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Diverse Connections is an executive search and consulting practice committed to the recruitment of an inclusive slate of Board, Executive, Director, and Professional level candidates. Through our partnerships we have concluded that clients who are looking for diverse talent are in many instances developing strategies to attract a new consumer, client, or demographic. Diverse Connections focuses on understanding your organizational strategy which includes Diversity and takes a systemic approach in understanding your needs. Some clients are starting a Diversity Initiative from scratch, other’s are looking for Talent to support their strategy. Diverse Connections demonstrates its guiding principles of Responsiveness, Commitment, Quality, and Timeliness with clients and candidates.
Recruitment refers to that process carried on by the company to attract suitable candidates possessing the appropriate characteristics to help the organization reach its objectives.
The policies of recruitment are derived from the personnel policies of the organization where the company has to give due importance to government reservations, quotas, policies regarding sons of the soil, personnel policies of other organizations regarding merit, internal sources, social responsibility in absorbing minority sections, women etc.

9.       Social media networking sites like Facebook and Linked in offer a huge platform for both recruiters and job seekers to find the best possible match.
The management has to contact the prospective employees through various means and stimulate them for applying to the post prescribed. Campus recruitments are the order of the day-Indian Institutes of Management, Indian Institutes of Technology, Indian Institute of Science, National Institute for training Industrial Engineers are good sources of recruits. Wherever you are, we will meet you there to compliment your internal objectives and partner to provide an inclusive slate of talent as well as other consulting services.
We are committed to partnering with our clients to identify solutions and talent to mirror the ever changing marketplace. According to Byars and Rue, “recruitment involves a pool of people from which qualified candidates for job vacancies can be chosen.” The basic purpose is to develop a group of potentially qualified people. Recommendations of the present employees: Management can contact, persuade the outsiders to apply for job in the organization through the recommendations to the candidates by the present employees, trade unions etc.

Scouting: This is another way of recruiting where the representatives of a particular organization are sent to various sources of recruitment to motivate the prospective candidates to apply for the jobs. Advertising: Though the popular and widely accepted way of recruitment, still it proves to be one-way communication.
The representatives provide the necessary information about the company and clarify doubts of the candidates. Newspapers, Magazines of all types, television and internet are the possible sources of advertising channels and internet marketing leads the rest. The technique of advertising should aim at attracting attention of the respective candidates, creating and maintaining interest and stimulating action on the part of the candidates.

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