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There are new alien plants to discover in Sixam, you can take them home and plant them in your own garden.
Azure Bowie confirmed an interesting fact in the Skype conversation while talking about the Aliens. Building a shop can take many hours but if you want to start quickly there are styled retail rooms you can place on an empty retail lot. Let’s say we want to sell clothes for children and the target audience will be snob children. As a builder I found the new windows and doors great additions to the game, especially because you can make them fully white.
I was very excited when Azure Bowie (SimGuruAzure) told we can build 2 levels below the ground. Build up your friendship with the Invention Constructor to unlock new schematics for the machine.
The Wormhole Generator will be a portal to the Alien World Sixam when you upgrade it with the Invention Constructor. Level up in the Scientist career to create the Wormhole Generation to get to the Alien world. I wanted to know when you will unlock the Sim Skeleton Model and this will be at level 9 in the Doctor career. I was very surprised by the new make up they added and it was pretty funny when Rosana from SimsNetwork and Marii where literally screaming when they saw these. This was my experience about the game, but I think you may be interested in what other people thought about this game too. The Sims 4 Get to Work will be released on April 2, 2015 in European country’s and March 31, 2015 in the US (this is confirmed by SimGuruAzure) It may be a different release date for your country.
Question: It states in a retail store you can sell things you collected, made or from the buy mode… so my question is, does it make sense to say collect things or make things during the time we are waiting for the release to have when the exp releases? Can you own a family business and have multiple sims in the same household work in the same retail business???? There are many many items to unlock with the career branches that comes with The Sims 4 Get to Work. Yes You can choose to make a household with 2 Sims, one as a doctor and the other one as scientist you can even run a retail stone on the side.

The Sim with Red hearts needs help immediately and the Sims with blue hearts can wait a bit longer. Well, a fun fact I discovered playing The Sims 4 Get to Work is when Aliens die at your lot, they will leave a special alien tombstone or urn at your place. They can be disguised as human Sims and you won’t even recognize them at the beginning when they are walking around the town. I could spend many hours and even days selling stuff and running a business in the retail shops. If you choose to build it yourself there are great options to customize the store to your dream store. This includes talking to customers about the product, cleaning shelfs, restock products you sold and many more. The objects I found the most useful for future builds are the large ceiling lamps, 1 tile television for the wall and the new houseplants. I got even more excited when she said they added 1 extra story to build on top of the house!
These serums can do various things like extend your life (youth potion), change a Sims shape or effect emotions. You can build up a friendship and talk with the machine to discover more inventions together! You will have to take different actions to diagnose your patients, run tests, deliver babies and make house calls.
Receive updates and Sims news on your Social Media: Follow me on Twitter, Like me on Facebook and add me on Google+. With the new Retail Business, the Doctor career, the Scientist career and the Detective career you can earn your money like never before! There are so many possibilities you can do with the stores, you can almost sell anything you like, this also includes plants, vegetables, photo’s, prepared food, baked goods, self written books and many more. You can choose between many stickers to put on the windows and choose between overhang to place on the exterior of your store. My Sims used it on one of her patients in her new job as a doctor… They will get frozen and when you take them out of the ice the Sim will stay cold and blue for a while. I didn’t find any new game play additions other then shown in the trailer and the blog.

They will be added to the inventory of your Sim and they can sell them on the retail shop or put them on the wall as decoration.
I leaned a lot about the new Expansion pack The Sims 4 Get to Work and I’m happy to answer your questions. The decorations found in this world can also be used on your home lot with the debug cheat. If your Sim has arrived in Sixam they can not use the phone because there is no phone service there.
The store windows and doors that are included in this expansion can be changed to fully white, black or any other color. Other than that they didn’t add any new options to roofs, swimming pools, fountains or any other guild mode option.
This update will be released in March and you don’t have to own The Sims 4 Get to Work. Sometime there will be a main goal added when fer example a pregnant Sim comes in to the hospital.
You also have the option to choose special filters for your photographs just like on Instagram. If you want to take selfies or photo’s there to take home with you, you should bring your camera. Now we will create a corner where kid’s can play with toys and next to it we make a shelf with toys we want to sell. You can choose to follow your Sims to the work place but you can also stay home with the other Sims in your household and send the working Sim alone to work. There will be 6 Geodes to collect in the game and can be obtained by polishing raw Geodes found in the Alien world. You can’t choose the price for each product but you can change the profit margin for all products together.

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