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I tried a few different ways to repel the flies, but this DIY Fly Catcher is easy to make, effective and an inexpensive way to rid your chicken run of flies. Keeping your coop scrupulously clean with fresh, dry nesting material helps, as does removing feed that becomes wet and raking the run to remove the droppings.
Sprinkle food-grade Diatomaceous Earth around the feeders and in the coop and nesting boxes. Hang sticky fly strips up high enough that the chicken's won't get stuck to them - or hang them just outside the run. The Captivator seems to be catching gnats more than flies, so I decided to make my own fly catcher. Using a sharp knife, cut the top off a clean soda bottle right before it starts to curve inward. Turn the top upside down inside the bottle and line up the cut edges then staple around the edge to secure in place. Then string some fishing line through each hole and tie securely, leaving three long tails. I found a few freezer-burned shrimp in the back of the freezer, so I chopped them up and slid them into the bottle. One thing you don't want to do is catch any beneficial honey or bumble fees in your fly catcher. Oh, and a fan suggested adding a bit more liquid, so I did pour some water in to double the amount of liquid inside.
Above: A glass Fruit Fly Trap stands on three legs and has an opening in the bottom to attract fruit flies. Above: A Glass Brick vase also can do double duty as a paperweight to keep magazines from flying away in a breeze.
Above: A Glass Orb Suncatcher has six glass panels and eight open air spaces and is 4 inches high and 4 inches wide.

While fruit flies love your fruits and vegetables, they have an aversion to certain herbs and spices. While these remedies will provide some relief, the only definitive way to beat fruit flies is through professional treatment. I have been told that adding some vinegar to the catcher will deter bees but still attract flies, wasps, yellow jackets and hornets. Clear-glass accessories will capture the sun and reflect shafts of light to emphasize greenery in a landscape. Available in two sizes (with a capacity of 50 milliliters or 450 milliliters), it is available for from 119 SEK to 199 SEK depending on size from Artilleriet. Because of the area’s hot and humid climate, they stay year-round and relish in your ripened fruit. Place all these fruit fly favorites in a bottle followed by a paper funnel with the slender end pointing down. All U Need Pest Control, based in Cape Coral, is Southwest Florida’s solution to fruit fly invasion. I grow it to provide color to darker areas of the garden and soften the look of sunnier spots. Coli, Salmonella, Listeria, New Castle Disease, Dysentery and other germs that are harmful to both your family and your flock. These small, swift pests almost always find a way to enter your home, but you can take certain measures to prevent them.
They won’t necessarily strike a ripe food until there’s visible rot, but to avoid fruit flies altogether, keep produce in the refrigerator.
This contraption provides easy entry but no escape route, so your fruit flies die while feasting. A bouquet of rue looks nice next to the fruit bowl, and it prevents fruit flies from buzzing around.

This easy to grow perennial flower grows best in the cool periods of late spring and early summer.
In warmer parts of our region the foliage may brown and dieback during hot, dry periods in mid-summer. However, the plants are virtually trouble free as far as insects and diseases are concerned. After the main flowering has past, the flowers will often dry on the plants and remain attractive for weeks.A Where, When and How to PlantAstilbe varieties are hardy throughout our region.
Plant in spring to early fall in a part sun or part shade location spaced 1 to 3 feet apart depending on the variety. Astilbe plants can take more sun when grown in cooler parts of New England, but need more shade in warmer locations. Replenish the mulch each spring and fertilize in spring with compost spread around the plant roots.A Regional Advice and CareAstilbe needs little care once established. They can be divided every 4 to 5 years to create more plants and keep the existing plants healthy. Cut back and clean up foliage in fall to prevent disease from overwintering near the plants.A Companion Planting and DesignAstilbes are great plants to grow in brightly lit woodland areas, such as under tall maples or oaks. Theya€™re a perfect companion to other perennials, such as heuchera, hosta and yellow rocket, in a shade garden.
They also look great grown en mass in a shade garden, along a stream or near a pond creating a beautiful tapestry of color and foliage in the landscape.A Try Thesea€?Bridal Veila€? has white plumes that grow on 3-foot tall plants. When the fly trap becomes full of flies, you throw it away and make another one, or two, or three!Make Your Homemade Fly Trap in 3 Simple StepsThe only supplies you need to make your homemade fly trap are a clean, empty 2 liter plastic soda bottle, some heavy duty packing tape, and some rotting produce.

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