lumping all the infs under one title is appropriate because they really are the same thing.
Temmie will say your bag is full if you try to buy something with a full inventory, but judging by her grip on the language, she probably doesn’t know what pockets are anyway. A lot of players just want one simple form of currency to use for everything, just like they do in real life. Whether it is gold, influence, ISK, or gil, the game creates it out of nothing when you earn it. Even if it’s grindy, boring, content, if its fast AND easy, players will flock to it and ignore any other content your game has to offer. So now shards are going to be significantly diminished in value, because you are heaping on these 3 new currencies, for which I’m sure there will be some kind of BS overpriced conversion, effectively ruining the nice, gentle curve that incarnate shards had. However I do think there are just too many types of rewards in City, to the extent that I do think it will impact new players. But our enemies also have a chance to drop additional types of items: recipes and salvage, which of course relate to the crafting system. Yes it’s still salvage, but Incarnate Salvage is different enough that it deserves its own category.
All of the non-incarnate salvage can sorta be lumped together because it can at least all be treated in the same way, even if it’s used in different ways. I’ve heard returning veterans become totally confused at the several different types of Merit.
I do feel that the sheer diversity of reward types can be hugely overwhelming to new players.
And the problems associated with real life currencies are just as valid in an MMO as they are in a country’s economy. As you do what the game asks of you, you are rewarded with more and more of the currency you are seeking.
Captain Moneybags can’t just go and buy everything new on day one because you tied it to a currency that he has in abundance.

Maybe they can’t buy everything in the new store on day one, but they might be able to get stuff at an accelerated rate from the rest of the populace by spending exorbitant amounts of currency for the privilege.
But I will respond to an IM from a friend asking if I want to run an LRSF, and then soon find myself able to convert multiple types of currency into the final recipes I actually desire.
There are far too many currencies to keep track of, and it seems like instead of efforts being made to balance them they just get jettisoned and replaced with something new. You could earn them slowly but consistently by just playing the game normally (defeating level 50+ mobs).
City was my first MMO (and I have only dabbled in other MMOs), but I’ve played a decent amount of video games. New players will also get Prestige, which can be used by a player’s SG but not by the player. While the other types of salvage (invention, event, base) can be bought, sold, and traded, the incarnate items cannot. But that’s still six different types of money and at least five different types of items. But I don’t know how to fix it while maintaining the control and balance that you mentioned in your post. We’re essentially printing money, and many countries have collapsed under such inflationary tactics.
If you did, Captain Moneybags would complain on day two that there was nothing new in the game for him.
That the rate at which I can deplete my influence reserve is tempered by an in-game requirement (merit collection) is something largely invisible to me. My experience has usually been that you get three main types of drop: items (persistent and limited-use), experience, and money. Not to mention that all four types of salvage are used in completely different ways (crafting tables, a contact, in the base, in one’s own window). Studies showed they weren’t able to accurately estimate large amounts of various objects compared to people from cultures with words and concepts going to infinity. So that’s already three different kinds of money used in three totally different ways.
However cognitively the natives were okay and could estimate lower amounts fine and do other things. We have currency for our bases, for merits as rewards for doing Taskforces, story arcs, and trails.

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