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Congratulations to three Hutt Club players who were members of the victorious 2008 New Zealand Schoolboys Team that won the Trans Tasman Shield in Auckland on Saturday. Are you annoying of having to register on a free web site ?Just to read some news or view some information? Its very annoying when you are listening to music in your computer, and you click on a youtube link or any flash content pops up and starts playing.
A New Zealand GP hit the headlines recently after his hunt for a replacement caught the attention of the world’s media.
Alan Kenny, aged 61, is British-born but works as a GP in Tokoroa on New Zealand’s North Island, and explains that the increasing number of patients in the area means the income available to the local doctor is substantial. The practice where Dr Kenny works has six doctors and 6,000 patients, leading to a workload of more than 40 patients a day – which he says he has cancelled holidays to keep up with. According to reports, the salary for the position is around ?190,000, and the role also offers three months of holiday per year – assuming the doctors are able to take time out from the patient workload. Yet in two years of looking, Dr Kenny has been unable to fill the vacancy, which has left him and his colleagues stretched even further, and prompted him to launch this new international appeal for applicants.
But with a global search, international recruitment specialists can cast the widest possible net, helping to identify candidates wherever in the world they may be.
IMS People have years of experience in finding qualified, interested and available candidates quickly and efficiently not only healthcare roles, but also in all other industries from the IT sector, to energy, oil and gas, as well as banking professions. Due to our great success, we have expanded worldwide to source talent from all over the world, with markets in North America, Australia and the United Kingdom.
IMS team helps progressive staffing organizations increase fill rates worldwide, strengthen customer satisfaction and their global reach. In previous articles we have talked about how hard it is to find excellent candidates – and how keeping hold of them is vital to future success of any recruitment business. Some Countries blocks or restrict websites and services like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter etc. Imagine you are at work or college and you need to check your facebook profile, or want to watch a youtube video but damn its blocked. Stealthy is an extension available for Firefox and Chrome that lets you access websites which are blocked or restricted by your country or organization. These are top quality composite hockey sticks brought in from the USA for the purpose of the Skate?a-thon. We will measure the kids up for their skates on the night of the Skate-a-thon as skate sizes are different from shoes!!! The Dunedin Ice Hockey Association Board of Directors meets on the first Monday of every month at the Dunedin Ice Stadium. Fourth-generation Whittaker Holly is the brand manager for the famous chocolate making family's empire. Holly Whittaker is surprisingly svelte for a chocolate empire heiress who has had unlimited access to Peanut Slabs all her life.
At 28, she is the same age her great-grandfather James Henry Whittaker was when he set up the business in 1896, after quitting his apprenticeship at Cadbury to make his own confectionery at home, which he sold from a horse and van.
Today Whittaker's has more than a third of the local chocolate market and is New Zealand's most trusted brand after 116 years in business.
The last interview on record was a 1991 article where a journalist labelled the keen car racing enthusiasts "rich kids", stating Andrew had imported a $100,000 custom-built car from Britain. The brothers, who both live in Plimmerton according to Companies Office records, have equal interest as the sole shareholders and directors of the business, which reported retail sales of $27.6 million in the year to May 2010.

She studied fine arts and psychology at university and worked in creative advertising in Melbourne and London, coming home when her British work visa ran out to become brand manager in the Whittaker's marketing team. Working for her father and uncle was "so far, so good", although it could be "quite challenging" at times.
It took several days to get factory clearance for us to photograph her beside an assembly line of freshly produced chocolate bars. Whittaker's used to be sold by weight from large slabs at corner stores and is the only major chocolate company in the country that imports, roasts and refines its cocoa beans. The firm also sells mini slabs in packs of 12, individually wrapped sante fingers of chocolate, bars it calls chunks, 10.5g squares and nine different flavours of slabs. It had considered Easter eggs, a $28m market in New Zealand dominated by Cadbury, but would need to invest in new equipment to make them. While the White Raspberry took only two months to make within a tight brief, Berry and Biscuit took longer because of trouble finding a biscuit without palm oil. A Peanut Slab ice cream was launched several years ago, made by Dunedin-based Gourmet Ice Cream Company, that had short lived, limited distribution, but it has had another go at frozen treats. The company is looking at expanding in to the Middle East and United States, having recently doubled its capacity by purchasing a 5-roll refiner machine from legendary Swiss chocolate machine producer Buhler, the same machinery used by some key competitors like Hershey's. Most sales are still in New Zealand, but Whittaker's hopes to have one or two products on American shelves within the next year and plans to increase exports from around 30 per cent of sales to 40 per cent in five years. Whittaker believes being family-owned is what encouraged Kiwi consumers to choose Whittaker's over multinationals Cadbury, Nestle, Lindt and other leading brands in supermarkets, to make it the second biggest seller after Cadbury.
However, Coriolis Research director Tim Morris was not convinced anyone bought Whittaker's chocolate because the business had iconic Kiwi company connotations.
Only one of the chocolate blocks in its range, the Madagascar Milk, was certified Fair Trade but the company hopes to extend the certification to other brands in future when the quality of beans it requires are available reliably in large quantities. The company sold $10m more worth of chocolate during the 2009-2010 period when it promoted itself as palm oil-free, following public outcry at rival Cadbury's use of palm oil, production of which contributes to deforestation in areas endangered orangutans call home. Many customers seemed to have switched to Whittaker's for good as it has maintained a share of more than 33 per cent of the New Zealand chocolate market. Whittaker said consumers could expect new innovations in the next two years but would not reveal details yet. According to Nielsen CMI Q4 2001 - Q3 2012, 1.045 million New Zealanders bought a bar or block of Whittaker's chocolate in the last month and Wellingtonians are 32 per cent more likely to have bought Whittaker's in the last month. Convert 12V DC to efficiently power a wide range of 240V household appliances such as DVD Players, TVs, power tools, kitchen appliances etc. What this extension does is after installation it automatically selects and sets up tested proxies from the cloud and sets up proxy on your browser by assigning a foreign IP address to your Computer and you’re ready to access that site without any issues. The theme will be public skate atmosphere wearing favourite hockey hats, jerseys, T-shirts, etc. Please visit the following links to find out more about being a member of the Dunedin Ice Hockey Association.
If you are interested in being involved with the committee and organising hockey events in Dunedin then please contact the DIHA secretary.
She grew up minutes from the Porirua factory and worked there in her school holidays to earn pocket money but still eats chocolate every day, claiming to never get sick of it. Recipes for the K Bar and Peanut Slab have remained unchanged since they were launched in the 1930s and 1950s respectively. Although their names are included in Whittaker's advertisements to emphasise the fact the company is family-owned, they have maintained a virtual media black- out for more than 20 years.

He responded by asking for several corrections to its claims about the levels of funding Whittaker's put behind Wellington's street race. Older brother, Matt, works as the company's national sales manager and is involved in raw materials procurement, and another brother living in the United States is a professional showjumper. Whittaker was anxious the products pictured in photographs were not tainted with the slightest crease. The company's chief marketing officer of a decade, Philip Poole, sat in on our interview, piping in with various facts and figures.
They now occupy shelves in every supermarket nationwide with 24 flavours in the range, up from 18 five years ago. White Raspberry was inspired by students at Holly's old high school Samuel Marsden, who asked Whittaker's to make a chocolate that encapsulated "the flavour of pink" to fundraise for the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation. Duds over the years include a dark chocolate ginger block that was pulled from the market after weak sales and a mocha block laced with shards of coffee beans that proved unpopular.
Last month it launched a line of gourmet ice creams in collaboration with Emerald Foods' high-end brand Killinchy Gold.
It achieves a fine and uniformly even micron size when mixing the chocolate for a "smoother mouth feel".
It is one of more than 90 members of the World Cocoa Foundation that works to improve conditions for cocoa plantation workers. Of Wellington chocolate eaters, 46 per cent say Whittaker's is their favourite brand, compared to 38 per cent of Aucklanders. Powertrain pure sinewave inverters are made to the highest quality & performance standards to emulate household power. It will then provide you a list of user names and passwords along with their accuracy percentage.BugMeNot also provides an extension for Firefox users. After clicking on it, Stealthy automatically searches for an appropriate proxy, sets up your browser, and turns the icon green, meaning you are now in Stealth mode. All DIHA players are encouraged to bring a friend for $5 (donation to DIHA) & $3 skate?hire if needed.
It roasts beans in 180kg batches at its Porirua factory, using ingredients from all over the world in its chocolate - United States almonds, South African peanuts, Turkish hazelnuts, Vietnamese cashews, orange peel and hokey pokey from local producers and macadamia nuts from Australia. Fans post unsolicited suggestions on its Facebook page for flavours such as chocolate with popping candy, chilli chocolate, white chocolate filled with caramel, dark chocolate hazelnut, walnut cream and caramelised peanut and sea salt. Peanut Butter flavour took a year to develop because it was more difficult to create filled chocolate products than moulded blocks like Fruit & Nut or last year's fourth new flavour, Hokey Pokey.
We were trying to reach the best solution and one of the key things was whether to make it with salt or without salt. The Almond Gold slab is its top seller in the Malaysian market, while the Kiwifruit block is popular in South Korea alongside the Berry & Biscuit flavour. The unique built-in LED display shows 'Battery Status' & the inverter's 'Power Output'.

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