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It has been frequently reported in people with sensory and developmental disabilities, including Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Williams syndrome, and congenital blindness[1], that they possess absolute pitch (AP), the ability to identify the absolute frequency of a pitch without any external sources of reference. Bobby McFerrin demonstrates how well people intrinsically understand the hemitonic pentatonic scale. Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a neurodegenerative disorder that affects millions worldwide and is characterized by a progressive decline in cognitive functions, including the distinctive hallmark of deterioration of memory. The benefits of music use on mood disorders, such as depression and anxiety, have long been studied across many experiments due to the effects it can have on cognitive, sensorimotor, and emotional processing [1]. Music, both in its passive and active form, is known to be a stimulus for inducing brain plasticity. Absolute pitch (AP) or more commonly known as perfect pitch is a rare ability to recognize any musical note without an external reference. The perception of musical rhythm is extremely complex, involving a lot more than just the auditory cortex.
As the debilitating effects of stroke are becoming more cause for concern, therapists have been looking for an effective method through which stroke patients can be rehabilitated.
Due to the widespread damaging effects, rehabilitation is often an extensive, gruelling process for a stroke patient.
Tone deafness, also known as amusia, is a neurological disorder which mainly affects the processing of pitch.
Self-discipline is one of the most powerful tools that we have for achieving our goals, inner peace and personal success. A few of my close friends have complimented me on my self discipline and this means a great deal to me, because I hang with some very disciplined people.
With my personality (don’t take life too seriously, and am excitable andeasily distracted, among other things) discipline is a hugely important tool for me to achieve my goals, stay grounded and be happy. If you feel you are not good at keeping to the commitments to develop new habits, I have some ideas that have worked for me and might help you. Take Away Temptations – Help yourself by changing your environment to help you suit the change you want to make in your self.
Keep Notes to Track Your Progress – I keep an exercise journal because I like to see that I have been pushing myself for a long time. Reward Yourself – I know a lot of people that give themselves some kind of reward if they stick to their commitments. Tell Yourself You Can – If you think of yourself as someone without discipline, then you will have trouble becoming self disciplined. Hi Shelly for most people it takes a long time to develop discipline and some things are easier than others.
I am a Husband, a Father, a Zentrepreneur, a Vegan, a Rec Athlete, a Hockey Nut, a Blogger, an Author, and a Partner at Peak Sales Recruiting. Telekinesis refers to the ability to move and manipulate objects with the power of onea€™s mind and it is by far the most desirable ability.
Telepathy is a gift that benefits from a lot of attention from the media and Hollywood producers. In spite of the fact that it is controversial, some police departments sometimes appeal to practitioners of psychometry to find out more details about a missing person. Precognition is the ability to predict the future and it is considered a form of extrasensory perception that allows a person to foresee turns of events that would have been impossible to predict with the available information otherwise. As you might have guessed from the name, postcognition is the opposite process of precognition and refers to seeing events that have occurred. Because it implies a person can be in two places at the same time, bilocation is generally viewed with skepticism even in the parapsychology field. Astral projection is an incredible psyche ability that refers to the ability to separate your spirit from your body and travel vast distances using only your mind.
Similar to telepathy, clairvoyance implies communicating with others without using the primary sense, yet without exchanging information. ESP refers to the capacity of some people to gather information without using their five basic senses. Pyrokinesis refers to the ability to start and extinguish fires at will and it is believed to be one of the most plausible explanations regarding the mysterious spontaneous human combustions. But thanks to countless research studies showing its benefits, we all know meditation can be great for your mental and physical health. This is a new brain sensing headband that helps you get the most out of your meditation practice by giving you real time biofeedback of what’s going in your mind. The headband measures whether your mind is calm or active, and translates that data into sound that you can hear.
Neurofeedback has been shown to be effective in treating ADHD, major depression, performance anxiety, OCD, reading disabilities, autism spectrum disorders and insomnia.
Muse makes the process much easier by using a wearable device coupled with a smart phone app (works with android and iOS).
The aim of the app is to move your brain to more alpha wave activity, which is associated with focused attention, and a feeling of calm or well-being. Many people said that they were finally able to develop a meditation habit through Muse, and some even said that it helped them with anxiety or ADHD. There were some negative reviews, but they were mainly about technical problems (like connecting the app with a bluetooth). Currently Ericka Huggins is professor of Sociology and African-American Studies in the Peralta Community College District, she brings her legacy of social activism and spiritual practice to her lectures and classroom facilitation.
Erickaa€™s desire to serve humanity began in 1963, when she attended the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. Three weeks after the birth of their daughter, John Huggins was killed and Huggins was widowed.
In May 1969, Huggins and fellow Party leader Bobby Seale were targeted and arrested on conspiracy charges sparking a€?Free Bobby, Free Erickaa€? rallies across the country. While awaiting trial for two years before charges were dropped, including time in solitary confinement, Huggins taught herself to meditate as a means to survive incarceration.
A lifelong writer and poet, upon release from prison in 1971, Ericka became writer and editor for the Black Panther Intercommunal News Service. From 1973-1981, Huggins was Director of the Oakland Community School, a groundbreaking community-run child development center and elementary school founded by the Black Panther Party.
In 1976, Ericka Huggins became both the first woman and the first Black person to be appointed to the Alameda County Board of Education. In 1979, ten years after her release from prison, Huggins returned to California state, county and federal prisons and jails to share her experiences of yoga and meditation. Despite the fact that music is not considered an adaptive behaviour nor a second order conditioned stimulus many people consider it to be a significant part of their life.
AP has been found to be prevalent especially among those with ASD, with the likelihood as high as 5%[2]. Although the medial temporal lobes are a primary targeted brain area in this disease [1], it has been found that in even moderate to severe Alzheimer’s musical semantic and procedural memory, which are thought to involve the left temporal gyri[2], are often preserved [1][3].
Recent experiments that study the effects of music in those with pre-existing disorders show that in fact, music can improve the quality of lives of those with pre-existing depression by decreasing levels of depression and anxiety [1]. Whereas passively taking in music focuses mainly on the auditory cortex, actively production of music (ie. Using neuroimaging techniques and behavioural testing, researcher have begun to examine many facets of rhythm processing, including the neural correlates involved in rhythm perception, the developmentally- and culturally-driven changes in rhythm perception, and the limitations and errors that can occur during rhythmic processing.

Strokes occur as a result of an interruption of blood flow in the brain, leading to a sudden decrease of brain function.
Professionals from various disciplines often collaborate to help return a patient as much as possible to normal life.
This disorder also involves a decrease in recognition of melodies as well as a decrease of recognition of tunes. When I make commitments, set goals, or define how I want to live my life, it is self discipline that keeps me on track.
Trying to make extreme changes in your life may set you up for being overwhelmed or frustrated It is better to feel victories even if they are small. If you stick with something even for a little bit of time, you will create some momentum and it will get easier. Skeptics consider that people who claim they have paranormal abilities are nothing more than frauds trying to take advantage of the gullible. Perhaps it is due to the numerous sham books trying to teach people how to develop telekinesis, but science today does not classify this as paranormal and it is generally viewed as an attempt to scam people.
Because it implies communicating with others using only the mind, many consider telepathy as a form of extra sensory perception. Essentially, psychometry refers to the ability to read information from objects that belonged to a person, such as handkerchief, watch, scarf, etc. Granted, there is an abundance of cases when people with precognitive powers predicted future event. Along with psychometry, this paranormal gift is also utilized in modern times by police departments whenever they need additional help with very difficult cases.
The advocates of this gift claim that bilocation is actually an ancient phenomenon that has been practiced and experienced by many prophets, priests, mystics, monks, saints, ecstatic and other magical adepts.
Given the nature of this paranormal power and the fact that the evidence gathered is based exclusively on the testimony of the person experiencing it, astral projection is rather contested. Maybe the reason why this paranormal ability has so many opponents resides in the fact that clairvoyants pretend the get their information from the spirit world.
The shroud of doubt surrounding this talent comes from the method utilized by in testing it, namely the infamous Zenar cards. Although most see the ability to control fire as pure fiction, there are numerous cases suggesting pyrokinesis might be real. Even a famous neuroscientist wrote a review saying that it was an amazing piece of technology. There, she committed to moving from the sidelines to the frontlines in the global human rights movement. After returning to New Haven, Connecticut to be with Johna€™s family, Ericka was invited by community members and students to open a party chapter there. The resulting trial, one of the longest and most celebrated of the era, spawned several books. From this time on, she would incorporate spiritual practice into daily life, her community work and teaching as a tool for change - not only for herself, but for all people. In 1974, her book of poetry chronicling her experience of imprisonment and liberation, Insights and Poems, co-authored with Huey P. She created the vision for the innovative curriculum for the school, which became a model for and predecessor to the charter school movement.
She also developed a unique volunteer support program for women and children with HIV in the Tenderloin and Mission districts of San Francisco. Music is a unique stimulus in that it activates almost every cognitive system in the brain [1].
Researchers have tried to look for the correlations between AP and ASD by investigating the neuroanatomical and cognitive aspects. Do musicians with perfect pitch have more autism traits than musicians without perfect pitch? It is the most common reason people cite when asked why they listen to music [2] (Figure 1), and even young children have an innate ability to accurately describe the intended emotional content in musical pieces [2].
This inexplicable conservation of musical memory, coupled with the relatively poor tactics of treatments currently offered, make this wide-spread and impactful disorder a possible candidate for novel therapeutic strategies. Studies conducted on those with other pre-existing neurological diseases such as Parkinson Disease also reflect an improvement in overall quality of life when physical rehabilitation is combined with music therapy [2]. For many years, planum temporale was believed to be the key area responsible for possession of absolute. Without language processing, humans would lose a sense of communication and understanding with each other. Using functional neuroimaging, the main brain regions correlated to rhythm perception are the cerebellum, the olivary nuclei of the pons, the prefrontal and parietal cortices[1]. Studies suggest that amusic individuals have limitations in the discernment of speech spatial perception and the processing of new stimuli. Like most people, I procrastinate, I get distracted, and sometimes I forget to apply my own rules and systems for successful living.
Commit to small changes that you know you can achieve and you will develop the confidence to make bigger changes. When I stopped drinking coffee I had to deal with not only the addiction to the caffeine, but also the habit of grabbing coffees throughout the day. This helps to assign importance to your goal and works well for achievement oriented people. Ignoring your analytical mind and creating some momentum is almost always the toughest part because sometime it takes weeks.
Life is good and I believe everyone can achieve more success in business and life by pursuing their passions and leading a balanced, healthy and full life. Abnormal psychic abilities have been frowned upon for centuries and until recently they have been considered evil and dangerous. On the other hand, the discoveries in quantum physics, the studies on the effects of cognition and emotion on the body and environment as well as the zero point field bring evidence to support the authenticity of supernatural powers. According to psychologists, such books present an even more dangerous effect: because exercising to develop telekinesis gives a certain illusion of control, many begin believing they actually posses such powers. The ability of people to communicate with other people through this channel can take on many forms, from receiving a call just as you were about to call that exact person to becoming aware that your loved ones experience a critical situation and feeling compelled to change your current course of action. On a side note, psychometry is also used in stage acting when participants offer one of their personal object and get a a€?readinga€? from a psychic or medium.
However, science is still reluctant to accept this ability, particularly because it is impossible to obtain a demonstration on demand. Even though a significant number of cases have been resolved by employing the help of individuals with postcognitive abilities, skeptics still consider it a hoax that can be pulled by a person who is familiar with some of the details associated with the investigation.
Furthermore, supporters of bilocation suggest that this is the explanation to why people sometimes appear to their loved ones, prior to their death.
However, it is necessary to mention that there have been several interesting cases when people coming out of a coma described objects located on the top of the hospital or other buildings in the vicinity of the clinic. Nonetheless, there have been numerous cases of clairvoyants revealing info to their clients that only they and the deceased person knew. Therefore, the person presumed to have extra sensory perception needs to guess the cards that the other person is holding using nothing but the power of his mind.
A noteworthy case was that of a 3 year old girl from the Philippines who incinerated her pillows while witnesses watched on in disbelief.

In 1968, at age 18, she became a leader in the Los Angeles chapter of the Black Panther Party with her husband John Huggins. She has continued this work with adults and, in addition, has continued to teach in homes for foster and adopted children and pregnant teens. After music is transduced by the ear and processed by the auditory cortex, signals are sent to multiple areas in the brain, such as the hippocampus and frontal lobe systems which are important for memory, the amygdala which is important for emotion, the cerebellar systems for motor control, and many more [2].
One of the key topics has been the atypical asymmetry of planum temporale (PT) that might be behind the link between AP possessors and developmental disabilities, but more work on the underlying correlations needs to be done in the future. Autism-related language, personality, and cognition in people with Absolute Pitch: results of a preliminary study. However the mechanisms behind the surprisingly strong emotions that music can elicit have been a mystery.
Music therapy seems to be a promising alternative, offered in a variety of forms, providing a low cost and low risk approach for the possible prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s, while perhaps also providing insight into the neural correlates of musical memory. Contributions of the right and left mesial temporal lobes to music memory: evidence from melodic learning difficulties.
Research on music therapy is therefore currently a relevant field study, as it can open up a field of non-invasive, non-medicinal form of therapy [3]. Although the molecular mechanism of brain plasticity has been understood as a balance between LTP and LTD events, recent endeavors focus on identifying areas undergoing plasticity as a result of musical training. However, recent study discovered that absolute pitch can also be identified by expansion of right Heschl’s gyrus.
Behavioural studies done in infants show that the ability to perceive rhythmic patterns appears extremely early, but babies show fundamental differences in the cognitive strategies employed during musical rhythm processing[2,3].
Constraints on infants’ musical rhythm perception: effects of interval ratio complexity and enculturation.
In an ischemic stroke, blood flow is halted or disrupted to certain brain areas due to numerous reasons, such as a clot or obstruction in the arteries.
Music was used informally while treating the veterans after the first and second World Wars; it has since then become an increasingly recognized form of therapy. I fall off the wagon just like anyone else, but one key thing I have working in my favour is that I am very good at of getting back on track quickly when I fall out of line with my plans and rules.
Once I broke the addiction to caffeine, I wasn’t thinking about coffee so much and breaking the habit part was much easier.
This blog shares insight and stories about how I achieve balance and success in my own life.
One of the famous modern times cases of precognition is that of Jeane Dixon, who is assumed to have foretold the assassination of president Kennedy as well as envision that president Nixon would be the winner of the 1960 elections.
Skeptics consider that correctly guessing the patterns of the Zenar cards is nothing supernatural, but a simple calculation of 1 to 5 odds. For the past 20 years, she has also taught relaxation and mindfulness in California youth correctional facilities in addition to many Northern California public school districts and community colleges.
However, listening to music is not simply a passive activity, it can actually change the brain. A mystery that many philosophers and scientists from Aristotle to Darwin have speculated about [3]. The wide variety of musical instruments allows for the development of many specific brain regions, despite this, there are overlapping areas which are altered. Thus, it is important to understand how the brain perceives language, where it is processed and how to enhance it. The early emergence of rhythm perception in infants fuels the controversial question of whether musical rhythm perception is an evolutionary trait (e.g.
The lack of blood to these areas starves the neurons of oxygen, glucose, and other vital metabolites that are necessary in order for them to function. While the “healing” properties of music have been discussed for centuries, it was only with the advent of brain imaging techniques that the scientific community began to take interest in this field [7]. Congenital amusia is identified by anomalous brain activity, structures, or connections which occur naturally in the person. Studies of early music exposure in developing children, and from the clinical use of music as a treatment for patients with neurodegenerative diseases, brain trauma, or affective mood disorders for example are widely known [3]. Because music does not have an obviously biological or adaptive role it is unclear what elements would be responsible for the strong and seemingly universal effects it has on the brain, the body and behaviour [3].
These areas are considered the main structural changes and the degree to which they change reflects in our behavioral outputs over various domains. Strictly speaking, language processing today has been stated to involve brain regions such as the Broca’s and Wernicke’s area[1]. A hemorrhagic stroke is caused when a blood vessel (such as an aneurysm) bursts and causes blood to accumulate in the brain and cause intracranial pressure(click here for a video module). As more research is being conducted to explore the effectiveness of music therapy, a more diverse and proactive therapeutic program can be used to help rehabilitate stroke victims. Furthering the study of music and the brain may be able to provide insights into a wide range of motor, sensory and cognitive functions, the spectrum of musical capabilities, and non-invasive therapeutic applications. The field of music and the brain is rapidly evolving as it is a novel example of experience-dependent plasticity to explore how much of our development is caused by nurture as opposed to nature (genetics) [1].
On the other hand, current research has suggested that music is one effective way to enhance certain language processing such as speech production. Much of the scientific evidence suggests that musical rhythm processing is indeed a part of a much bigger and crucial process, namely language processing and generation. Depending on where the rupture occurs, a patient with hemorrhagic stroke can present with specific symptoms [2]. However, with recent advances in neural imaging it has been possible to show that music can indeed activate the areas of the brain that are known to be involved in emotions, rewards and core adaptive drives: the limbic, paralimbic and mesolimbic regions [4]. Music is much like language where it involves parameters such as intensity, pitch and frequency placed on each note. Thus, the perception of rhythm is not limited to being merely a component of musicality, which enables you to be able to enjoy music, but the inability to perceive rhythm may spell consequences in the linguistic domains as well.
Strokes that affect the left cerebral hemisphere can impact speech function and motor and sensory deficits for the right side of the body, while strokes in the right hemisphere can cause hemineglect (on the left side of the body) and depth perception. It is therefore starting to become clear how the different elements and structures in music combine to activate these ancient areas in the brain and cause the strong emotional and physiological responses that almost everyone is familiar with.
Moreover, music processing has similar brain region localization to those of language processing. Strokes are not limited to the cerebral hemispheres, however, such that strokes in the cerebellum affect motor coordination and strokes in the brainstem affect basic functions [3]. In other words, the activation of brain regions when exposed to music may function to help when it comes to language processing. To diagnose tone deafness, a variety of tests are used by the labs involving the ability of the subject to discriminate pitches. Therefore, it is crucial to underlie how music expertise may help to enhance language processing such as speech production using a comparative approach with music. One test developed to standardize the process is called the Montreal Battery of Evaluation of Amusias (MBEA).

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