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The closer "Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon" get to their big release date, the bigger the games' leaks become.
According to a report by iDigital Times, the entire Pokedex of Alola, the island region setting of "Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon" has just been leaked by a user on popular thread site, 4chan.
A lengthy catalog of the new Alola Pokemons, the 4chan list includes the different evolutions of the Pokemons. The final evolutions of the Alolan starter Pokemons also gain different typings from when the game begins.
This has got a few wondering whether the secondary type of a Pokemon on Alola would transform based on the island the Pokemon would evolve in.
Meanwhile, in other "Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon" news, a report by Game N Guide explains a few of the new features of the games including Z-moves and facing totems. Gamers working with their Pokemons can produce powerful Z-moves which are available in all of the Pokemons in the game.

When it comes to Totems, gamers have to go through Island Challenges first and complete tasks before being given a chance to face a Totem, which is basically a powerful version of a Pokemon which can call reinforcements during battle. Reportedly holding the complete name and types of all of the Pokemons in Alola, the Pokedex leak adds to all of the other new Pokemons and their new Alola forms, which The Pokemon Company has been giving out the past few weeks. For example, Pikipek, a Normal Flying type Pokemon evolves later on to Plukipek, also Normal Flying.
While Popplio, Litten and Rowlet are respectively tagged underneath Water, Fire and Grass types, all three eventually evolve into different Pokemons with entirely different secondary types.
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