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Bill Bellamy, Natalie Desselle, Lark Voorhies, Mari Morrow Directed by: Martin, Lionel C. Many guys in my youth wanted to learn how to be a player and back then we didn’t have the internet to teach us how to meet and date lots of hot women. When it did come in the mail, I just knew that my problems with my shyness and meeting girls in my high school would be over.
Before that package arrived I had been so desperate that I had asked my player father how to be a player and get laid and his best advice was to go up to girls and just talk to them.
Eric Webers book stated that in order to meet women it was about going up to women and just talking to them? Now 35 years later I can only say that is actually the sum total of the truth of how to to be a player of women for aspiring guys wanting to learn how to pick up chicks. Now having mastered the art of being a player and teaching how to be a player, let me say that there are two main key points that any guy trying to master this art of playing lots of women must learn. You have no idea how many guys trying to learn how to be a player either refuse to accept this or give up at this point!

I know a lot of guys heads have been filled with that nonsense that us men choose whom we want and we just have to go up to her and just get her, or even worse from the pick up artist community the stupidity of one of those scripts has been filed into their heads. These are the two basic truths of the game that you the aspiring player or student learning how to be a player must master.
I am stating this from 35 years of learning this game of how to be a player,  that when you look good when you step up to a woman then she will more than likely date you or your chances go dramatically up. Yes unfortunately this game can be about looks!  I learned that the hard way as I was learning how to be a player also.
Don’t get discouraged those of you of lesser looks like myself and give up learning how to be a player cause I learned to rule in my game despite not having super good looks. When you do grasp the truth while learning how to be a player that women choose whom they will sleep with then you can start to tailor your game or lessons of  how to be a player from this important angle and totally simplify the dating game for yourself.
If you go back in time the players of our primitive days were the young bucks who were good hunters.
I recall ordering this book through the mail and I recall waiting each day for what seemed like several months before that book arrived.

I was going to learn how to be a player or die and I would pay all of the girls back who treated me like a nobody!
I had to learn this lesson the hard way after many years of struggling out their in the real life world of night clubs while learning how to be a player. Let’s look at this from the light of intelligence and reason and really teach you how to be a player. Secondly if she likes what she hears when you open your mouth then she will go out with you.
This was necessary for the young maidens so that they could be assured that their young would be well fed.

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