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I am interested very much to know what does the islamic women look for in her future spouse, since I am going to get proposed to an american girl who is a born muslim, and will the american socialism and culture has already altered away from islam by the time she has to make the decision? In light of a woman who is born Muslim but raised in a western country, it will also vary how much of her cultural and religious upbringing served as a barrier (or lack thereof) from the trappings of dunya society.
Just because a Muslim (born or reverted) lives in a western country doesn't mean that they blindly succumb to or follow the societal dictates.

Brother, I am a Muslim girl born in America but you shouldn't look for specific things that a woman wants. If you are thinking will what if she thinks bad about Muslims, I don't think because if she is Muslim herself why would she think bad about her religion or the people in her religion? Insha'Allah, all sincere Muslim women should want to marry a man who is trying his best to practice the deen and treats her and others with respect and care.

She would just like a good, respectful, God-fearing man that follows his deen that could make a good husband and father.

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