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The Public Sector Ethics Act 1994 defines ethical principles, and obligations arising from those principles, that all employees must observe. The department's code of conduct provides employees with a framework of ethical principles, obligations and standards to guide them in how to perform their work, their professional standards as public service employees, and how to conduct their relationships with others. The department liaises with the Crime and Misconduct Commission, the Queensland Police Service, the Queensland College of Teachers and the Queensland Ombudsman, and manages investigations into alleged serious breaches of the code. Corporate knowledge, an essential element of a successful organisation, is often difficult and costly to replace. The department's vision is communicated to and shared by staff across the department through a range of channels, including induction and mentoring programs and weekly department-wide broadcast communications from the Director-General. The Information Access Officers (IAO) Network was established in July 2009 to facilitate the department's compliance and awareness with Right to Information (RTI) and Information Privacy (IP) reforms. Over 160 IAOs, representing all departmental divisions, provide a key support role in reviewing, coordinating and responding to various reform challenges. The department conducts recordkeeping training programs regularly to provide an opportunity for all departmental employees to attend or read information to better manage documents and records within the department.
The Recordkeeping Awareness Sessions are also provided to departmental employees to enable employees to gain awareness of the recordkeeping legislative framework, and to gain knowledge of key elements of recordkeeping.

The department has continued its commitment to open communication and consultation with staff, stakeholders and the unions that represent its workforce. Unions are engaged in a spirit of cooperation through local and agency-level forums as part of the processes of dispute resolution and change management. In 2009-10, 297 voluntary early retirement, redundancy and retrenchment packages were accepted by departmental staff, totalling $20 119 157, excluding accrued leave payments. In October 2009, the Queensland Government facilitated the voluntary early retirement of high level and middle level officers in business support and corporate support roles. In May 2010, the TAFE sector undertook a workforce review offering voluntary redundancies to staff in areas affected by shifts in demand for training. Aligned with the department's Valuing Performance policy, the MUP policy is a distinct and separate form of performance improvement that is designed to support employees to grow or move on to more rewarding work contexts.
The department continues to monitor and implement strategies to reduce the rate of employees' unplanned absences. The department is committed to resolving issues locally to ensure ongoing successful delivery of services across Queensland. This enabled the creation of additional employment opportunities for young people in entry level frontline service delivery roles.

This will ensure that TAFE institutes are able to meet future training needs across the state.
In 2009-10, the department released the Managing Unsatisfactory Performance (MUP) policy to provide a framework for the identification and management of unsatisfactory performance and workplace conduct, and contribute to excellence in service provision and outcomes for the Queensland Government and community. The MUP policy applies to all DET employees, with the exception of school-based teachers and principals. You are also encouraged to continue communicating any concerns directly to your supervisor, Human Resources, or the appropriate campus offices whenever possible. The Los Angeles Times reports that Indian auto maker Tata will be releasing the world's most least expensive car by the third quarter of 2008. The policy related to school-based teachers and principals is called Managing Performance - Teaching Staff and School Leaders.
Tata will have to sell an awful lot of cars at $2,467 in order to make any kind of impact on its bottom line.

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