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A five-year-old girl escaped relatively unscathed after the trampoline she was playing on was swept on to the roof of a house by a tornado. The girl had been playing on the trampoline with two other children in Banzkow, northern Germany, when a tornado suddenly swept through the garden.
Two of the children were pulled free by their grandmother but the girl was still tangled in the apparatus when it was blown on to the roof of the house. But although the trampoline fell back down, the girl remained on the roof until she was rescued by her grandfather, remarkably just suffering a few cuts and bruises.
Nearby firemen said that the wind also managed to toss a paddling pool in the air before dumping it some 800 metres away. The way I feel, she obviously is lonely and is grasping onto any thread of affection that comes her way.
Ok how do u know that if she didn’t flip out after 14 hours of leaving him he would not have wanted to see her again??? No way, this girl is a psycho, he may have went out with her again if she wouldn’t have initially freked about about the playing cards thing. Are you serious, check the span, it was between 3 days, if you looked at your phone and found 20+ messages from some guy in a day I gaurentee you’d be freaked out. It is terribly bad morals to have sex with someone just for sex, if you have not clarified that is your intent prior to doing so. I’ve got to say that Kevin actually seemed like he was interested in the girl before she flipped the crazy switch! Kate Middleton and Prince William Privileged: British Royal Family Members Upset Over Their Preferential Treatment? Dancing With The Stars News: Bill Clinton Asked To Compete On DWTS Casting Director Confirms – Will He Dance? There are an estimated 15,000 waste pickers in the Nepalese capital of Kathmandu and while there are no official government figures, it is estimated that Kathmandu produces around 10 tonnes of waste a day.
The charity Practical Action is currently running a project working with the waste pickers who make a living from collecting rubbish. This development of skills is necessary given the dangerous environment in which they work and the relatively meagre, subsistence-level (or below) income gained from physically demanding and time intensive waste picking. Waste workers can make 6 rupees (4p) per kilo of plastic but they can make 24 (15p) rupees per kilo of plastic if it is torn and dried. Waste pickers can also make more money by turning the plastic they find into objects to sell such as baskets, purses, mobile phone covers, key rings and pen pots. The stench of shit and household waste combines with clouds of flies and stifling heat to engulf me as I walk through the corrugated iron gate.
It left Kanchi with no choice but to bring all three children up, so every day the 52-year-old gets up at dawn to prepare a meal, gets her granddaughter to school and heads off to work at the waste dump described above, where she works for hours, crouched over filthy bags, surrounded by flies and foul-smelling waste to earn ?1 a day. Practical Action is the only charity working with the thousands of waste pickers living in Kathmandu. Despite the social stigma, grinding poverty and appalling working conditions, these very waste pickers prevent Kathmandu from being paralysed by its rubbish.
Instead, men and women like Kanchi sort, recycle and sell rubbish in what has become something of an unregulated black market where middle-men exploit the weak and those unable to continue to work simply disappear. The charity organised waste-pickers into small groups, helped them create co-operatives and encouraged them to save tiny amounts of their money into health insurance schemes. They identified honest middle-men who would pay a fair price for rubbish and held workshops with parents and schools to underline the importance of education to waste-picker children. But Kanchi says she speaks for many of her fellow waste-pickers when she tells me: "If it wasn't for Practical Action I don't think I would be alive right now. I am not affiliated with Practical Action and some minor aspects of Andy Heath's detailed, moving and observant report stick in my throat.
Still, I support PA's overall aims and project and their efforts to raise consciousness about the lives of Nepalese waste pickers.
The show continues with its frothy-light campus hijinks, and now our heroine finds herself entangled in this lie as well.
She doesn’t call a teacher after all, and Hyun-woo confirms his identity — speaking at last!
After he performs, he asks for a patient to sing for him and a little girl volunteers Geu-rim, outing her as a huge fan. Irene is missing from class the next day, so Geu-rim goes looking for her at her management company.
Geu-rim declares that fraud is still wrong, though, so her agreement to keep silent is only temporary.
Hyun-woo figures the upside of being outed is that he can walk around as himself in the dorm room, and the sight of him with shower-damp hair and in his undershirt has Geu-rim slapping her hands over her eyes in modesty. Tae-joon persists in courting Irene, asking her to be his dance partner for the upcoming school festival.
The exchange is witnessed by Irene’s most persistent paparazzo, however, who has been snooping around the school to get at her secrets. Their budding argument attracts the attention of a guard, so they duck and head for cover, ending up in an empty dance studio.
They take a break on the terrace, and she asks about couple dance Tae-joon asked Irene to partner him on, though she clucks in disapproval when Hyun-woo says he’s thinking of doing it just to poach some of his dance moves.
Geu-rim explains being quite sick for a while, spending a lot of her time in a hospital due to leukemia.
She assures Hyun-woo she’s healthy now, and asks why he practices so hard at his dancing. She’s also excited about the upcoming class trip, which doubles as the workshop for their festival performance. The next day, Tae-joon finds Geu-rim and tells her she’s going to be part of their performance too. Thankfully Geu-rim is rightfully suspicious and decides to throw it away… just as Tae-joon appears and snatches the can. Sure enough, the dosed drink gives him a violent case of diarrhea and renders him unable to dance. With the clock ticking and his car stuck in traffic, Hyun-woo urges hyung to drive faster to make it in time.

The Tackle girls rub their hands together gleefully at the thought of Geu-rim being taken out of the performance and thus usurping her spot. Geu-rim arrives outside the room to hear Hye-ri screaming in horror (at spooky noises and other ghostly pranks), and rescues her.
Hyun-woo isn’t so great dealing with a crying girl, so he blusters, “Are you crazy? They have an awkward parting, with each one telling the other to go already, hiding their reluctance to leave behind a facade of irritability.
The next morning, there’s a hot gossip item spreading amongst the school, which features Geu-rim by the pool with her mystery man. All of this is to say that the abbreviated length and contained world of Ma Boy actually benefit the story it’s telling by keeping everything small and on the same level.
This show is cute, and I agree with you JB that Hyun-woo is the main reason I like this show. Every Gaksital episode leaves me exhausted emotionally and mentally (my heart hasn’t even healed yet because of episode 6 and 7). So thank you for the recaps for this drama, bringing me back to that other side of the drama world filled with rainbows and unicorns. LMAO this guy from Touch indeed seems like a girl but I wonder what would happen if the main guy was Ren from Nues’t. What I love about Ren is that he admitted it is funny to him when people think he is a girl. The world is sure moving fast cuz I woke up and saw these dramas where boy is girl, girl is boy (not that I didn’t like ^^). Despite his best efforts to ignore her, the texts just keep going, and going…and going.
6 For he shall be like a shrub in the desert, And shall not see when good comes, But shall inhabit the parched places in the wilderness, In a salt land which is not inhabited. They went out on ONE date, and then she expects him to explain his plans for the next evening to her? I guarantee you that he would have considered giving her a chance had she not flipped out the very next day. Thank you this guy is a jerk for posting this, ladies, DO NOT SLEEP WITH MEN ON THE FIRST DATE CAUSE THIS CAN HAPPEN TO YOU!! A mother and a grandmother, she works long hours in unsafe and unclean conditions for a pittance. They live in squatter settlements along Nepal's river banks and are vulnerable to many health risks due to their poor living conditions and their work.
The aim of the project is to give waste pickers access to safety equipment, health insurance and education and develop their entrepreneurial skills so they can create their own businesses selling products made from the recyclables they collect.
To put the experiences of Kanchi and the waste pickers who work alongside her, I was enlightened by an exclusive and very vivid on-the-ground by Andy Heath, a former journalist who has been working with Practical Action for 16 months. I look down and see a used condom lying on an oozing brown liquid which I hope is mud, but could easily be something worse.
When she isn't at work she lives with two teenage sons and her 13-year-old orphan granddaughter Pushpa in a claustrophobic room in the hot, sweaty city of Kathmandu. Shortly after she developed an excruciating gall stone and was faced with extortionate hospital costs, weeks off work and she was staring at the abyss of losing her house, her family and her life. The city has no formal mechanism for dealing with an estimated 10 tonnes of waste a day created by two million Kathmandu residents and thousands of tourists who flock to the city before heading off to the Nepal's famous mountains. The NGO promotes sustainable, simple solutions to problems poor people face in the developing world every day and works with around one in four of the 15,000 or so waste pickers in Kathmandu, and wants to reach even more.
They provided thousands of uniforms, safety gloves, hats and face masks to reduce illness and injury. Furthermore, they embarked on a remarkable drive to improve the perception of waste pickers among the population, starting with roadside posters and ending with training in which they help waste-pickers document their average day for the Nepalese media. The health insurance scheme paid for half her medical costs, with the other half paid for by Practical Action. It is a luxury and an expression of extreme privilege to shamelessly express clear physical repugnance at the conditions in which waste pickers must work.
You can't visit a rubbish dump and then be repelled, and turn up your nose at it, and show your repugnance like some spoilt rich Victorian nursery school infant; it's called a rubbish dump because it's a pile of dumped rubbish, what did you think it would be like? Because Hyun-woo (er, idol Sun-woong) is so pretty in both gender personas that you really can’t take your eyes off him sometimes. She happens to be much more committed to protecting the secret, but on the downside, much less good at it. Irene huddles fearfully, surrounded by a mob of angry students, which include the girls jealous of her popularity and the boys humiliated at having liked a fraud. The manager-hyung freaks out when Hyun-woo walks in and tries to stuff his head into a plastic bag. Then she peers between her fingers to sneak a look at all the pretty, glistening in slow-motion, soft-filtered backlighting.
Only, tonight he finds Geu-rim standing there as disapproving watchdog, holding up the rules she’s drawn up, pointing at the curfew clause. That gave her a lot of encouragement, and made her want to get better to fulfill that promise. Hyun-woo awkwardly coughs and does the I-was-throwing-it-away-so-you-might-as-well-have-my-castoff thing, where it’s clearly an excuse to give her nice things. Leader Hye-ri deems the fanboys’ scheme dumb and lo-tech (lock Geu-rim in a shed somewhere), and this unholy union meets its end. Ha, are we setting up for a Shakespeare In Love merry-go-round where the participants get swapped in and out, leaving our OTP? Tackle is furious that their plan went awry, but vow that they’ll make sure Round 2 succeeds. Then they’ll humiliate her and post that on the school homepage, which ought to send her far, far away. Hye-ri realizes she dropped her trendy new bracelets while fixing up that laxative-laced drink, and she heads back to the building to search for it. Geu-rim tells Hye-ri that if her behavior were as pretty as her face, she’d be liked by everyone.

So she’s taken by surprise when the other two Tackle girls shove her into the water, laughing and trying to take a picture of her drowned-rat look.
Diving into the water, losing his wig and female accessories in the process, Hyun-woo pulls her out to safety. She gets pulled aside by a teacher, and her first worry is that Irene’s identity has been outed. I won’t say all adaptations fail at this, but it does make it more difficult for them to hit the right balance, because many dramas are then stuck with these minor beats that have to carry huge emotion. There are others I like, like Geu-rim and Tae-joon, but Hyun-woo’s the only one I care about. The fact that I, hardly ever watch something raw, can actually understand what’s going on and laugh appropriately.
I think we may get a hint of the Tae-joon liking Geu-rim storyline; the sick scene hinted, so I can hope.
If I remember right, the first episode cliffhanger for BBF was Tsukasa’s lackeys trying to intimidate the heroine by assaulting her, although the Rui character swoops to her rescue. I remembered the scene in BOF later but for the life of me I couldn’t remember anything like that happening in the other versions of TtheBY.
She went all bonkers about him making plans with his friends and pretty much accused him of lying to her before the discussion of a second date even really started. Are you seriously that obsessed with your religion that you cannot form a sensible way to communicate your thoughts without talking about your religion?
That is exactly why its hard to keep friends while dating someone, because the other person starts accusing you of cheating when you go out with them. After contracting Hepatitis C, then developing painful gallstones, she faces the prospect of medical treatment that will require her to be absent from work and hospital bills that, together with the loss of work income, might mean that she loses her home and cannot support her family. On rubbish dumps diseases and germs can proliferate unchecked; people working on them are exposed directly to a range of chemical, biological and physical hazards including toxic substances, broken glass, contaminated needles and faecal matter. Yet of the 413 waste pickers interviewed by Practical Action, 28% of them said they had been injured in the work place while working in the last 6 months and 35.4% said they became ill from different types of diseases in the last 6 months. A consultation with a doctor in a government hospital costs 150 rupees and a typical prescription can cost a further 600 rupees. His testimony about the harsh physical environment, discriminatory social conditions and hard labour bring home the reality of waste pickers' lives.
Pushpa's mum committed suicide eight years ago following an argument with her husband, whose own alcoholism killed him when Pushpa was ten. Bus drivers refuse to let them on buses, waste picker children are shunned and bullied at school, not just by fellow pupils, but by teachers too. I was very sick, but Practical Action took care of me, helped me find a job and stay in work and I feel very blessed. How insulting and humiliating it must have been for Kanchi, showing a well fed white man where she works every day, supporting an entire family, only to see him "turn away and retch" before writing his report and going back to his cosmopolitan and interesting life, where he witnesses the suffering of others and even alleviates some of it, without ever having to experience it himself.
Where do you think your used condoms and snotty tissues and little bottles of athlete's foot ointment go when you've thrown them away?
The real problem is that dating at school is prohibited, though, and she’s told to explain herself. So you do get a romance that you don’t quite believe in (it makes sense, but are we feeling it with the chemistry or the attraction? The TtheBY terribleness happens over epis 3 and 4, but in a somehow more terrifyingly realistic way than BBF. I don’t really understand why some of these feel the need to inject these real life not-so-nice bits into our fluff, but I guess that gives it more weight…? I kinda wish the drama could have been tad bit longer, not your typical 20-episode, but, maybe 8 to 10 episodes. What if the guy’s phone was off during this period and he turned it back on to a slew of messages?
They suffer from cuts that get infected, respiratory diseases, stomach complaints and have debilitating muscular problems because of the back-breaking work they have to do every day. Yet still people arrive in waves from rural villages in Nepal, desperate for the money they believe will help them out of the cycle of poverty. Kanchi and the other waste pickers do not have the time, energy or privilege to retch or turn away.
America and Western Europe (and increasingly China) are the biggest producers of this kind of landfill rubbish. At least manager-hyung is on the ball, and he drags the tabloid reporter aside and confiscates his camera. It’s why a drama like Playful Kiss really could have been a great adaptation, if it actually had a plot. In other versions of BBF, there were also various degrees of the Tsukasa character force-kissing Tsukushi and not understanding why she’s crying and traumatized, but he stops pretty quickly. You have no balls at all, too weak or scared to tell her it’s not going to happen until it was too late. Besides, if he wanted to just sleep with her, I am guessing it would have been pretty easy to make that happen again. They must strengthen their stomachs and do what they must, to survive, no matter how many others, Nepali or English, look down on their surroundings and are clearly repulsed and revolted by it and comment about how disgusting the conditions are once they've visited. Admittedly, if this were offered as a prime-time broadcast show for 20 episodes, for instance, I’d probably have a different reaction, because that structure comes with different expectations. The stories of people like Kanchi should fill us with admiration for their fortitude and motivate us to help them proactively create and improve their lives; they should not fill us with pity and revulsion, prompting us to donate with a sense of Western arrogant superiority and self-regard so that 'we' see ourselves as 'saving' them from a reality which has been described in a repulsed and degrading way. I get so engrossed into, the time flies and when it nears the end, I am truly disappointed.

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