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Many bloggers are joining the Google AdSense program because of its simplicity and way of helping bloggers make money.
You do not need to have a self-hosted blog to make money online as a Google Adsense publisher. Some few months back, adding Google Adsense code to the blogger HTML area was easy and has no problem or whatsoever. But now, you will get an error message after placing an Adsense code on the HTML part of your blogger blog.
If you want to place your AdSense code in strategic places to yield good income, you will have to place your AdSense codes at the top, center and bottom of your blog. And the only way you can do that is placing your Adsense code in the HTML part of your blog.
If you are still having problems with implementing your AdSense code to your blogger blog, this post will definitely help you.
Remember that your comments, questions, and thoughts are highly welcomed and most appreciated.

Google’s parent company, Alphabet’s tech incubator, Jigsaw just launched another website on a new gTLD. At the very beginning of my blogging career, it took me almost 3 days just to pick a topic, though writing and publishing an article only 5 hours. Plenty of abbreviations, plenty of terms, different expressions and sometimes – even for one thing can be several names! I will be going through these terms slowly, step by step, as it takes time to get to use them and understand automatically.
And few more terms for today – more connected now with your practical activities as soon as you start to do the first steps.
That is page where people has been taken from add or link and that promotes whatever product you want to advertise.
Most often I have seen that marketers sends this page’s link through Welcome email and people can get all gifts and materials by clicking on link placed in this welcome e-mail. Landing page not always is needed, very often you can stay with only Squeeze page but if you promote as affiliate some products through Facebook for example then better create landing page in between your add in FB and your squeeze page.

These are people you will have on your e-mail list and you will be sending them your letters called broadcasts or newsletters. It is somehow helps to establish relations with owner of the list, so, instead of sending attachment in a email we take new subscriber to our Download page.
Just remember that some of autoresponders don’t like anymore swaps and can kick you out if they notice you do that. This and previous mostly used while talking about niches you work (you build your e-mail list or you promote offers or whatever work you do in IM). Quality of subscribers list should be increased with other methods of opt-ins additionally, that is my personal recommendation.

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