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Here’s a list of 40+ Useful Oracle queries that every Oracle developer must bookmark. Oracle SQL query that show the opened connections group by the program that opens the connection. The query can come quite handy when you have comma separated data string that you need to convert into table so that you can use other SQL queries like IN or NOT IN. If you have some cool query that can make life of other Oracle developers easy, do share in comment section.
If Wednesday and Friday are set to Yes, I need a query to retrieve all the wednesdays and Fridays from a given date to sysdate.
Similarly, If Monday, Wednesday and Thursday are set to Yes, I need all the Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursday from a given date(passed as parameter) to sysdate. Hello and thanks Viral, I think you can include a query which return number of columns result of a dynamic query, these usefull when you send a script inside a function and you don’t know exactly how many columns you obtain. I am looking to show the remaining Monday’s in a year and I have the following SQL which shows all the Mondays in a year. I have followed the same procedure, but the CURRENT_FLAG NUMBER is showing as 1 both for old and new records. I have followed the same procedure, but the CURRENT_FLAG NUMBER is showing as 1 both for old and new records.I Have selected the current_flag in the slowly changing dimension behavior AS CURRENT CORD FLAG also.
I have One column name like VERSION in one table , and have natural key column like INTEGRATION_ID in same table. In this case , whenever VERSION GOT UPDATED FROM SOURCE, I’M ABLE STORE THE OLD AND NEW VERSION RECORDS BUT CURRENT_FLG POPULATING 1 FOR BOTH RECORDS.

Can we use ADD ROW ON CHANGE PROPERTY COLUMN(VERSION) IN THE natural key PROPERTY COLUMN(INTEGRATION_ID)? But when i tried with individual xml files instead of Variable, this procedure working fine. Put these two variables as the 1st and second step of your package and make sure values are assigned to it.
ROW_CURRENT_FLAG (1 for new record, 0 for old record) —> 0 to old record and 1 to new (updated record). The sprout channel cubby and the contixo kids q102 are both android tablets designed for children, so how do the two tablets compare with each other?. Latest trending topics covered zdnet including reviews, tech industry, security, hardware, apple, windows. Copyright © 2015 Caroldoey, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
These queries range from date manipulation, getting server info, get execution status, calculate database size etc.
This query can be use in stored procedure where you quickly want first day of year for some calculation. Useful when you tries to add new column in table using ALTER TABLE statement, you might wanna check if column already exists before adding one. Useful when your script is expected to run under certain user but is actually executed by other user. This query comes handy when you want to find a particular procedure or function call from all the source code.

Use this when your table does not have primary key or you cannot be sure if record having max primary key is the latest one. He has good expertise on Oracle, Oracle Data Integrator, Pervasive Data Integrator, SSAS,SSRS and SSIS. That data loads fine but it seems to me that when history is created that it calculated the end date of the previous record incorrectly.
But this query is more efficient given the fact that we are only interested in knowing if table has any data. Now in such cases, you might want to make your index case insensitive so that they don’t occupy more space.
Once you have this table you can join it with other table to quickly do some useful stuffs.
Here new record should not be added instead it should be updated as we have selected overwrite on change. Many developers may hesitate to push the code for a very complex view into an already complex query.
Paste the SQL query in the tableAdapter wizard and then click 'Query builder' the query builder is not able to interpret the.

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