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To indicate an interest in a deeper personal relationship with a person of the opposite sex. Methinks when someone flirts with you and you are not interested, you should immediately communicate your disinterest with your body language or if necessary words.
I think when people get in relationships, they stop seeing their partners as the same person they once flirted with. Be understanding of your partner's psychological state of mind before judging their actions. To flirt back or not rebuff flirts can and will be seen as acceptance and a desire for further intimate acts.

Why not spice up your relationship by flirting with each other instead of taking it outside. The way he looks at you, or the way she acts when in your presence, all these things are not coincidences! Once your man or woman starts flirting and you don’t curb it they will go wild with it. You see a fine lady and u compliment her with your eyes or with your jaw dropping and the fine lady accepts the compliment with a smile (flirting). Some people on the other hand know but consider flirting as harmless, so they let it continue without any intention of rebuffing the signals.

In not rebuffing flirts, are you not communicating encouragement for further intimate acts? My friend who’s been married for 4 years constantly flirts with other men, she says she cant help it and its just play.

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