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High quality cartoon Baby Girl Taking A Bath Clip Art image you cannot find or download anywhere else. Formats included with this Cartoon Baby Girl Taking A Bath Clip Art image are: jpg, png, eps, ai, psd, png, tiff and gif. She may not like bathing at first, and you may find handling a squirming, wet and slippery infant a little unnerving as well. When your baby discovers the joy of splashing and kicking like a frog (both are apparently instinctual), you may want to get in and join him (you can). If your baby has been circumcised, follow your doctor's instructions about when to begin bathing him. Any time you plan to do something with your newborn, you want to make sure you are as prepared as a NASCAR pit crew.
Be careful to not get soap in his eyes; wipe them from the inside out after you squeeze excess soapy water out of the washcloth. Do his scalp last, and using the cup, make sure the water flows off the back of his head and does not get in his eyes.

Rinse him off with cups of warm water, then carefully lift your slippery baby out of the tub, bundle him in a towel to dry, and diaper and dress him. Information and advice on this website have been carefully researched and every effort has been made to ensure accuracy.
But a little experience goes a long way for both of you, as most babies find their bath soothing, and many new dads report it becomes the highlight of their day. You can begin giving your baby a full bath as soon as the stump of the umbilical cord falls off - usually during the second or third week. Pre-crawlers only need a bath 1-2 times a week, as long as they are cleaned well during diapering, but many moms' believe otherwise.
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The water should be deep enough to keep him warm, but not so deep that he will start floating and become difficult to hold onto.

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God Has gifted some special kind of sensor to the mother so that she can feel the desires of her baby. No one else can understand this mysterious feelings that only a mother can feel for her child. One of most happiest moment for parents is the moment of the first walk attempt of their baby and the first word said by baby.

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