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Opencart is a free and open source E-Commerce Application written in PHP, which can be used to develop a shopping cart system similar to Amazon and Flipcart.
It is a Free (as in beer) and Open Source (as in speech) Application released under GNU GPL License.
Features like Multi tax Rates (as in various country), Viewing Related Products, Information Page, Shipping Weight Calculation, Availing Discount Coupons, etc are well implemented by default.
These extensions must be installed and enabled on your system to install Opencart properly on the web server. Alternatively, you may use following wget command to download the latest version of OpenCart directly from github repository as shown below.
Important: Setting permission 777 may be dangerous, so as soon as you finish setting up everything, revert back to permission 755 recursively on the above folder. If any red marks are highlighted on #1 or #2, that means you need to install those components properly on the server to meet web server requirements. Here in Admin Dashboard you may set up a lots of options like categories, product, options, Manufacturers, Downloads, Review, Information, Extension Installer, Shipping, Payment options, order totals, gift voucher, Paypal, Coupons, Affiliates, marketing, mails, Design and Settings, Error logs, in-built analytics and what not.
If you have already tested the Application and finds it customizable, flexible, Rock Solid, Easy to maintain and use, you may need a good hosting provider to host OpenCart application, that remains live 24X7 support. Hostgator is a Domain Registrant and Hosting Provider that is very well known for the service and feature it provides.
So if you have something to sell you can do it for free (by free I mean, Think of the cost you would spend on getting a physical store and then compare it with virtual store setting-up cost. Note: Also worth mentioning, that for each hosting you buy from Hostgator to host OpenCart, we will get a small amount of commission, just to keep Tecmint Live (by Paying Bandwidth and hosting charges of server).
When you run kill %% may be you get all the characters on different lines, in the program output flow, but need not worry. After successful authentication, users may add items they are interested in purchasing to their shopping carts and view the list of items in their carts. When viewing shopping cart contents, users may wish to change the quantities of items they have selected.
Site visitors may then checkout by confirming they would like to purchase the items in their shopping carts.
Customers may also wish to return to the site at a later time to ascertain the shipping and delivery status of items they have purchased.
The flowchart below describes the typical interactions of site visitors with the shopping cart application. Our shopping cart system contains a wide range of features and its layout and design can be customised conveniently with the help of the bluetronix software. Several payment methods like PayPal, Moneybrookers, direct debit or by credit cards like VISA, Mastercard, American-Express, Diners-Club etc. Setting up the CMS shopping-cart module While in editing mode, click on  Modules -> Shopping-cart system. Import and export of items at CSV or TXT format Items can be imported into the shop database out of files in either CSV or TXT format.
To double check the results, go to  Database -> Database manager and click on the Edit button next to the ?shop? database.
Updating the shop menu (automatic) The shop menu needs to be updated after any import of data as there are added or deleted items.

Updating the shop menu (manual) Sometimes, you want to insert additional menu links at the shop menu like ?terms and conditions? or ?details?. Links at shop sites In some cases it may be necessary to link directly to a certain article or category site. Editing the shop templates The bluetronix software allows you to customise Database templates, as well as category view, items and the shopping cart.
The editor enables you to customise layout, to change image sizes and arrangement and to set number of images per page.
By setting up the module multiple times, you can create individual shops for different groups of customers, for example resellers and consumers, or shops in different languages. Shopping-cart system ? Advanced users: PHP, HTML and Java script You will not need any programming skills to customise a layout. Shopping-cart system ? Payment systems The shopping cart shows chosen articles with picture and version. Shopping cart system ? Receiving orders ? Forwarding to a mobile phone Orders send to your shop system will be stored in the form archive  Extras -> Form archive. Because the bluetronix software supports POP3, SMTP and IMAP accounts, you will be able to configure your mobile phone or PDA to receive emails from your shopping cart system. Shopping cart system ? Access statistics ? Optimisation In combination with the module ?Access statistics? you can also optimise prices and offers. Shopping cart system with secure area In combination with the module ?Secure area?, the shopping cart or the whole shop can be password protected.
If you want to sell your products online or want to serve your customers even when you are closed Opencart is for you.
After installing all the above required things, you can start the Apache and MariaDB services using following commands. Next step is to create a database (say opencartdb) for the E-Commerce site to store data on the database. The next screen is Pre-installation Server Setup Check, to see that the server has all the required modules are installed properly and have correct permission on the OpenCart files. On the next screen enter your Database Credentials like Database Driver, Hostname, User-name, Password, database. Note these credentials will be used for logging in to Opencart Admin Panel as root, so keep it safe. The next screen shows message like “Installation Complete” with the Tag Line Ready to Start Selling. Also note that you won’t pay anything extra, infact you will be paying 25% less on total bill. It is easy to install and you have the option to choose best suited templates, add your products and you become an online merchant. It is a wonderful application for those who want to setup a virtual store and remain accessible to their customer 24X7.
Existing users may authenticate themselves by providing their unique identifiers and passwords.
Additionally, description preview and description details can be filled out by using the  Editor. Be careful not to delete or rename any rows of datasets unless you have a thorough understanding of shopping cart systems and PHP scripts.

Instructions on how to customise a template in the editor can be found at Edit database templates.
The strict separation of the layouts and PHP scripts makes it possible to have an easy to handle shop system.
For example different carts for different payment methods, like PayPal, Moneybrookers, or direct debit, by credit card (VISA, Mastercard, American-Express, Diners-Club etc.) and use internet payment service providers like Chronopay etc. Furthermore you can configure email forwarding to your address and automatic email confirmation to the customer. This way, you will be informed of new orders in real time and you can respond in a timely fashion. You are able to see which articles, categories and sites a customer has visited and how long he stayed on each site. Your client might have typed the URL directly in the browser address bar or clicked on a link from an external page or searched for your website to enter your shopping cart system. E-Commerce is nothing new and it started in the early days of ARPANET, where ARPANET used to arrange sale between students of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. You can build a successful online store (for online merchants) using reliable and professional Opencart Application. Connect to databaser server and create a database, user and grant correct privileges on the user to have full control over the database. Also it warns to delete the installation directory, as everything required to setup using this directory has been accomplished. This information might be helpful if you want to provide further images, text, links or PDF files for downloading. First you have to identify the URL address, browse to your homepage in a second window then navigate to the shop item site you want to link to. Instructions on how to customise the layout (images and colours) can be found at Edit layout. The module software creates the underlying database as well as shop system files in the ?shop? directory. Please note that the menu will not be updated automatically, existing entries will be detected only. To be able to charge credit cards it is necessary to have a trade license, an ABN or a credit card approval contract. To create more items, click on Next record or  Previous record, to switch back to table view, click Table view. The file must be in CSV or TXT format (tab separated text) and must hold the columns of the table as they are detailed at Shop databases, columns and properties.
Generally data will be added to an existing dataset, if you would like to delete existing data, simply check the respective checkbox.

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