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If you have ever thought about getting a job at Google you better be prepared for a long winded process. The great folks over at JobVine put together this great infographic piece on what the process of acquiring a job at Google might look like. Marketing Tech provides digital marketing news and jobs, industry analysis and digital media insight around numerous marketing disciplines; mobile strategy, email marketing, SEO, analytics, social media and much more.
Computer degrees are the highest in demand but Google value other skills as well in Administration, advertising, product management and social science. 1 in 4 young professionals want to work at Google, you need to stand out; walking in to the google office with a degree with honours is going to help you stand out from the crowd. With that being said, they want to know about your extra-curricular activities outside of the classroom; they want people that embark on interesting and unique things.
Google want creative individuals that can work under pressure and think quick; it is just as important as a great degree. The above video highlights the important of creativity- not necessarily getting the questions right. The interview process is unconventional it is more like a conversation rather than a grilling according to several applicants; while others say it is like a university exam.

There is no dress-code for the interview so you don’t have to show up in a suit and tie, there are more interested in what you have to say than how long it took you to get changed. If you are a successful entrepreneur you could start off in a managerial position such as Product Manager at Google. South African job listing site JobVine compiled the following chart of the top ten salaries at Google, compiled from Glassdoor. For jobs within the company, it looks like directors of product management are the highest paid, which is fitting with Google's new emphasis under Larry Page on product over engineering. The chart is part of a larger infographic that also outlines Google's hiring process -- it's based on a post by Google developer evangelist Don Dodge, who used to work at Microsoft -- and some of the crazy questions you have to answer to get a job there. Some candidates have experienced close to 30 interviews before an offer was even made and the infographic below explains it all.
Our first explores what it takes to get a job at Google, so those of you interested: pay attention, because it is not easy. Google has several offices around the world, look at their job opportunity page and search for jobs with your skill set or where you want to study. Work hard at your degree and if you have already done it- sign up for a master degree course and kill it.

You may receive several phone call interview screenings which typically last about 45 mins; if you make it through that you will be invited to one of their offices for further screening. It's not uncommon to see contractors earn more salary than full-time employees at big tech companies, because they're often not able to get stock options and perks. You will literally be one in a million applying and if you do get a shot you may be interviewing for months. Some of the leaders in this industry, based on sales are: Qdoba, Boston Market, and Panera.
Do something outside the classroom that shows you are passionate and you want to change the world.

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