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The Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly is the State Butterfly of Virginia and I’m pleased to see it often as it visits flowers in my garden. Flowering plants are very important in attracting birds and other beneficial creatures to your garden. Even when they’re not appearing at Halloween, bats are very beneficial to the garden. In addition to attracting birds, butterflies, bees, and bats to our garden, we have the cutest little lizards and skinks that each have little personalities of their own.
Sadly, the honeybee is declining in our area due to a virus that wipes out colonies in droves. And just in case you love butterflies as much as I do…here’s a gorgeous sculptural bench you could add to your garden!

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It seems the bedraggled little fella had gotten into the external pipes, climbed through them and ended up heading the only way he could, round the s-bend and into the bowl. With so much wildlife habitat being lost in the countryside, even the smallest garden can become a real wildlife sanctuary. A pond will provide a home for dragonflies and amphibians, while even the humble compost heap makes an ideal home for slow-worms.
Butterfly Conservation websites give plenty of useful advice on how to make your garden friendlier to birds, bumblebees and butterflies.

And of course, in this modern age of ours, what was the surprised man to do but get out his camera and start filming? His hundreds of views have turned into thousands, and his story has been covered in the national media.
Regarding water features…got rid of a bird feeder a couple years ago when the cement bowl cracked and have been wondering about those solar powered fountains.

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