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Understanding the subconscious mind requires an overview of the principal pattern recognition processes operating in the nervous system.
The information provided in this website is useful for the modification of normal behavioral patterns. Alan Jacobson"Hypnosis has been the easiest way to quit smoking that I have found and I have tried several ways. My grade really depends on strong execution, and I can’t afford to blow this presentation!
What if I have a panic attack and have to run out of the room in tears due to lack of breath? From a pure statistical standpoint based on historical events, there is a 0% chance of me failing, and yet my thoughts throw me off the deep end and I can’t help but feel like the best solution is complete avoidance. If you are anything like me, the focal point is perfection, and the margin for error is negligible. These reactions to threats are precisely what Charles Darwin tested when he visited a snake exhibit at a zoo in London.
He concluded that his response to fear was an ancient reaction that has not been effected by nuances in modern civilization. So, if fear of judgement is what I am really fighting with, then what are my solutions to this mental jailer?
If you experience anxiety prior to your seminar, talk, or presentation it is important to monitor your posture. Then take the time to ask a couple people who you respect and trust will provide you with fair non biased feedback on your performance.
This outlines the fact that self criticism has little to no basis, and needs to be eliminated or overridden by supportive self-talk. Beneath your awareness, neural drives remember and recognize patterns and act with logical precision.
Please do get professional help, before applying the advice for the treatment of any abnormal behaviors. Many believe our conscious mind is in control.  The reality is that the subconscious mind determines most of what we do, including our habits.
It feels like that relaxed state when lying in bed between waking and sleeping where you just drift.

I have given many presentations and worked with many different people on several successful projects. But, where does this immense pressure come from and why does it consume me so far in advance? There are primitive parts of your brain that control your reaction to threats on your reputation, making these reactions extremely difficult to control.
Darwin tried to remain perfectly calm while putting his face as close to the glass as possible in front of a puff adder snake that was ready to strike.
This response is know as the “fight or flight” syndrome, a natural process that is designed to protect your body from harm. When you have practised in front of a couple friends or family members in the exact same placement of your laptop and the same position of your clicker the body will assume a certain familiarity on game day.
Self talk is the internal dialogue that we have with ourselves on the subconscious level, acting as the silent rudder that guides our choices. When they have done they analysis ask them about the areas you had outlined with negative self appraisal. The blind-spots that are outlined from your peer reviews will give you some perspective from the audience, the people that long for connection and something they can relate with. Being positive or negative, are habits of thoughts that strongly affect your actions and your life.
Medicine, dentistry, law enforcement, education and sports performance are a few examples of the countless ways that it is being used to help people improve the quality of their lives. The state of hypnosis allows for more effective and powerful communication with the subconscious mind. Also know that no one can make you do anything against your will and it is impossible to get stuck in this state. How desperately I want my peers to validate my work, but all that comes to my mind is sheer panic and loss of composure.
People have always complemented me on my ability to connect with an audience, so where do these thoughts of failure come from?
The idea is to minimize any many variables as possible, and creating a standardized routine will be one less thing you need to worry about when the actual event takes place.
The beautiful thing about this rudder is that it can be moved in a position that sails our ships to supportive grounds.

Chances are most of your points are not validated and you are much harder on yourself than any one of your peer reviews. Some of the most powerful speeches that have ever been rise to supremacy not due to strong vocabulary use, but rather an emotional tone and message used to express and engage the listeners.
The biggest assumption you need to take account for is the different crowd reaction and the new presentation environment.
So a typical experience for an amygdala to fire would be you cross paths with a bear on a morning hike. Take to the time to really assess your internal dialogue and be the watcher of the thoughts that enter in your mind a few days prior to your presentation. Affirmations are not just taught by the likes of Tony Robbins, Louise Hays, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and several spiritual leaders, but medical backing   has proved the worthiness of this approach as well. Visualize yourself in the exact setting on the same stage that you will be making your presentation on. But, in your case you are not facing a life or death battle with a 500lb bear, but rather your own negative anticipation of failure. Instead of reacting harshly to your spiralling fears, trust that you have the ability to support yourself and instil confidence in your own abilities (yes, I said abilities, and you do have plenty of them).
The body then shuts off blood flow from digestion, and various other areas of the body.The frontal cortex shuts down you lose memory selection, so you forget how many times you have been in this anxiety ridden spot and have come through the other side with no issues. The neck and shoulders curve forward in subliminal protection and you soon feel completely out of control, being flooded with adrenaline. To help reduce some of the physical response and help reduce the production of stress hormones there is a simple stretch you can do.
Then, suddenly - and there is no other way to describe it - his previously gloomy face 'lit up'. The next moment he gave a cry of joy, and somersaulted over to the box in sheer high spirits. Drives can superimpose one concept on another in memory to create a new image in any imagined combination.

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