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So this morning, I got into a long Facebook debate over the Meghan Trainor song, and another blog that is saying it hates on skinny girls. For someone being taller than them, that they can forever be comfortable in flats, or women being short enough to wear high heels and not tower over everyone in the bar. For being thin enough, that you never have to worry about not finding a pair of jeans that will fit.
Being jealous that someone can eat whatever they want and not gain and ounce, or if you're on the other side and you eat cheesy bread and ranch dressing every day just to try and gain a few lbs.
From little cabooses to steam engines, every confident woman on the rugby pitch, can score and take another player down.
Former Playboy Playmate Candace Jordan takes you to Chicago's swankest society galas and private parties -- sharing behind-the-scenes intrigue and celebrity dish.
Got hooked on rugby in 2003, played college, CARFU and with Chicago North Shore Women's Club.

I've never been more comfortable with my body than when I am with the women of all shapes and sizes that come along with being part of a rugby team. Love the rugby community, traveling around and being able to find rugby friends where ever I roam. If you do your do your hair and make-up before games, or if you don't shower since Thursday practice until Sunday morning. But on the pitch, it's a jersey, and shorts, and the only bass that matters is the sound the comes off of a nice and solid tackle.

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