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This is a short article I wrote for the BMC.Alpine Peaks - the Next Step You’ve hillwalked in Snowdonia and the Lake District and even forayed into the Scottish Highlands to sample some winter action! Ski touring is simply one of the most pleasurable ways of journeying through the mountains. An account of a 30 day voyage January 2016A long term ambition of mine has been to sail and ski in Antarctica.
We provide guiding and courses in alpine mountaineering, climbing and skiing throughout the European Alps and beyond.

Since his teens Tim has been clinging to mountainsides and sliding down them in pursuit of fun and adventure.
Multiple day tours exponentially increase the depth of the experience, especially if using winter rooms or unguarded refuges.
Based in Chamonix and formed by Tim Blakemore, an IFMGA British Mountain Guide, Northern Mountain Sport offer a personal, flexible and friendly service with client satisfaction as our priority.
My clients are as diverse as the arenas I work in and continue to inspire and enthuse me as I hope I do them.

We offer guiding at all levels: from introduction to alpinism to grande courses throughout the year as well as cascade climbing, off-piste skiing and classic ski tours throughout the winter and spring .

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