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Ice Prince girl Maima celebrated her birthday on Friday March 27th by releasing a set of stunning photo which she took with her sister. In the photo the Ghanaian beat rocked a beautiful white dress and accessories that glorifies her figure. Ice Prince’s New BAE, Maima flaunts her Round Behind in New Mirror Selfie; ZAMANI DEY ENJOY OH!
Sunday morning after the big prom fest, I headed to Canada’s Wonderland (which is a Canadian theme park similar to a Six Flags) with my good friends Sherrie and Lisa and a few of their guy friends. I love theme parks, and I LOVE roller coasters, so I was pretty much vibrating with excitement. Sherrie and I are actually making fun of Lisa in this picture (which I totally snapped on my iPhone all sneakily when it displayed on the screen, as I am cheap and not about to spend $20 for a photo).
20 minutes later they were able to start slooooooowly lowering us down (took another 15 minutes or so). This entry was posted in Pals, Snack, Summer and tagged behemoth, canada's wonderland, funnel cake, leviathan, poutine, windseeker. AHHHH I would have actually peed my pants, I love rides but worst fear is getting stuck or getting injured on one. Besides being terrified, I just remember thinking “man, it sucks for Lindsey to be stuck with me.
I was at wonderland when you were stuck on wind seeker- we declined to try it out after it had been stuck! Because of the way those Acadians tend to take over your culture, here in New Orleans we have poutine, too. I read that a rescue cage has since been installed on all Windseeker rides in case of malfunction. Lastly, Canada’s Wonderland has one of the safest track records of all theme parks worldwide.

And I am just going to go ahead and consider those guys my friends now, as we had a major bonding experience that I will get to in a moment.
We were watching Lis in front of us, and she was a tiiiny bit on the scared side and was having some trouble lifting her arms up. You sit in two’s on these swing-type seats, and it goes over 300 feet in the air, spins around for a bit, and then brings you back down.
I’ve been going to Wonderland for 23 years (I am old) and I have never once been stuck on a ride. A girl sitting behind Sherrie started legit crying, and Lisa was already not enjoying herself, so this did not help. My group called me a pussy because I had to pass on anything spinny…makes me so dizzy.
Last time I went to Wonderland was the year Wind Seeker opened and it was always closed because of high wind or something. Probably my earliest memory of Wonderland – I was probably 4 at the time and this was around 1984 or so.
I got stuck on the flying swings as a kid… same as the ride you got stuck on, but much lower to the ground. Your blog is totally one of those blogs that I recently found, fell in love with, and started greedily reading at a fast pace from the beginning.
I’ve always questioned the swing rides, and I read that all but one Windseeker rides have malfunctioned at some point. Windseekers seem to be for the true thrill-seeker who might enjoy the possibility of mechanical failure, not for me.
I don’t mind heights, but she is not the biggest fan of them, and was therefore not the biggest fan of the WindSeeker as we neared the top.
We got stuck going up in the log on the last big hill and I had to be carried down by a ride operator.

I still remember the swings sort of dropping and crashing into each other and all of the parents yelling from the ground.
I just read through the belly button story and choked on the grape I was eating because I laughed so hard at the ending.
Also, you should be careful about what you type – this is so littered with typos I was lucky to be able to decipher what you were trying to say. And I didn’t realize there were no belts, just those fucking useless bars (pardon my French).
Which would have been fine if the water didn’t completely drain out and it was 90 degrees out. This is how I learned Behemoth and Leviathan are the best and safest, credit Bolliger & Mabillard. Really short lines, and to put that into perspective for my fellow Ontarians, we went on the Behemoth several times in a row and barely waited at all. Lisa was an old pro by about the sixth time we went on it though, and had her arms up the entire time.
They kept hanging us upside down and I was screaming and holding onto anything I could grab for dear life. Usually you have to wait for a million years, as it the best roller coaster in the world (IMHO). I’ve been on it twice, not sure how I was convinced the second time, and I felt like I was gonna die.

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