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The first thing two things that came to my mind when I saw this was – where is Tonga? Yes, he got some Twitter hate for the oil, but his Magic Mike impression was much appreciated by the female population on Twitter. The Kingdom of Tonga is a collection of 169 islands in the South Pacific with a population of 103,000, and one of their athletes is already one of the most popular people in the world. Curtis MortonI am a mobile app publisher, amateur photographer, tech guru, and sports enthusiast.
As the USA Gymnastics Team prepares to take center stage at the 2016 Olympics in Rio, there have been massive revelations back home.
According to the paper, the organization compiled complaint dossiers on over 50 coaches and stored them in a drawer in its executive offices in Indianapolis.
There is quite a bit more to this story in the many individual articles the Indy Star has published, so if you want more on this, go here for more.

Based in Los Angeles, she infuses technical knowledge, humor and creativity to connect with readers and viewers. The Indianapolis Star has released a massive and detailed report about how the organization failed to report allegations of sexual abuse by predatory coaches over many years, even though USA Gymnastics had received many and multiple warnings in the past. Those documents are sealed in a case filed by the mother of one of the victims in the massive and sprawling case, and the judge has not ruled on a motion that would make these files public.
But the records of his conduct go even further back than that, including police reports from his time in Oregon dating back to 1990. In fact, one gym owner told the organization in that year that he, “should be locked in a cage before someone is raped.” The allegations were never reported to police, and according to federal authorities, began molesting an underage girl one year later. In that year, “an underage gymnast told police that Bell had climbed on top of her and told her he wanted to take off her pants. He coached young children for seven more years until the mother of one of his victims reported him to the FBI after she saw concerning e-mails between him and her daughter.

The previous allegations against him were not known until prosecutors subpoenaed USA Gymnastic records during the trial. He pleaded guilty in 2006 to federal charges of sexual exploitation of children and making false statements after allegations that he videotaped the girls changing clothes, posting their naked pictures to the internet as well as molesting girls. He pleaded guilty in December to three counts of child molestation and is serving an eight year prison sentence.

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