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The color correction was a very simple process with Sony’s new SLog-3, simply add the Sony LUT to all of the scenes and adjust gain and lift. Frederik wears spider embroidery baseball jacket Lanvin, face tee Marni, skinny track pants Neil Barrett, and red sneakers Givenchy.After exploring modern office style, retailer Forward returns with an approach to dressing for after sundown. Paired with sneakers, Forward’s ensembles make a case for easy separates such as the trendy bomber jacket. Do you see the little thin vertical “string” in the middle connecting the top of your gums to your lip bit? So if you don’t want your parents to notice, get a small ring and try not to smile too!2. Gold SmileyWhile most people choose to get stainless steel jewelry for their piercings, you might like to switch it up with gold, if you’re more of a gold fan.
Remember, some metals can cause allergies, so if your piercing feels weird, then it might be time for a trip to the piercist.3. If you want your smiley piercing to last as long as possible you should ask your piercer to go as high up the frenulum as possible.5.
It can also complement other piercing that you have, especially if you go for a common theme with your jewelry.8. To take care of your new piercing all you will need to do is rinse your mouth out with mouthwash several times a day, and after you eat or drink, too. Matching smileysYou and your babe ready to commit to each other but not with a tattoo (well at least not yet!)?
Copper smileyIt’s better to wait until you have gotten your braces OFF before you go through with a smiley piercing – like this person up here!
If you get it done while your braces are still on you can risk it getting caught and tearing your frenulum – ouch!11. This way, you won’t be wearing down your enamel, which can cause you dental problems later on in life.
Check out my smileyThe smiley piercing is one of those piercings that is easy to hide and you still live with strict parents. The sneerIt’s always better to choose non-allergenic and non-oxidizing metals when getting your piercing put in for the first time. Choose from gold or stainless steel and wait until your piercing heals before trying any other materials!14. Double monroe + smileyIt usually takes around 6 to 9 weeks for your piercing to heal fully. During that time you should try not to play with it and make sure not to take out the piercing.

It’s best to stay away from foods that are hard, and spicy food can really sting so beware!16.
Rock on!If your piercing is bleeding for more than a couple of days then it’s time to head back to the piercer. Half smileIt’s possible that you will feel some residual pain from the piercing for the first 3 to 4 weeks, but it usually subsides. Because you can hide it easily and it’s not a permanent piercing make it the perfect choice for some!19. However, if you’re convinced to to it, it can give a pretty cool look that goes with the metal in your mouth like this chick above!20. CheeeeeseOnce your piercing is healed you might like to experiment with other materials, such as nickel, copper, or plastic. Ch-Ching!If you’re a chick, adding a slick of lipstick in a color that pops, such as red, is a great way to draw attention to your piercing.
A slightly curved barbell can have the effect that you just have the two little balls in your mouth. If your balls are too slippery to grasp with your fingertips, try using a tissue around the ball to grip it instead. Purple passionIf you’re still struggling to change out your piercing, why not head to the spot you had it pierced? Most piercers will happily help you to change out your old jewelry for a new piece, and you might even find something new that you like while there!25.
That’s right, if you have a very small frenulum you may not be able to have it pierced. Matching Septum + SmileyIf you also have a septum piercing you might like to get the same style of curved bar through each. The girl above has an almost identical septum and smiley piercing, which makes for a really cool look.27.
Upwards smileWhen you’re changing your jewelry, if you are taking the whole bar out and not just changing the ends, you should follow the new bar through when you are taking out your old bar. Even though a seller on the street or on Ebay may claim their jewelry is Sterling Silver, or some other material, you have no way of knowing for sure.30. You will see that the needle isn’t too big but the top lip needs to remain pulled up while the piercer does their job. Many people choose to combine oral piercings because hey, sometimes just the one isn’t enough!32. PinkieIt’s not just spicy foods that you need to avoid after having your piercing done.

This means no kissing or oral sex while it heals – other people need to keep their bacteria to themselves!33. This is not normal, and so needs to be treated straight away to ensure that infection doesn’t continue. The vampSmiley piercings are a great alternative to the fang bit piercing for all you vamp lovers out there. Smiley + a twistIf you want to get a smiley piercing, then it’s best to go to a reputable piercing clinic in your area, and not just a chain where they sell clothing, do waxing, and other things too. Triple barrelWhile it’s more common to see the curved barbell for these types of piercing, often rings can offer you some much more interesting designs. Lipstick on pointAs we’ve mentioned before, lipstick can really draw attention to your piercing, as can a dazzling white smile.
You might like to undergo a teeth whitening procedure if you’re getting a smiley, as all eyes will be on your mouth!38. That mean proper brushing and flossing, just like the dentist told you, and cleaning your jewelry every now and then. You are as individual as your piercings so switch it up and surprise people, like this chick over here!40. Shop around at a couple of different piercing parlors to check out which one has the right prices to suit your budget!41.
Don’t let it ruin it by not taking care of your piercing and using the wrong jewelry.
This!If you are still in school and have strict no piercing rules, be careful not to pull faces like the above in class! If you think you are at risk of getting in trouble because of your piercing you can put a spacer in during the school week.43. If you think that you’re ready to take the plunge and get a smiley piercing then why not ask your friends for their piercer recommendations or look up some places in your area with a good reputation.
A good piercer with have a hygenic workplace with sterilized needles and always work with gloves.

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