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Fortunately for us, Toyota extended an invite to come along for this unique trip, and we jumped at the chance to go. Toyota envisioned a trip that included two small groups of journalists, with one group driving from Arizona through Utah up into Colorado to the small town of Ouray, also known as the Switzerland of America, while the other group would drive back from Ouray along the same route to Arizona. Although Toyota helped conjure up this idea, they wisely enlisted the help of the Expedition Overland team to make it all happen.
Our trusty steeds for this adventure included three of the most off-road worthy vehicles in Toyota’s 2016 lineup: the Tundra TRD Pro, the 4Runner TRD Pro, and a 2016 Tacoma TRD Off-Road.
After sampling the local watering holes for our first and only night in town, we ventured over to the FJ Summit vendor row, where participants were lining up by the hundreds to hang out, grab food and check out products from event sponsors. After a break atop Imogene for photos and snacks, we headed back down the other side of the mountain through a green valley with remnants of the area’s mining history. We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests. Like most members of the feline family, Pusheen the Cat enjoys sitting on warm computers, long petting sessions, and many other quintessential feline activities.
Phospholipase-A: this enzyme causes the breakdown of cells and disrutps many important biochemical reactions. You can also take an antihistamine to reduce the swelling and a painkiller to dull the ache. If there is a stinger present, it of course should be removed first." We do not wish to condone one product over others, merely to convey useful information based on personal experiences. Dermatofibroma is extra skin growth that is often benign (non cancerous) found on the legs. The scar appears in the form of small extra skin growth measuring half to one cm in diameter.
The development of skin growth is a process and it may take several days or months for it to develop. Skin biopsy is done in which a small portion of the affected skin is cut off and checked for the presence of cancerous cells.
For cosmetic purpose, your doctor may remove the lump using surgical incision or by using local anesthesia. Every off-road trip requires planning, preparation, and of course coordinating schedules to make sure a buddy is along for the ride. Having traveled to places near and far on extended off-road adventures, the Expedition Overland team helped with the planning, logistics and support for the trip, and of course they also helped document the adventure along the way.

It’s safe to say that Toyota, with a half-ton truck, SUV and a mid-size truck, currently has the most well-rounded lineup in the industry when it comes to off-roading, and part of this trip was to put these rigs to the test.
After connecting through Denver and then flying into the small airport in Montrose, we made a short drive out to Ouray, a quaint mountain town with a downtown area not more than a few blocks long and with a population a hair over 1,000. This new 4Runner offering will replace the Trail model in 2017 and will offer a few additional new features as well. We grabbed coffee around the corner from our hotel and a quick bite to eat, formally introduced ourselves to the Expedition Overland team, and shortly thereafter we were on our way.
We navigated our way out of town and up into the mountains above Ouray, where we looked back on the small town one last time. The slow-paced ride was breathtaking, overlooking forests below, creeks and small waterfalls just off the trail, and wildflowers could be seen just about everywhere.
Our path eventually wound us down into Telluride, Colorado, where we stopped for gas and lunch. After repairing the Expedition Overland trailer when it lost its wheel during a fuel stop and shooting some video and photography in Canyonlands in the fading light, we worked our way down to a road to our campsite in the dark, dropping down into a valley and crossing paths with a few deer along the way.
The group had traveled this same road just a few days prior, but heavy rain had literally washed out our road, leaving giant, truck-sized holes that blocked any safe passage forward. A foraging bee will not likely be the cause of a sting unless it is stepped on or mishandled.
If you crush a bee it releases an alarm pheromone that signals other bees, which will respond by stinging, thereby leading to a greater and more persistent attack. I have volunteered the use of this to many others that have been stung and it had the same positive effect on them.
When it comes to long distance overlanding adventures, the planning takes on another level to ensure a successful trip (with successful meaning being ready for anything and everything and making sure everyone comes home safely). Assuming we all made it back in one piece, we’d then drive a few more hours to Las Vegas to fly home. Toyota seemed confident its vehicles would complete the journey, and we were more than happy to see if the rigs would handle the punishment.
After the announcement we left the FJ Summit gathering to go and grab some food of our own.
With so many organized trail rides for FJ Summit, we had to leave town early to avoid trail traffic. We got back on the road and made our way toward Monticello, Utah, where we’d be driving into a section of the Canyonlands National Park to set up camp for the night.

With the sun now set, we powered our 4Runner through a few mud holes left by recent rains, being mindful of the fact that we needed to keep a safe distance from the rig in front of us while also not losing site of the vehicles behind us – you know, trail manners. We improvised and turned back, driving back up on the mesa we had just descended to find a safe spot for camp.
It is known by other names like fibrous histiocytoma, fibrous dermatofibroma and sclerosing hemangioma. In case you see any abnormal skin growth or lump on the legs, do not hesitate to consult your doctor. Kurt is a life-long Utah resident who knows just about every back road and secret off-road route Utah and surrounding states have to offer, so we couldn’t have asked for a better trail leader. At dinner, those of us in the second wave listened to tales from everyone in the first group, and we prepared ourselves for the adventure ahead the next day. We’d have no hotel stays other than our first night in Ouray, would only leave dirt roads to fuel up or if we needed to connect our trail route, and we’d pretty much have little to no cell phone or WiFi access for the next four days.
Age also is another factor that triggers hardening of skin which may develop into fiber like tissues later. It is better to rule out any abnormal cancer growth in initial stages than waiting for it to grow big. For our most recent adventure with Toyota and the Expedition Overland crew, the Drive to the Summit trip started many months ago with an idea from the Toyota team to take its stock vehicles, round up a few journalists willing to rough it for a few days, and explore miles and miles of off-road terrain to and from FJ Summit in Colorado. Grumpy Pants’ brewery) and Ouray Brewery, both of which we sampled and can verify produce good brews.
Although we were driving technically stock vehicles, both the TRD Pro Tundra and TRD Pro 4Runner do offer a host of additional upgrades, including upgraded suspension and additional lift for clearance over their non TRD Pro counterparts. The first group was rained on at a number of camping spots, so we were fortunate to be dry and have our first true taste of adventure on day one. The extra growth on the skin is clearly marked by brown or purple color and is hard to touch. The additional lift of the rigs helped make the first water crossing near the start of the trail a little less nerve-wracking.
After no time, we realized we wouldn’t need to worry all that much about being in “stock” rigs during the trip and could focus on the trail ahead, and that peace of mind allowed us to enjoy the scenery that much more.

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