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I want to share with you two of the most influential concepts, that I have learned to date, about getting new customers. Everything you do in your business should be — first and foremost — IN YOUR CUSTOMER’S BEST INTEREST. I’m going to break down the Cheese and Whisker Method for us today because the original podcast is an hour long. As stated before a mouse will chew through a 3 foot wall to get to a piece of cheese but run as fast as they can in the opposite direction at the sound of whisker. If you can portray what your customer wants most and give them the option to take action, then you will never look at getting new customers the same again. 1180Incorporating an advertiser’s brand into your content is a great way to not only bring in new clients for the advertiser, but also for your publication. The start of a new year is the perfect time to begin looking for innovative ways to draw in new advertisers, and 2015 is shaping up to be no different. While traditional advertising still works and brings in leads for advertisers, content marketing has become an alternative that many advertisers are interested in investing in. An example of content marketing might be where you write an article for your website about a new series of how-to books on writing that you’ll be publishing, and then you include in the article useful information about an advertising client that you have that offers technical writing services. The use of mobile technology is on the rise, so optimize your online properties in order to provide an additional selling point for potential advertisers.
More and more people are turning to mobile technology, such as smartphones and tablets, to access the Internet these days, and if your website, companion websites, social media content, and more are not optimized for these platforms, you could be losing out on valuable advertising space.
Once you have your online properties optimized, you can then use this as a selling point when approaching tech-savvy advertisers.
The ability to see where advertising dollars are paying off is a major selling point when using analytics. Lastly, you’ll want to be able to show advertisers where their dollars are paying off.
As with adapting to mobile technology, the ability to offer analytics to advertisers is a major selling point that needs to be highlighted during any pitch or proposal.
RealMatch is the leading recruitment advertising technology platform specializing in performance-based recruitment advertising solutions for digital publishers and employers. Finding clients (and keeping them) is the one thing you have to be really good at if you want to have a successful business. Today I asked my panel of experts what they wish they had known about landing clients in the early days of their business, and what advice they’d give to virtual assistants today. My advice is to spend some time making sure you are marketing yourself to attract your perfect client.
About Lisa: Lisa established her online business, Coast2Coast Business Support Solutions, after 15 years of working with people, helping them use computers to be more productive in their day-to-day work.
An important thing that took me some time to learn (and I wish I’d known sooner) is that it doesn’t have to be a hard sell and that it’s about relationship building. It took me a little while to learn that it’s more about getting to know someone and establishing that know, like and trust factor.
Meeting people where they’re at and relating to them on a more personal level worked so much better with attaining new clients. Back in those days I focused on offline clients, but I wasn’t specific about which offline clients I wanted, just as long as I got some.
So, in order to attract new clients create a persona of your ideal client and make all your marketing messages directly to that persona. About Stephanie: Stephanie has been working from home providing services remotely since the mid 90s.
When I first got started doing virtual assistant work and then later when I first started taking transcription clients I was so focused on getting *new* clients all the time that I failed to see the value of existing and repeat clients.
Then I only took on new clients when I knew I had enough time in my schedule to treat them with that same kindness and respect, allowing me to keep a sort of balance between long term clients and new folks. I suppose all of that to say that I wish in the beginning I had known more about finding and building those relationships instead of just finding jobs and paydays.
At Teleseminars Transcribed, her goal is to provide accurate and reasonably priced transcripts of all sorts.
Filed under Filed Under: Business Building, Expert AdviceAbout CindyCindy Bidar is a virtual assistant and online project manager specializing in tech issues.
She developed The Educated VA to help other online professionals learn the skills they need to be successful in their careers.
The article introduces to men simple yet effective tips on how to attract beautiful women that allow them to seduce the opposite gender with ease.
In addition, the article takes people through a process of discovering secret tips to instantly build rapport with any woman both physically and psychologically.

Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Their ability to gain new customers has been time and tested over a number of different markets. These videos are by Perry Belcher.  I think these videos and his explanation get to the point the fastest.
You’re out looking for new friends in London in a bar, club, or a party and no one seems to be coming up to talk to you. Even though the economy remains sluggish, it has shown slight signs of improvement, and as a result, advertisers are beginning to loosen their wallets a bit more, meaning your publication can cash in. Content marketing is basically a strategy that involves providing relevant, valuable content to readers that incorporates an advertiser’s products, services, or brand. By doing this, you give the technical writing client the ability to market its services while still advertising your upcoming book series.
Today’s advertisers want to ensure that their ads are being seen by people not only through traditional media, but also through online avenues, and this means that you need to have an mobile-optimized Internet presence in additional to your standard Internet presence in order to attract advertisers. In fact, during face-to-face meetings, you could even bring along a tablet or smartphone to demonstrate the value for the potential customer right then and there.
In the past, this was difficult to accomplish as the advertiser would need to ask leads where they saw the ads that prompted the interaction, but today, using analytics, you can show advertisers exactly where an ad has been paying off on the web. Keep in mind, however, that investing in analytics may mean that you need to bring on additional personnel who will be able to track and chart out changes for your advertisers. Say you meet someone at an event who seems interested or someone sends you an email inquiring about your services and it’s really exciting!
If your target market is in a certain industry, make sure your marketing materials reflect that. I never enjoyed the sales aspect of my offline job before I started my virtual assistant business.
I realized that it could be as laid back as a conversation, seeing what we have in common, and often, what they need right now will surface.
But, the one thing I wish I had realized about attracting new clients is that I need to be very specific about who that customer is before I start attracting them.
Let everyone you connect with know that you’re looking for that specific type of client.
She has worked as a Virtual Assistant, Community Manager, Website Designer, Affiliate Marketer and other online positions. Finding jobs is often quick and easy, but building long term relationships and finding amazing clients to work with is the gold in the bottom of the river.
Her experience in the transcription industry has included work for insurance companies, journalists, internet marketers, large transcription firms, podcasters, bloggers, small businesses, authors, and even a police department investigation team. Turns out there is no trick or magic client-attraction spell you can cast, but there are some things you can do to keep business coming in.
When I opened my virtual doors (officially) back in 2010 I wrote a series of blog posts about how to use Digital Access Pass. Just because your client roster is full doesn’t mean you can stop blogging or posting to your Facebook page or mailing your list. She enjoys designing systems to save her clients money, while ensuring the integrity and security of their websites.
At the beginning of the article, people will learn a step-by-step action plan on how to develop their body language skills and habits that can instantly make any woman feel attraction for them. Furthermore, this report provides learners with simple steps on how to make use of their sense of humor in order to shift their mentality to prepare for any humor situation. The techniques this report introduces are easy-to-understand and simple-to-follow for most readers no matter what their cultural background is.
The site supplies people with tips, ways, programs, methods and e-books about many topics including business, health, entertainment, and lifestyle. Dean and Joe lay down some serious gems in that podcast –  Pretty sure I learn something new every time listen to it.
This also allows you to make strategic decisions about ad placement as you’ll be able to see where changes to an ad make the most impact.
If you specialize in a certain skillset, such as graphic design or video screencasts, make sure to add that as well. But that’s what I knew of sales and getting new clients—what I learned in the offline world. Then I’d step in and say, “I love doing things like that.” I could offer a solution to their problem without being pushy or salesy while at the same time establishing that I’m a real person who can be trusted. I took the time to focus on existing clients, make sure they were getting what they needed, made sure they were happy with the services they received, and asked them what I could do to improve their experience along the way.

I actually found that by not being “open for everything” all the time I was getting a better quality client when I did take on new clients, building relationships that made sense and that were based on more than just doing work and getting paid – though, of course getting paid is always nice. It takes a little longer, definitely requires a bit more effort, but the results are great and the experiences are priceless. If you think it is, you’ll end up far to scattered to be effective in your marketing. By staying in touch, you’re keeping your name in front of those most likely to hire you later, when you need it.
It’s full of fun, practical tips you can use to start or grow your virtual assistant business. After that, men will learn some flirting conversation techniques on how to connect with a woman on a deep emotional level and the effective ways to flirt with a woman without her even realizing them. In the writing, learners will discover several effective ways to improve their body posture, gestures, and movements to ensure “humor consistency”.
Once I learned to identify who I want my ideal client to be, I stopped having those issues completely. Next, the author reveals to people the difference between a funny guy and an “average” guy.
In other words, the author gives conversation topics that can heat up a woman’s mood and a mindset trick that can expand their conversation skills instantly.
It’s one of the first things which people notice, picking up any negative vibes and subconsciously forming opinions, just by glancing over. Moreover, in this article, people also get to know easy ways on how to make women laugh at any time and any place regardless of their age, their looks, and their personality.
Thanks to the useful information in this article, a lot of men can attract beautiful women and approach their dream woman with a few simple steps.
Additionally, the writing also teaches people the art of conversation with any woman and the useful techniques to intensify women’s feelings. A tilted head could be an indication that you have something to hide, are shifty by nature or are nervous and constantly moving your feet can be a sign of nervousness, impatience or being scared.Such “closed” body language can be mistaken as a sign that you want to be left alone and which potential new friends in London subconsciously pick up on and immediately avoid you. A good “open” stance is to relax, keep your head up and your arms down by your side or confidently, in your pocket. Your smile needs to be genuine; a big cheesy grin for no apparent reason can be massively off-putting.
Another reason is it gives you something to focus on, something to take you mind off any social anxiety or nervousness. If you do not know anybody, the longer you spend skulking in the peripheries, the more difficult it will be to pick it up later on. When you arrive, you have an immediate excuse to approach people for small talk or conversation. If you are worried about what to say, a sincere compliment or introduction followed by questions acts as a great ice breaker. Make sure you are accommodating, positioning yourself for the conversation - if they are standing, get up, otherwise the conversation may be cut short due to them feeling uncomfortable.5) Ever heard of smirting?Alternatively, use small talk after gaining someone’s eye contact for example, “What are you drinking, that looks nice?” If you are a smoker, smirting (a phrase coined combining the words, flirting and smoking) is great way to approach others. Having fun is a great way to dispel any social anxiety, you are changing your body language and any nervousness will disappear. Having fun will put you completely at ease and will make you appear confident and extremely approachable.7) Physical appearanceIn order to look approachable, you need to look like somebody would like to approach you. As is the case with body language, people may be subconsciously repelled by your physical appearance.
Finally, if you feel good about your appearance you’ll be more confident and appear more approachable.8) Help out in a social situationIf you get the chance to help out, do it.
This will show people you are willing to do your fair share, particularly at a party – the host or hostess will be very appreciative. This is a fantastic pretext to meet new friends and the task will stop you from cowering in a corner feeling awkward. Resist the urge, it puts up an instant barrier to other like a big sign reading, “don’t bother me, I’m busy!” And no one will bother you.
Chances are, you won’t meet new friends during rush hour, so it’s ok for tube or bus journeys. If confidence is a sticking point for you, think about your accomplishments, all the things you have going for yourself and your skills. If you can’t think of anything, you may need to learn new skills; take a class, take up a new hobby or join a sports team.

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