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Now our school can collect and save authorized McDonald's purchase receipts from all McDonald's restaurant in Southeastern Wisconsin. If you have ever had dealings with a persuasive, perhaps forceful, salesperson, the chances are they were thinking more about the money they stood to earn from the sale than finding the right deal for you.
The obvious answer is commission, a form of variable pay by which staff earn a cut of the income they create for their employer. As in any profession, there can be good and bad salespeople, and commission is a common way to reward top performers.
However, as with the much-criticised City bonuses, commission, particularly if it is uncapped, can encourage the wrong type of behaviour. A high proportion of commission may also result in staff spending all their time on activities that carry incentives, rather than other, equally important, facets of their role.
Employers may also not be prepared to reduce base pay if the organisation’s performance dips.
For many organisations, commission can act as a safety valve because pay costs are adjusted according to revenue.
Steve Watson, director at Rewardworks, says communication around any changes to pay structure is key. We have a wonderful selection of restaurants, grocery stores, department and specialty stores, gas stations, and many others.
You can also register online and purchase participating products to earn even more points for our school.

Buy your favorite Kemps dairy products, with specially marked caps or proof-of-purchase symbols, bring 'em to school, and earn money for the things our school needs. The receipts we collect and save can then be redeemed by our school for a wide variety of high quality products for our school. Indeed, such staff are the lifeblood of some industries and the single most important form of creating income.
Reilly says this form of reward gives individuals impetus to maximise their efforts around the most profitable tasks. An employee can reap the benefits of short-term success, but perhaps not comply with the long-term ideals of the organisation. In the past, some commission payments encouraged inappropriate sales, such as mortgage endowments to people who could not afford them. In fact, many target-driven staff would prefer the security of a higher proportion of guaranteed income. Employers are unlikely to distinguish significantly between the best performers and the mediocre by setting pay differentials aggressively. The great advantage of commission is that it is for a fixed period, and targets and rates can be adjusted as needed.
Thompson says having more than 25% of total income as commission is likely to skew staff behaviour in a certain, perhaps self-centred, way.
Please print the order form below and bring it to the school office during the school week or the church narthex after services.

To support us through Great American Online, visit the website below and enter our online store id: 1546175. Each stickered milk cap or proof-of-purchase symbol is worth 5¢, which our school can turn into computers, books, art supplies — you name it! But the question is, how does an organisation keep this group of typically money-driven operators performing for the good of the company, not just the size of their pay cheque?
The John Lewis Partnership, for example, rewards employees with a collective bonus pot at the end of the year shared between all staff, rather than rewarding individual performance.
When earnings cease to be based purely on results, employers must take other factors into account, such as customer service and best practice. Switching from commission to salary is probably good news for the majority because they are likely to get the same sort of money but be less stressed.
Pay rates are also complicated by external factors, such as what the market is paying and the cost of living.

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