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Daydreamer - The God invention are always been greatest things in this world, Human and their artificials.
Freud said The conscious mind is what we notice above the surface while the unconscious mind, the largest and most powerful part, remains unseen below the surface. This blog is the first and still the best personal development blog in the world, in my opinion.
By Pat Flynn Just as the name suggests, smart passive income, this blog will teach you to take your side hustle and build it from a seed to a fully blooming flower.
By Darren Rowse For years now, problogger has been my home for all of the latest blogging trends, design trends and generally how to grow my blog.
By Onibaniso Bamidele If there is one writer I respect so much, Oni is the man! I love how much he’s accomplished in such a short period of time. By Celestine Chua This blog has really help me how to be my best self and live my best life.
By Lori Deschene I really love the simple wisdom for complex lives advice this site gives out.
This blog leaves an imprint on my mind because of the way it will teach you how to get connected to a target market and helps you engage your prospects to effectively inspire your audience.
By Carol Tice I really love the practical advice this blog gives for all those hungry writers out there, who are interested making a career out of their craft. My name is Darren Webb and i'm on a magical successful journey and also helping others have a more stress free relaxed life. Have you ever considered doing something “spiritual,” like a yoga class or meditating, but didn’t because you don’t think of yourself as “that kinda person?” Or have you ever caught yourself five episodes deep in some TV series thinking about how much that choice clashes with your spirituality? No matter what siphons us off from either our spirituality or our desires, there’s a common thread: the belief that spirituality is a compartmentalized area of our lives.
The thing is, real spirituality is when the spiritual practice is all of life itself, from eating pizza, watching TV, and finding ourselves in arguments to meditating, being with friends, and communicating with love. So, what can we do to more easily connect the sacred meaningfulness of life through the less obviously “spiritual” moments?
So rejoice, we’re all spiritual and it’s all spiritual, and that means we have endless opportunities to co-create with life in a way that fulfills our hearts. The post 5 Olympic Training Secrets That Will Make It Impossible For Your Competitors To Keep Up With You appeared first on Dumb Little Man.
I’m no longer going to every country in the world (mission accomplished), but I’m still traveling at least 200,000 miles a year. For many people, career success comes at the cost of a relatively unfair work-life balance and it can often feel like your job dominates your whole life. Sometimes a working lunch is a great way to get on top of some work or a chance to catch up with colleagues.
One of the joys of smartphones is the opportunity to have your work emails available to you at every hour of every day. Career coaching can fulfill a number of roles and it can be about a lot more than just getting ahead in your profession. This is a misconception that if you want to get more work done, the solution is to work extra hours. If you find yourself constantly overworked, ask yourself whether you are doing more than your fair share. Work is important and clearly you need to spend time focused on your career, but this should never come at the detriment of your personal life.
This should actually benefit your career too – having a better work-life balance is good for you and will put you in a better mind-set to succeed at work. Article provided by Mike James, an independent content writer with an aching desire to figure out the illusive work-life balance. Jennifer Jade Enterprises was founded by Jennifer Wong to create awareness and accessibility to the power of the mind and the ability to heal and transform pain and  suffering through the conscious effort of visualization and meditation.
Jennifer Wong CHt RMT, can be reached for interviews and comments as well as instruction for individuals and groups so that she can share firsthand how powerful these simple techniques can change lives in a sustainable way.  She makes a dynamic, inspiring and informative guest or expert panelist in this area, as her story of recovering fully from a stroke at a young age to now having taught and lead hundreds of others to experience the same. Jennifer Wong is a Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt), Meditation Facilitator, and Reiki Master Teacher (RMT) who has been teaching simple and effective tools to individuals for their personal transformation for nearly a decade.
Since 2008, Jennifer has been teaching meditation and guided visualization classes at drug and alcohol recovery centers offering clients peace of mind and the ability to relax through the recovery process.  With simple techniques, clients are able to use the tools outside of the classroom. In 2009, Jennifer was invited by South Coast Recovery to speak at the CAADE (California Association of Alcohol and Drug Educators) Conference in Palm Springs, and in February 2013 she was invited by Hoag Hospital, Newport Beach to speak at the Stroke Support Group. Congruent with her work in recovery, Jennifer has assisted hundreds of individuals overcome anxiety, phobias, addictions, anger, relationship issues, financial blocks, and health concerns in her private practice and through various workshops. Faced with a personal health crisis and a sincere desire to be of service to others in their journey to truth and wellness that she continues her work and strives to be an example of hope and possibility. Channeling is the belief that a person's body has being taken over by a spirit for the purpose of imparting wisdom.
To achieve this expanded state of consciousness, channelers usually meditate, trying to break free of worldly influences and tune in to a higher consciousness.
While most people channel to seek inner wisdom, entire books have been written, supposedly by ancient spirits channeled through modern mediums. There seems to be no real evidence that the information is truly coming from unseen spirits or some omniscient cosmic consciousness instead of the channeler. Channeled information from different sources is often contradictory; a dozen different spirits, presumably dwelling in the same afterworld, give a dozen different accounts.

Because there is no way to verify information and descriptions of different planes of existence, the nature of the soul, and so on, there's no way to know what, if any, of the channeled information is accurate, but clearly much of it cannot be correct. What would help verify channeling as a real phenomenon would be to have accurate, concrete, and verifiable information revealed that only the spirit would know.
If people could communicate with spirits of the dead, it would be a tremendous boon to law enforcement, who could simply ask a medium to contact the dead and provide them with details to find their bodies or solve their murders.
Instead, channelers are only able to provide unimportant, unverifiable and ambiguous information about the great beyond. In other words, when a person mediates and clears his or her mind, random thoughts, images, and symbols may spontaneously arise. Some channelers have been proven frauds who pretend to contact the dead for fame or fortune, though most people who channel sincerely believe that some unseen spirit uses their bodies as a vessel to dispense truth and wisdom. In other words, anything that will help you grow as a conscious human begin is referred to as self-improvement.
It my favorite blog because of the genuine interest Steve has for sharing everything he knows in other to help others grow consciously. I love the way in which you can easily get your voice to be heard, all over the World Wide Web with just a single guest post. It’s the simple words he uses to pass his message along is what attracted me to the blog in the first place and has kept me there ever since. The great writing advice she share will help take you from an average scribe to a great, fully invested writer. Pat shares experiences that are informative and inspirational – and truly has a unique voice and point of view! His great advice on freelancing his what I now live on which acts as fuel to my freelance career.
One great thing that makes m to like this site is because it will help to to handle failure and fear. It always help me to be mindfulness and understand that it the present moment that really count.
If you are looking for the easiest and best way to make money online as a freelance writer, then consult this blog. I truly hope that you find a lot of useful information on my blog and that it helps you through your life. If you’ve been following along for a while, you're probably familiar with WDS, also known as the modestly titled World Domination Summit. Or how about the reverse–have you ever stopped yourself from doing something you felt to do because you thought it wasn’t spiritual enough? Indeed, when we are fully present with these moments, and we are soaking them up for all they are worth–willing to learn, grow, be accountable, and keep returning to love–then we are in an intimate union and a reverent flow with life that can only be spiritual. That idea only fuels the excuse that when there isn’t obvious sacred beauty, then well, this isn’t meaningful or spiritual and therefore, it has no value for me.
We are present when we collect all of our attention and orient completely into the moment that is here, now.
The thing is, those ideas often prevent us from clearly seeing what is actually happening in the present moment. Denying or rejecting our vulnerability only makes us feel cut off from our divine nature and the kindness of life. For example, if I feel angry when my partner goes out with his friends, perhaps when I explore that feeling, I might discover that it is triggering an abandonment wound from childhood. It is always taking us deeper into ourselves and into our power to live a life that fulfills our hearts. As such, I get a lot of questions over and over, both from people who want to travel far and wide and those who just want to learn a few things to make their lives easier. Here are seven ways for you to achieve a more realistic work-life balance so you can feel happier at home and more productive at work. But ultimately a working lunch is still work and it means that you are depriving yourself of some much-needed downtime during the day. Of course in the modern working environment it can be extremely useful to be able to respond immediately to an important email, rather than having to wait until the next morning. You can speak to a career coach about ways to create a better schedule for you and improve your work-life balance.
This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re literally doing work tasks at home, but it can often mean you’re devoting a lot of time to thinking about work when you should be enjoying your down time. Doing too much work doesn’t do anyone any good – it leaves you feeling stressed and it leaves colleagues feeling undervalued. If you’ve fallen into a routine where your job always comes first, it can pay to switch things up and start placing more of an emphasis on your home life. For the information in this email, London-based CBT, Life Coach and Psychotherapist Klear Minds were consulted.
Through public speaking and the modalities of Hypnosis, Meditation, EFT and Reiki Jennifer has inspired the use of “non-traditional” tools, which have resulted in livelong positive changes in her clients, students, and colleagues. There are countless stories of shamen, witch doctors, prophets and others who claim to hear voices or receive some supernatural knowledge from the spirit world. They may imagine themselves seeking out specific spirits of the dead, or they may be contacted, apparently unbidden, by some unknown force that wishes to communicate. In fact there are hundreds of such books, many of which can be found in New Age sections of bookstores and libraries around the world.

Virtually all channeled information is subjective, mystical and completely unverifiable, often including themes of universal love, messages from God, cosmic unity, and so on. If the spirits are truly imparting important cosmic wisdom and universal truths, you would expect different channelers in different places and times to say the same things.
For example, a person who truly channeled Einstein should be able to continue making important physics discoveries long after his death; or a father who died unexpectedly and left his affairs in disarray should be able to tell his wife and family, through a channeler, where important documents are located to help settle his estate.
In this harmless dissociative state, though it may seem that this information is coming from another consciousness outside the body, in fact it is generated by the mind itself.
In the end, there is nothing pathological about channeling, but nor is it an unexplained conduit to another dimension.
It might be a piece of art, music or words, just anything that will add to your knowledge are things that I define as self-improvement.
This blog always gives a freelance motivational writer like me hope, because I know i can quickly get my message out there. If you want to have a strong entrepreneur mindset, then you should visit this blog on the regular. It will also help you create good habits and drop bad habits which will clear all the clutters in my life. For the past five years, I've been fortunate to produce this awesome summer gathering in Portland, Oregon with the help of a small-but-mighty team in Portland, Oregon. Let’s be clear, spiritual experiences include all of it: the dirt, the tears, the confusion, the mundane, the profane, and the glorious. When we engage with the mundane moments of life as an opportunity to anchor our presence in our bodies, then we are helping ourselves to remain in that space of clarity that serves us so greatly in our lives.
Because of that insight, I would have an opportunity to help any old pain be released and resolved. If you start to get into the habit of having lunch at your desk every single day it will be disastrous for your work-life balance. The problem is that once you start responding to important emails you can slip into the habit of simply responding to every email and getting caught in a process where can you literally never get away from them.
Funnily enough this can actually lead to you being more successful in your career too – if you are less stressed and anxious you may find you are able to perform better. Studies show that a 40 hour week is optimal for productivity, and that if you try to work extra hours you’ll simply have the effect of leaving your less productive throughout the week.
You need to learn to trust the other members of your team and give them the opportunity to shoulder some of that burden. The most famous American writer-channeler was Jane Roberts, who claimed to channel an ancient and wise entity named Seth.
Knight became a multi-millionaire writing books and offering seminars and DVDs teaching the wisdom imparted to her by Ramtha. Instead, studies have shown that channeled information changes with the times and tends to reflect the ideas popular in the culture at the time. So I am happy to share 15 self-improvement blogs that have left an imprint on my life, which I hope will do the same for your life, too!
And the further along we go on that trip, the more that belief becomes an excuse for not going deeper into our spirituality and living a more full life. The meaningfulness is always there for us to tap into, so long as we are present, vulnerable, and accountable for ourselves. For example, as you drink your morning coffee, drink it slowly—feel the warmth of the liquid on your tongue—feel it slide back your tongue and into your throat.
Or perhaps I discover that I feel anger because I am in need of more quality time with him, and for realizing that, have an opportunity to express that in a healthy way. A lunch break is a legal requirement and you definitely need to take advantage of it more often than not. If you must look at your emails, consider turning off notifications and simply looking once per night just to check if there’s anything vital. Interestingly, productivity in the UK has not increased at the same levels after the financial crisis as it has in many other European nations. Another prominent channeler in the 1980s and 1990s was actress Shirley MacLaine, who wrote a best-selling book and a popular television miniseries on the subject. Last year we celebrated our five-year anniversary and decided to try something new for 2016. Be brave enough to experience what happens when you allow that belief to fall away, and instead, allow yourself to simply be present, vulnerable, and open to whatever the moment is inviting you into for your growth and your joy. Get away from your desk, even for just half an hour and you’ll return more productive and feeling better about work.
Channeling has waned in popularity in recent years, though it is still practiced (and its reality widely accepted) in the New Age community. Over the years we've learned that two big reasons people come to WDS are to meet people with shared interests and experience some of what the great city of Portland has to offer. This is the way of anchoring your presence in your body, and you can do it in every moment of life. Since we can only hold a limited number of people in the main theatre during the big weekend, we've come up with something new: WDS Connect.

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