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Similarly bloggers opt for so many monetization ways for their blogs but they always look for the best one which could help them make maximum amount of money. There are many tips and tricks which you need to implement to get good offers form big brands.
Logo and Favicon: I have seen many bloggers, start their blog but they don’t even care to change the text logo and default favicon. Install Professional theme: When you start your blog, there is a default theme installed by default. Optimize your sidebar: if you are keeping sidebar for your blog then try to put important things over there rather than adding flashing banner ads and all at the very beginning stage. Create killer Content: Now the most important part, write killer articles for your blog in order to increase traffic and engagement. Add an Advertise us page: Don’t miss to add an advertise page because it helps advertisers to know what kind of advertising options are available at your blog and few other details. Add a contact page: Every blog needs a contact page so that either advertisers or someone else can reach out to you for any kind of proposals or suggestions. These are few things which you need to do in order to make your blog look nice and good place of advertising. If everything is properly done and mainttained you will notice that many advertisers will be contacting you using your blog’s contact page but you should not just wait for them to contact you rather you should also put effort to reach out to more advertisers with a well designed proposal by visiting their company websites. If you contact 10 brands, you will see only 1-2 will reply to your emails but don’t be disheartened and keep working. One more way in which you can get sponsored posts for your blog and that is to give your blogger friends your blog name and link to suggest to their clients.
Getting advertisers for your blog is not an easy task but you have to work hard to make your blog better and look professional enough to grab advertisers’ attention. Gaming channels are highly popular because lots of teenagers go online to watch gaming videos. Again, you’ll want to focus on driving viewers to your blog if you want to earn the big bucks. Twitter: ErikEmanuelliRemember to create useful videos, with added value for your target audience, Sumit.
Hi Erik Emanuelli, youtube is growing as one of the best medium to increase the revenue, thanks for sharing these methods with us.
If writing blog posts is too much, you can always build a niche video blog where you post Youtube videos that other people have created.

Adam Kamerer is the blogger behind Stop Worrying About Money, a personal finance blog about financial anxiety, relationships, and the emotions driving our decisions with money.
If you owe $10,000 on a credit card at 15.38% interest, you could completely pay that card off in less than one year, if you paid $1,000 a month on it.
If you save $1,000 a month in a 529 College Savings Plan starting the year your child is born, you’d have over $100,000 ready for their education by the time they turn 7 — with more than a decade left for that money to grow before they need it. If you put that $1,000 a month into a Roth IRA, you’d hit your annual contribution cap in less than six months. If you’re working a minimum wage job, or even earning $12-15 an hour, the thought of billing someone $33-38 for an hour of your work can seem wildly out of reach. With those two things, I have everything I need to earn $1,000 a month in just one hour a day. You may also like5 Ways to Monetize Your Blog or Website5 Foolish Money Mistakes to Avoid5 Methods to Help You Save MoneyHelp!
If you are a student, you opt for those studies which can give more money when you would be working. Adsense, Infolinks, Affiliate marketing are some of the prominent ways to make money from blog. This is the first thing you should do to make your blog look alive and properly maintained. Start working on branding, social sharing, SEO and few other activities which can help you increase the domain authority, improve alexa rank, generate traffic & engagement and few other things which Advertisers usually consider while choosing blogs for sponsored postings. Even after this 2 deals get finalized then it is worth of time spent sending emails to them. These are good to get good offers though they keep their commission when a deal gets finalized.
What happens is when your friend gets a deal from some good advertiser then many times they also ask that if he has more blogs so in such case, he can suggest your blog to the advertiser as well. It not only requires a lot of efforts, but some serious video making and editing skills as well. Throughout March, Adam is sharing 31 Days To Your Financial Future, a daily task or idea to show how dedicated work on your finances can yield remarkable results in a short time.
We had a great conversation where I told her how to accomplish just what she wanted, and now I’m going to tell you, too. If you’re 30 years old, by the time you retire at age 65, you’ll have $1.4 MILLION dollars.

If you can do one extra hour of work, billed at a rate of $33.34, and you do that work every single day for a month, you’ll have $1,000. Most of these are fields where skill and experience is more valuable than a college degree — and skill and experience are usually free. An individual wanted me to teach her how to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites, and to develop a professional social media strategy. Sponsored posts and reviews are one of those money making ways which helps you earn great amount of money quickly.
In fact you have shared some lucrative methods which are fruitful for the individuals who are planing to make money online.
I find videos that other people have created and uploaded to youtube and create posts about them on my wordpress blog. My biggest site using this technique received over 400,000 pageviews last month, mostly through organic traffic and facebook. Some fields, like app development or photography, may require specialized equipment, but if you have the skill and experience in those fields, there’s a good chance you already have the equipment anyway. For $550, I customized a free WordPress theme for them, consulted them on some Paypal issues, and added some new features they wanted for their website. But I’ve spent years learning about web design and social media, experimenting with new tricks and tactics to find out what works. I spent about an hour a night writing and composing my emails, earning a rate of about $28 per hour worked. Without proper equipment and software I sucked and that showed in my videos and the comments I received on them. Even better, this gig turned into a long-term retainership — my client is going to pay me a small monthly fee to consult on minor social media issues for the next six months to a year. I’ve used that skill to build websites with established readerships through social media, and that gave me the experience.

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