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A month later, on her birthday, I sent her flowers and chocolates and tried to call her but it went to voicemail every time.
A few months later, Robert dumped her, quite unceremoniously so from what I heard from our common friends.
I mean, I am sure you do but lets imagine that I answered your question (which I will) and that’s it.
First things first, lets end the build up and get straight to the reason that you are here.
This is actually a pretty interesting question but only if you really dive in deep.Do You Even Have a Chance of Getting Your Ex Back?
Now, the thing you have to understand about me is that I am not a bullshitter like the other people you will meet out there. If I don’t think you have a chance of getting an ex back or if you do something wrong I will be the first to let you know about it. Lets look at what happens on a cellular level to a human brain that goes through a breakup.
You won’t believe the part of the brain that lit up when the 15 students saw the pictures. In other words, scientifically speaking there is a pretty good chance that your ex girlfriend is still thinking about you assuming the breakup is relatively recent.
Ok, lets turn our attention from the brain to cold hard statistics and look at what they are saying. Well, according to Veronika Lukacs, a University of Western Ontario graduate student, 90% of exes engage in this behavior. If your ex girlfriend is going to stroll by your profile she has to be thinking about you, right?
Well, a new study posted by Daily Mail says that it takes an average of 17 months to full get over a divorce. Now, I can see that, that might be a bit of an issue for our purposes because you were never married to your ex girlfriend and marriage is a much deeper type of a commitment than simply dating someone. And if your trying to get over a breakup and failing then it’s probably because you are thinking about your ex a lot. Fact #1- Your exes brain is going through breakup withdrawal similar to that of a drug addict.
Fact #2 – It takes a long time to get over a divorce so we can assume the same could be said of a breakup.
But like I said when I first started this article, that’s only one of the questions you want answered. Now that you know that your ex girlfriend is thinking about you how can you kick the intensity up a notch? This graphic is meant to represent the ways in which you can make your ex girlfriend think about you. Now, I know it may not seem like a lot but trust me when I say that everything that these two methods is comprised of is A LOT! If you want to maximize your chances of getting your ex girlfriend back then you need a framework to work in and that is what the value chain provides for you. I was going to go nerdy with this analogy but upon writing I realized I might lose all credibility. I used to be super into this game as a kid but I got out of it for maybe close to ten years.
Anyways, after picking it up again I came to realize just how much strategy is involved behind this thing.
So, what the professionals do (yes there are professionals in this game) is they map out every concievable possiblity of how the deck can lose and try to shore up the decks weaknesses as much as possible. The value chain will point you in the direction of point A and then to point B and then so on and so forth. The idea behind it is that the customer is starting from a point where no value has been built and then the sales person has to come and move them up the value chain by providing… you guessed it, value.
This graphic is meant to represent the mediums in which you can utilize to make your ex girlfriend think about you. Unless you’ve been living under a rock you probably know what the no contact rule is, right?
It’s basically where you attempt to get a desired result by doing something that is the complete opposite of an action to get that desired result. For example, if my wife came up to me right now and made a big deal about me not having enough money to buy her a present for her birthday what do you think I would do?
You see, she knew that I would react that way which is why she told me that I wouldn’t be able to afford to buy her a present. Anyways, the no contact rule has ties to a couple of psychological principles that will make your ex girlfriend think about you with reverse psychology being one of those principles.
Psychological reactance is a theory that essentially states that when someone loses their freedom to have something they find the thing they lost more attractive. By utilizing the no contact rule you are essentially telling your ex girlfriend that she can’t have you. Well, you do have to do the no contact rule but just by doing it you get this added benefit! I will leave it up to Ex Girlfriend Recovery PRO to explain which rule you should use for your situation. What indirect actions can you take during the time frame of the no contact rule to make your ex girlfriend think about you? This means that you have 30 days to every so subtly remind your ex girlfriend that you are still in existence.

Now, the no contact rule is strict in that you aren’t allowed to directly speak to your ex girlfriend so when you take that into account how can you speak to her without speaking to her.
Above I cited a study done by a graduate student that claimed that 90% of exes admitted to creeping on their exes Facebook profile.
In other words, there is a very good chance that after your breakup with your ex girlfriend she is going to be stopping by your profile at some point. Women have a bigger spy network than we do so oftentimes they will enlist one of their friends to go onto your Facebook profile for you and snoop around.
Anyways, what I like to recommend for men is that they stay active on Facebook after the breakup and post very interesting things.
What I mean by interesting is something directly relating to you or something you are doing. This is a picture that I took with my camera when I was on vacation with my family in Hawaii.
I can’t tell you how many products that I have bought because of a recommendation of a friend. I had seen previews for it everywhere but I didn’t watch it until it was recommended to me by a trusted source.
Some men get the idea of contacting their exes through their own friends during the no contact rule. This is a mistake because your ex girlfriend is going to be on red alert against them and question their allegiance (and rightfully so.) If anything, you want her own friends telling her about you because they are trusted sources. Now, this can either work in your favor or against you depending on what message they deliver.
So, after your breakup Gina is making up false things about you to further remove you from the equation. Now, lets look at the flip side and assume that Gina really liked you and didn’t have anything mean to say about you at all.
But having a friend of your exes control the message is a little too risky in my opinion which is why I am not going to recommend that you use some of my more controversial methods to try to manipulate the friend.
All in all, I think there is enough evidence to back up the fact that your ex girlfriend is going to be thinking about you no matter what her friends say or do not say. In other words, don’t try to use your friends or your exes friends to get a message through.
Lets pretend that you and your ex girlfriend are still dating and she sees another girl hitting on you.
Like I said, jealousy is really a form of flattery and we are going to utilize this in an indirect way. It’s a date that you go on with one of your friends of the opposite sex to just have fun somewhere. During this friend date I want you to take a picture with the friend and post it onto Facebook. That’s the idea that you want your ex girlfriend to have when she looks at you taking a picture with another girl. Anyways, in an effort to shorten things up I decided to combine the last three mediums of communication together because what I am about to teach you can be used on your ex girlfriend to make her think about you.
In fact, I am going to go out on a limb here and say that this may very well be the most powerful way of making your ex girlfriend think about you constantly. You see, I am an avid watcher of TV shows and after a while I began noticing how almost every one began ending on a cliffhanger. And then you would have to wait an entire week for the next episode to come on to find out what happens next.
They know exactly what to do to keep someone engaged and thinking about a show and we can definitely learn a thing or two from them when it comes to keeping your ex girlfriend engaged and thinking about you. Lets say that you are talking on the phone with a girl you really like and the conversation is going extremely well. Oftentimes the moment you enjoy a conversation to the point where you don’t want it to end is the high point.
My name is Chris, and I help millions of guys per year improve themselves, and get their ex girlfriends to come running back. I will check out the LDR guide, but if there is a rebound and I can confirm that, how should I approach that?
2) After she told me she’d see me over the holidays, I texted her the morning after (the day she was leaving) good luck in LA and that she has a safe flight over. Hi Chris and Amor, so my situation is kinda interesting me and my ex are high school sweethearts.
My ex and I broke up (she did) two weeks ago because she said she wan’t in love with me anymore.
To be perfectly honest I feel I have been manipulated by a sociopath and although i feel vulnerable I wouldn’t want her back again.
Still I feel I wouldn’t be surprised that after her birthday passes without me taking any notice or giving her any sign of life she tried to get again in touch because she would hate to relinquish power.
After moving, she sent me a couple of emails with pictures of her new apartment and workplace. She took 15 students from the school that had just went through a breakup, sat them down, hooked them up to an MRI machine and started studying their brain activity.
Thus, someone who is going through a breakup may be experiencing the same type of cravings (to get in touch with an ex) that a drug addict would be going through if they were going through a withdrawal period. To make this as easy as possible for you I have decided to divide it up into two separate sections. It’s used in sales to show the entire path a customer will take from when they walk in the door to where they pull out their money and purchase a product.

In other words, if you follow the value chain I have put together for you below you will properly maximize your chances of making your ex girlfriend think about you.
The idea behind implementing it is that it will give both of you time to level out emotionally and potentially make her miss you.
Anyway in 4 days it will be her birthday (I was planning to propose her and give her a 2000$ dolla rings) but I am staying on the NC and avoid even sending her a happy Bday wish.
And of course she starts hanging out with him, even spent the night twice but said they’re just friends.
I logged into her Yahoo mail box because I remembered the password she had given me three years ago. She begged for one chance and came to see me, brought me a lot of gifts and acted like nothing had happened. She said she felt trapped in being in a relationship once we left school, that it was easier when we could see each other everyday back then. Unfortunately, with a limited time frame it sucks because I feel like I have to move a bit quicker (while trying to keep it natural). What I feel is that it is over, she is actively and aggressively looking for somebody else and I already have another woman although a rebound relationship: my ex was my age (50) but this one is 34 so I got the best part of the deal.
In your book you said begin with the end in mind and that is why I write to you with a question. Somewhere around the 3rd year we got to comfortable with each other and I stopped treating her like my gf and we stopped doing all those couples stuff and on top of that I stopped taking care of myself as well, I guess you could sorta say I fell into a comfort zone and never left it. At our age women tend to be spoiled goods because successful people look for young women whereas people like me can easily find young women (like I did). Should I break NC at the 21 day, 30 day mark, or keep it ongoing until she actually pulls the first move? She’s been away on vacation the last week and when she comes back there will only be two days before she leaves for LA.
When I realised I was almost stalking her on whatsapp (she used to be on in the mornings and late evenings like when we were in love) i deleted all her numbers and blocked her on all social netowrks.
My ex, on the other hand, is quite used to be the second or third lover of married older people. I don’t come from a bad breakup in general although it really was painful for me and I begged quiet a lot.
Before she went on vacation, I asked if I could see her before she leaves and that’s when she told me she was away and is jam packed with being with her family two days before she leaves. I didn’t want to seem needy or beggy by asking if there was any other way to squeeze in our first face to face meeting, but if she leaves without me seeing her, are my chances pretty much dead? So I mentioned earlier we live together and we work together, she moved in with her sister for the time being but the thing is we still work together and the guy she has feelings for also works there. Moreover, if I was going for 25 days and she contacts me on day 21, I won’t be able to execute the plan on 25 the way is supposed to because the 21 is my bday and I don’t want for her to think I contact her because I am lonely on my bday or something like that, right? Should I just swallow down my pride, keep it professional and just keep working there and if so would this be going against the nc rule?
We talked in March and said that we both didnt want a relationship bc it wasn’t worth it with graduation around the corner.
How long should I keep the nc rule going considering that we both pay rent for our apartment? It was great, I really liked her, and we really had that deep connection since we first met 4 years ago as freshmen.
We were only about an hour away at home, but one thing we had discussed was what will happen when she goes across the country to L.A.
About 3 weeks into the summer, we meet up on a date and out of nowhere she drops that she doesn’t want to be in a relationship anymore.
But being an experienced person, I called her out on trying to give me cop out excuses, asking for the real reason. It ended in frustration, but she told me she felt suffocated and that she wasn’t ready to go long-distance. As the night goes on and the drinks flow, she throws herself and starts flirting hard core with this guy in front of me for an hour. She knew i was watching, I tried to ignore it, but at this time there were less people and she was being very loud and obnoxious.
The guy was enjoying it, but she ultimately didn’t do anything with him and went home shortly after by herself. So I tried to send out feeler messages to see how she’d react and if it would spark a conversation. I spaced them out over a couple days, and I even called her to see if she wanted to meet up for coffee, to which she said she was busy and was going away later in the week. During this time, I’ve been hitting the gym and going out and enjoying myself, but I still miss her a lot.
My goal is to reach the 3 week NC mark and maybe try to send some feeler texts out, is that the right move? I know she’s the type of person who can cut people and things that give her negative emotions out easily. I’m afraid she’ll toss me aside, but she had told me that she had never had feelings for another guy like me before and seeing that I was her first, I must mean something right?

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