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The terrorist outfit, ISIS, is using various platforms to propagate its ideology and to attract recruits from across the world, Ahir said. The Islamic State (IS) is known by different names and has set up a caliphate under Abu Bakr-al Baghdadi.
The existing legal provisions are effective instrumentalities to combat offences relating to terrorist financing and money laundering, he said.
The Minister said incidents of protests or demonstrations against award of capital punishment to terrorists and killing of terrorists in encounters with security forces have been reported from some states.
In reply to another question, he said the National Investigation Agency and Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu Police have registered cases to probe the alleged links of Indian youth with ISIS and have arrested 54 persons so far.
About UsWe the patriotic organizations from different parts of India have come together and decided to form ‘India against Islamic state’ (IA-IS) a mass movement to combat terrorism.
Many people enjoy eating before going to bed. You should know that not all snacks are the same.
There are a few crucial items needed to catch Pokemon: Poke Balls (of course) and Incense, which causes more Pokemon to appear.
In the beta, players earned Pokecoins at the end of each day and week, but not enough time has passed yet to know whether the full version of the game works the same way. In-game, 100 Pokecoins can get you a pack of 20 Poke Balls, or you can buy in bulk and get 200 Poke Balls for 800 coins.
Emma’s early gaming was mostly done in secret, as the only gamer in a family of normal people. Nintendo has announced yet another DS, the popular handheld game console, though it would be a limited edition. For purchasing this yellow Pokemon DS system, the consumer has to visit one of the five Pokemon Centers in Japan between June 1 and July 1.
However, the it seems that the unique concept will not probably attract the Pikachu fans because of the price.
I stumbled upon this unique way to grow your fan base on Facebook, and it is something they call using Ladders to increase your likes to you Facebook Fan page.
Pretty cool concept, not sure how it will really help you increase your social media presence, but people always seem to want to visit fan pages with a lot more followers. The mother of two boasts of a curvaceous killer figure and charming looks that make her one of the hottest women in the country. The stunning Oscar awards winner, Lupita Nyong'o set standards so high on the global stage. Sauti Sol's Bien Alusa has sensationally revealed his crush on curvaceous Kiss TV presenter Grace Msalame.

It is often said that family is not defined by genes but rather built and maintained through love.
Various programmes are being undertaken by the central and state governments to deal with the issue of counter radicalisation and de-radicalisation,” he said. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
The main aim of this movement is to bring awareness among the common masses of the danger of Jihadi terrorism and to form a close line of patriots to help the government at different levels. So it’s no wonder brands spend a lot of time and money on crafting the perfect term.When done correctly, they’re everything the marketing team wants it to be. Players start the game with a small amount of incense and a large assortment of Poke Balls, but once those run out, more must be bought in the in-game store using Pokecoins.
Players can also buy more incense, an incubator to hatch Pokemon eggs, Lucky Eggs to gain an experience boost for a limited amount of time, and Lure Modules to attract Pokemon to a PokeStop (special real-life locations like parks or monuments) for 30 minutes. Some Android users have reported success in downloading the game through the Google Play Store, though the version currently up isn’t compatible with all devices yet. She still retains skills from this dark period in her life, such as the ability to teleport instantly across the house away from the computer, and holds a gold medal in the Olympic sport of “Hide the Gameboy.” Sorry, Mom, now you know. This time they have planned to release the device with the well-known Pokemon brand and everyone’s favourite Pikachu yellow paintjob.
The Kiss TV presenter graces this month’s cover of True Love magazine and as always she looks stunning. With the worldwide launch actively expanding, the iOS and updated Android versions could be out any time now, and definitely before the end of July. But when push comes to shove, are official hashtags created from the point of view of the audience or the brand? When the last season of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here aired it attracted a huge fanfare.Along with TV audiences of over 12m, it also succeeded in driving a massive digital following.
After purely analysing brand terms such as #Imaceleb and #IACGMOOH the number of engagements was drastically lower, with only 43k mentions.So where did the rest go? Most of them broke off into sub-topics connected to the celebrities, challenges and group conversations around the campfire. And whilst the producers could probably have predicted which organic hashtags would emerge, the brands marketing themselves around the show would have found it impossible to track where the digital discussion would go next.More recently, we’ve seen the same thing on Celebrity Big Brother.
With the recent roundabout that is Lee Ryan’s love life, driving an upsurge in user engagement. Some of these you would expect, and some are probably not to be posted on this blog(!), but there’s also been an emergence of some less than predictable terms (sych as #cringeunited ?)The point is, conversations evolve beyond the official terminology – ultimately morphing to mirror the individuals and events taking place in real-time.

And because audiences don’t stick to the script when it comes to social, it means it’s very rare to predict what the next hashtag may turn into. Taking into account the I’m A Celeb data and some recent client studies we’ve undertaken, less than 13% of Twitter conversation related to TV involves an official hashtag.So what are brands to do?The first option is it to put even more effort and media budget into official hashtags. With enough force a brand could funnel conversation towards a very clean and contained naming system. However, whilst that would make things infinitely easier for marketers to follow, it’s ultimately doomed to fail.Trying to control conversation is the same as trying to tell people what to think.
By recognising the democratic landscape of social engagement, and adopting a few simple rules to engage with it, brands can uncover invaluable methods to connect with their fans.But just remember…Be smart about your choice of hashtagWhilst you can’t control the conversation forever, it’s still worth developing a hashtag that has the best chance of capturing audience’s attention.
Throwing in your brand name along with the campaign title is all well and good when you have short name, but anything over 10 characters is pushing it.
Go for something short, catchy and uniqueAnd although it sounds obvious, double check with a few people to see if they interpret your social copy in the same way you do.
If not you could end up with more attention than you wanted, just like Susan Boyle’s infamous #susanalbumparty or the confusion around Cher’s health at the time of Thatcher’s death with #nowthatcherisdead. At that point you either say goodbye to it (and the work you’ve invested to engage fans in the first place), or you adapt with it.There’s no shame in adjusting your use of hashtags to mirror your fans language.
More importantly, it demonstrates you’re listening and ready to change your own language to be more relevant for your audience. When they suffered from a network shortage they created a hashtag for fans to follow, but also knew that people would have their own conversations (and frustrations) around the situation. So they followed a number of terms and fan-made hashtags to remain at the heart of the conversation.Understand when the conversation’s not about youWhilst adapting to social chatter is crucial, it’s also important to understand when you no longer have a right to enter a conversation.
Whilst hashtags have been around for almost 8 years there are a number of brands who still don’t understand the etiquette of using them. If the conversation is connected to your brand or area of expertise – and you can add value to the conversation by getting involved – then by all means.
Trying to piggyback on a trending term for a bit of free exposure might sound look like a good idea at the time, but it presents more risks than rewards in the long run. Just look at Kenneth Cole’s less than sensitive tweet about the Syrian crisis or the, still discussed, Bing fail of donating to the Japan Tsunami. It may not make our lives as marketers an easier, especially in terms of campaign control and measurement.

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