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The Jets and Patriots are set to battle on Monday for supremacy in the AFC East, but the game has taken a back seat to Tom Brady’s hair, or lack thereof.
The hoopla began in August, when Brady showed up to Patriots training camp with his new look.
Most NFL players have been silent on their criticism of Brady’s hair, perhaps fearing on the field retribution for their words. Earlier this week, the National Enquirer reported that Brady visited a hair-transplant specialist in Rhode Island to see about hair plugs. One example is Patriots second-year receiver Julian Edelman, who came to training camp with a style eerily similar to his star QB’s. Even Bieber himself took a shot at Brady when he posted a freestyle video in early October with the line, “Sacked like a sacker.

According to CBS’ Charlie Casserly, Moss and Brady had a heated argument during which Brady told his receiver to shave his beard. Damien Woody (pictured here with his wife, Nicole) couldn’t resist a jab at his former teammate.
Brady confirmed this during a radio appearance when WAAF’s Greg Hill asked if there were anything he could do to make Brady cut his hair.

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