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Live Game Streaming on YouTube would soon be possible with their re-launch of YouTube Live. This should have been the move that YouTube made, instead of acquiring Twitch why not resurrect one of their dying initiatives and turn it into something like Twitch. It’s always sad to see someone you love and care about pass away. The YouTubers on this list represent those individuals that many have come to love. After failing to acquire Twitch, the most popular live streaming video site for games, YouTube decided to relaunch their live streaming service YouTube Live and turn it into a something that is similar to Twitch. According to The Daily Dot, YouTube had already hired around 50 engineers who are experienced in making live streaming sites to work on the resurrection of YouTube Live to a games streaming service.
No date of release has been given yet but The Daily Dot are speculating that YouTube would announce the re-launch of their YouTube live at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

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