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The FM Group is looking for people who want more from life, more control, more free time, more than just making a living! People, maybe just like you, who are willing to learn a new way of doing things, who are ready to explore their abilities and to reach out for new horizons. Whatever your priority the FM Group business can provide you with a realistic opportunity to achieve your personal and financial goals.
The facts are that our business is in the incredibly fast growing industry of Perfumes & Cosmetics and that our high quality, low priced exclusive European products guarantee you the perfect opportunity to have great success and many happy customers. This is an easy and simple business, just open a Starter Kit with fragrance samples and start earning money. Your own business which allows you to fulfill your goals and ambitions, a business that is a pleasure to run and work that you will be enthusiastic about. Consider how interesting it would be if you yourself defined your success and could take control of your future. The sale of FM products through direct contact with customers, bypassing the traditional retail store, and thus shortening the products way to its purchaser. The first is by showing our products and catalog around to people you know, arranging FM perfume parties, taking samples into workplaces etc. If you (and your team) sell more than eleven Classic bottles during a month you can qualify for a extra bonus of between 3% and 21% on your own sales, as long as you personally have sold at least two bottles yourself. You also have the chance to earn up to 21% on your team’s sales if you decide to spread the word and tell other people about the incredible FM Group opportunity.
Finally, at the highest levels of the business, which hundreds of people are already enjoying, you can share in up to 9% of FM Group’s worldwide turnover plus benefit from our generous car program.
The sky really is the limit with FM Group, and you have the opportunity to be involved at this exciting rapid growth stage.
If you feel that you have something both to gain and to offer by joining the FM Group please contact us. Caprock Communications, Houston, TXThank you so much for coming to our daughters birthday party! In fact the saffron sensation you see before you brings to the fore a startling depth of wit, charm and ability of its own. The Ecosport (which we’re tempted to pronounce exactly as you’d think, especially as Ford also make ‘Ecoboost’ engines, but is actually spoken more like ‘echosport’) – is a high-riding compact SUV aimed at the affordable segment of new car ownership. It starts from AED60,000 and is fitted with a 1.5-litre four-cylinder engine driving only the FRONT wheels through a 6-speed automatic.
Two reasons – a) because a four-wheel drive version does actually exist and is on sale in South America fitted with a 2.0-litre Duratec engine, and b) due to the amount of interior luggage and rear space they could free up by moving the tyre to the rear and not having to rely on a space-saver.
And of course it’s versatile and clever, with movable rear seats which even recline as well as flip and fold adding even more room to the rather generous luggage compartment for a car of this size.

It’s a tall and narrow thing on the outside sitting 20cm above the ground – giving it good clearance for a small hatchback (which is kind of what it is really) and even approach and departure angles of 25 and 35 degrees respectively – they even claim a wading depth of 55 cm should be caught in flooded Sharjah this rainy season. The larger wheels on our top-spec car improve the looks of the Ecosport, and I do rather like its chunky appearance, it sort of reminds of a kind of Scrappy Doo personality or a Dogtanian-type – cute and tough at the same time. Being that it looks like a shrunk-wrapped SUV and has a ‘let me at ’em’ spirit as it wantonly tries to take on the likes of Land Cruisers and Jeeps, the question arises – has it got any skills to match its visuals.
The higher ride height has clearly brought a compromise as has the emphasis on ride – but once again, put it into context. So there is plenty of choice in the segment now, and that’s a good thing because there’s more demand for compact city dwelling, high-riding SUVs as they make sense in our part of the world. Motoring Middle East is the region's most interactive motoring news and reviews website with readers and visitors across the GCC.
Our unique marketing plan also distinguishes the FM Group from other similar companies by providing achievable and generous rewards for our people.
You have a right to build a distribution network in all countries where the FM Group operates. You yourself decide whom you will work with and you choose the working hours that suit you.
Because of this we can offer our customers attractive and exceptional products at affordable prices.
Earn additional monthly bonus payments based on your personal sales and that of your distribution team. All the girls loved the treats and the birthday song on the truck speaker was such a nice touch. But why then, you’re wondering, does it have a spare wheel mounted on the side-hinged rear tailgate making it a rather bulky affair to heave open when you come back from Lulu’s shopping in arms. Such a device assumes that you are likely to get a minor puncture and need only some help to get you going to a nearby tyre place. It’s more pragmatic: your tyres could be ripped to shreds due to poor roads, debris and just bad rubber, and you may have a long way to go before getting a new tyre. Technically it’s a five seater, which means potentially it could accommodate about 10 people in India!
The trim maybe harder and more brittle than you’d find in other Fords, but the controls are top-notch, easier to use and intuitive, with good kit on our range-topping test car. I’m not saying it’s the best looking car around, but its bluff front end high waistline and taught composure does it quite a presence.
Well we didn’t do any serious off-roading with it, but wandering around the wadis and quarries of Fujairah on dirt tracks and trails, it seemed happy to scurry along eagerly. It’s remarkably smooth and pliant with good bump absorption and little transmission into the cabin.

We don’t have that many narrow and twisty country roads where the understeer is likely to ruin our apex-slicing antics here. And whilst on first acquaintance AED60k (rising to AED80k for this top-spec car) doesn’t seem unreasonable, I must remind you that a brand new Renault Duster – also a SUV-styled two-wheel driver, but slightly longer and lighter and therefore a tad quicker – has a starting price of AED49,000 rising to little over 60k. And this Asian babe is definitely one to keep on your shortlist, because it’s surprisingly good at exactly what it was meant to do and be. It does not mean that you should dismiss it out of hand, or apply insubstantial wit to come up with crass and obvious references like ‘Indian drive-away,’ ‘people-currier’ or ‘Slumdog SUV’, like I just did. Consider this carefully as you identify similarities in type of usage and terrain, and you may being to agree that this is a far more relevant car here, than it is say in the UK where it also sold. Don’t be mislead by the diminutive looks, in terms of dimensions it’s on par with a Nissan Juke. It’s nicely styled inside with clean, crisp controls and actual buttons, with SYNC infotainment remote controls on the steering wheel. The climate control is said to cool the car from 65 degrees C to under 30 in less than 10 minutes. But driving around on barely surface terrain, nipping through traffic, squeezing through gaps and sliding into the tightest of parking spaces, all earn extra bonus points for a the practical everyday motorist.
There is a fly in the ointment nearly as big as the one that snuck into the car and refused to leave during this shoot. Then there is something like the Kia Sportage which sits bang in the middle of a Ecosport price range but is more powerful.
All you have to do is commit a little of your time with us and learn the rules that will ensure your success. I'll be sure to tell all my friends how great of a time we had and to call you for their parties too. The tall roof provides plenty of room for taller people and making the seats more upright, improves rear spaciousness too. Which is just as well really because if you were expecting it to handle like a Fiesta – ie very well indeed – you’d be wrong. It hitchhiked back to Dubai, and for all I know is raising a family of diptera in one of those cubby holes! It’s agile enough around town, and perfectly well planted on the road, but its’ not the gleeful chuckable little thing you might have imagined given its underpinnings.

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