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Do you know how to attract positive relationships into your life, or do you often feel surrounded and overwhelmed by negativity?
By choosing to focus my thoughts on the good in my brother-in-law, I will simultaneously be reducing my focus on his negative traits, and therefore I will be less of a vibrational match to the negative aspects of his personality. I’ll admit, with some people this approach will be a stretch at first, and might seem pretty counterintuitive.  Luckily, though, as we start looking for the good in people, the more good the Law of Attraction will reveal to us about them. Always remember, when we focus on the good in people, the people around us will be more inclined to show us their best.  We all shine a little brighter when the people around us notice our redeeming qualities. Unfortunately, though, when we complain about the negativity we ourselves dip into a more negative state of mind.  Once this happens, we become an even greater magnet for more negative people to walk through the door.
So, as it turns out, your mom was right:  If you don’t have anything nice to say, just keep quiet!  The negativity in others will never be remedied through complaining about it. Though some people believe that with the Law of Attraction you get what you want, in actuality with the Law of Attraction you get what you are. Therefore, instead of waiting for positive people to come to us, we can become the people we want to meet, and then more of these kinds of people will walk into our lives.  Sure, we may have our bad days and it’s ok if we aren’t “perfect,” but a little extra effort to be positive can go a long way, so it’s always worth a shot to be more loving, generous and tolerant!
When we default on positive (rather than negative) expectations of people we find that most of the people we interact with are decent human beings.
My name is Andrea Schulman, I am a former high school psychology teacher and the creator of ‘Raise Your Vibration Today.’ I teach people about the Law of Attraction with fun, clarity and success!
You don’t have much of an email list so even if you do have products or services to offer them, no one is there to listen? Ok listen up because I’ve got a really fast (and lucrative) solution that works and I’ve used it in my own business time and time again. When it comes to attracting an audience of your ideal customer, it can be really difficult when you’re just starting out, because you feel there is already so many people out there doing and saying what you’ve got to say, how can you possibly compete right? Plus you’ve got less than 100 followers on Facebook, even less or a non existent email list, it doesn’t matter what you’re saying if no one is listening.
In 2008 I was running raw food classes on my compound in Saudi Arabia as a newbie Raw Foodist, without any qualifications, and that’s what spurned my 2nd web blog Girl on Raw.
At first some of the classes were not paid, they were just volunteer for community groups like the Women’s Group, the Environmental Group and even the Hospital Wellness program. Eventually, and not long afterwards, I was running sell out raw food workshops and juicing information sessions, even running community cleanses (that my international followers wanted to join in on too!). My qualification came later in 2010, so it wasn’t necessary for me to be trained to have success with food workshops. All that was needed was a demand for my classes and a transformation I was able to give them and judging by the feedback from my sessions, I was able to enact a transformation in my workshop participants. Great atmosphere right down to the lighting and music well presented and all guests were consistently attended to. I enjoyed all aspects of the class that were covered during the session from the nutrient background to the preparation. What followed was when I was traveling abroad for leisure, I was being approached to run workshops and classes all over the world, from everyday people to 5 star hotel chefs.
Not only was this financially rewarding (hello being paid for your passion and services) it was beginning to seal my fate as an expert in raw food and give me more credibility and following. Standing up in front of a group, strangely, automatically sets you up as someone that is interesting enough for people to listen to. Not everyone has the guts to put themselves in front of others in a physical setting, but for those of us that do, are the true leaders and ensure that whatever you’ve got to say, will be listened to.

By putting yourself in the sometimes uncomfortable position of being the centre of attention with a worthwhile message, you will start to attract those that want to hear more from you, both on and offline. Recently she did a sellout cooking class in Melbourne, and even though it takes weeks of prior planning and effort and requires putting on a bra and your game face when dealing with people in person, following the class, she was full of buzz from knowing that she had really impacted her workshop attendees for the better.
She was able to get immediate feedback from their experience, not just by what they said, but also their body language and the questions they asked on the spot.
So if you’re struggling to make any money as a food blogger, health coach or some time of healthy whole foods chef or home cook, then I urge you to consider running in person cooking classes especially if you’re just starting out and don’t have many followers or haven’t yet built your community of raving fans.
We will even share our planning checklist that you can use, so the following the training you’ll have everything you need to start planning your very own sellout workshop.
We can’t wait to see you, the training will be LIVE but the replay will only be available for 24 hours following the live session so make sure you put it in your diary because you won’t want to miss it. Co-founder of Make Some Real Dough, Raw Chef, Blogger, Author and Online Business Strategist for Health & Wellness professionals, Robyn is an ex flight attendant, make up artist, project manager and HR professional who is Australian by birth but lives all over the world with her husband and 2 small children. We are here to help you turn your mission to healthify the globe AND be financially rewarded for it, into a reality. Como ya hemos contado en ocasiones, los murcielagos son uno de los mejores antimosquitos biologicos, y equilibra el ecosistema cuidando nuestra salud. Por ello, hemos recopilado algunas medidas basicas para que conviertas tu jardin, terraza, parcela o finca en un refugio ideal para los quiropteros y que estos acaben con mosquitos y otros insectos molestos. Es lo que los ingleses llaman Gardening for bats pero en este caso lo hemos adaptado a ambientes mediterraneos mas similares a los de nuestra Castilla La Mancha y Peninsula Iberica.
Te contamos  por que debes crear un espacio atractivo para los murcielagos y como crearlo: las actuaciones que debes realizar sobre la vegetacion de tu jardin, las especies mas atractivas para los murcielagos, el estilo de jardin mas adecuado, el agua y la iluminacion en tu jardin. Because depending what kind of guy he is, will completely inform the way in which you go about attracting him. And from his star sign, we can divulge and extraordinary amount of information, not only about a man’s personality but about what interests him, what irritates him, what he finds important, what he considers trivial.
How do I attract a man who is naturally combative, who enjoys a little mental, physical (and even sexual!) sparring?
From these questions, based upon our knowledge of the Aries man, we can formulate a detailed and effective seduction strategy.
Well, first you’re going to need to appear to be the kind of woman he will find attractive.
If this particular Aries man is a work colleague, make sure he sees you working hard, volunteering for extra duties and staying late. It can work to attract the fiery Scorpio, the daring Sagittarius, the considerate Cancer, the entertaining Leo. It’s wonderful that many of the beneficial insects are attracted by flowers, which means an opportunity to plant flowers not just for their beauty, but also their function. Neighbors love yard beautification, such as flowers, so placing these strategically not only makes your garden acceptable and even pleasing to the eye, but also invites in beneficial insects and pollinators.
It’s interesting to consider that the insects harmful to the garden, are vegetarian insects. Many insect hotels are used as nest sites by insects including solitary bees and solitary wasps. Aphid Midge – Pollen plants, such as echinacea, yarrow, sunflower, alyssum, borage, and more. Braconid Wasps – Grow nectar plants with small flowers, such as dill, parsley, wild carrot, and yarrow.

Ground Beetles  – Plant perennials among garden plants for stable habitats, or white clover as a groundcover in orchards. Lacewings – Angelica, coreopsis, cosmos, and sweet alyssum will bring lacewings to your garden.
Minute Pirate Bugs – Plant goldenrods, daisies, alfalfa, and yarrow will attract these bugs.
Soldier Beetles – Attract this flying insect by planting catnip, goldenrod, and hydrangea. Tachinid Flies – Plant dill, parsley, sweet clover, and other herbs to attract adult flies. Not because it is beyond the ken of mortal minds, but because it isn’t specific enough.
I can’t imagine you’re thinking, Hey, who cares, just so long as he belongs to the male of the species!
The strategy for attracting a shy guy is going to be completely different to the strategy for attracting a man who oozes confidence. I mean, how times have you heard someone recount the events of their exciting hot date and thought, Really? Full of energy himself, the Aries man isn’t going to make a beeline for someone slovenly and lacklustre.
Add to that benefit that some of these flowers are also edible and medicinal, such as echinacea, yarrow, calendula, sunflowers, nasturtiums, allysium and more, and well, it’s a win-win-win! Beneficial insects can be defined as insects that are pollinators, such as butterflies, bees and wasps, as well as insects that prey on damaging insects. The beneficial garden insects are typically carnivore insects that prey on the vegetarian insects that can demolish the garden. While the soldier beetle also eats beneficial insects, it could be needed for keeping your overall insect population under control, and not just the harmful ones. The former will require a proactive approach, gradually introducing yourself, getting to know him, lowering his defences, subtly hinting at your intentions.
Other insects hotels are specifically designed to allow the insects to hibernate, notable examples include ladybirds and butterflies. The latter will probably call for a more passive approach, letting him know you’re available and are a fine representative of all that he finds attractive in a woman. Maybe they’re both turned on by  a woman who can recite Byron and attends the opera as often as she can.
Insects hotels are also popular amongst gardeners and fruit and vegetable growers due to encouraging the insect pollination. The fact that one guy is timid and the other is forthright doesn’t mean they want different things when it comes to a female partner.
Remember, he’s a dominant personality, so he won’t want to be entirely outclassed!

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