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In a week that’s seen George Will dropped from a major outlet and Dov Charney canned from American Apparel, a week in which somebody finally called Dr.
Oz on his BS and Scott Walker on his and the Redskins on theirs, one in which we became one state closer to sodomy for all, perhaps it was inevitable we’d be due for a cultural intellectual step backward. Sorry, girls, but depending on how the California justice system proceeds, it looks like he may be off the market for a while after that. It also certainly suggests that whoever is behind the camera at the Stockton Police Department has a great eye.

The 30-year-old California man was arrested Wednesday and is currently facing five weapons charges and one gang charge.
He’s also now a viral star thanks to that SCORCHING HOT mug shot the Stockton Police Department posted Wednesday.
I don’t even want to have to explain why this is yet another messed-up example of women participating in our own degradation. He’s already got his own Facebook fan page, which, while not the $900,000 in bail money the judge set for him this week, is something.

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