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She was the prettiest, most popular girl in school, and she'd flirted with me and chased after me hard for close to a year -- in fact, she'd already asked me out about 6 months earlier (I'd been too scared to say "yes").
I didn't know about escalation windows at the time, though I guessed something like that might be the case -- and sure enough, she said "no," albeit in a very socially gracious way. The reason I share this story with you is because what I want to talk about with you in this post today is how to ask a girl out -- and my 14 year old self got it all wrong.
I'm planning on going fairly in-depth into helping you to get yourself schooled up and solid enough on the topic of how to ask a girl out and get a "yes" in this post. Let's dive into the 3 essential tips you can start using right away to start getting you some "yes"es. This one ought to be obvious enough just from that story of mine I shared at the start of this post -- wait too long and the window closes. But yet, no matter how many times this happens to a guy, many guys keep making this same mistake. How often have you had a girl you really liked, that you were waiting for the "perfect moment" to ask out? On top of that, because attraction has an expiration date, the longer you wait to make something happen with a woman, the lesser her attraction for you becomes -- and the more likely she is to be closed off to doing anything with you. And I know, that's a little intimidating -- especially if she's really cute and you like her a lot. It starts getting you experience and starts training you to have an easier and easier time talking to girls and asking them out.
At worst, asking a girl out right away compels you to realize that a girl saying "no" isn't the end of the world.
I guess if you lived on the American frontier or you were a sea captain in jolly old England a hundred years ago or something, formality and big-deal-making was a nifty way of having stuff feel special. The order of the day in the modern era is "casual." Nobody goes and does formal courtship anymore. Meantime, of course, while some guy is courting them, they're often still having casual things going on with the less formal guys. Another lesson you can take away from that early attempt on my part back in 1997: don't just walk up to her and ask her out of the blue (or when she's in the middle of talking to all of her friends with about 200 people standing around watching). If you want to know how to ask a girl out and get a "yes" almost every single time, this one is absolutely the key to the whole thing. Honestly, if some random guy started talking to you, and then you guys talked and talked, and then started running out of conversation, and then it started feeling a little awkward, and then he was like, "Hey buddy, we should go grab a pizza and some beer some time," how excited are you to say yes? In the very first article I send to subscribers when you sign up for my free newsletter -- signup form at the end of this article -- I discuss the most important difference between men and women.
And even for men like us, who don't rely on feeling as much as women do, when someone asks you to spend more time with them when you're already enjoying spending time with them, in the very midst of that enjoyment, like in that second example above, you're certainly going to agree, almost always. And when they ask you to spend more time with them when it feels weird or awkward or random or challenging to keep spending time with them, like in that first example above, you're likely to decline, because you don't want to be feeling that again. The problem with the really complicated, fantastic date ideas is that they become both logistical nightmares, and often can even be intimidating for a girl to say "yes" to.
To get a handle on what I'm talking about, picture a girl who really likes a guy, and wants to go on a date where the two of them sit and talk and get to know one another, but then he asks her to go play laser tag. I'll give you the reverse scenario: I've had girls I liked and wanted to get to know better, but they asked me to go to parties with them or go on some crazy adventure like going rock-climbing or something of that nature, and I've turned them down. And besides, maybe she just doesn't have the energy or the inclination to go do wild parties or hike a couple of miles.
Those are great things to do with friends, and activity partners, but they're not so great things to do with someone you're really attracted to and want to be with. But guys often take women's refusal to go on these sorts of high-energy crazy "fun" dates as a universal refusal, when it might just be the activity a girl was rejecting -- not them.
To get around this, stay away from inviting girls on crazy wild fun dates, and just invite them on relaxed ones where you can talk. One really common mistake I see guys making is trying to shoehorn women into their schedule with no consideration for the girl's own schedule.
So, instead of tossing out some time that who knows if she'll be free or not, or whether it's an inconvenient time for her or not and she'll likely flake, I let her pick the day, and her pick the time.

You're seeing her on a date at a time that works fine for her -- that makes it easy for her to say yes, and easy for her to not miss it. So, after we've found a time that works for her schedule and I can fit into my schedule, I stop asking for her to figure things out.
Also, on the same note, you really don't want to let girls plan the date for logistical reasons, either. These all fall under the category of "bad first date." Or bad second, third, or fourth date too, for that matter.
At your place -- cooking dinner, having drinks, "hanging out," watching a movie, studying, etc.
If you're inexperienced, perhaps skip having her come over to your place unless you're really feeling it. The funny thing is, it's just a "no." The stock market doesn't explode, the polar ice caps don't melt, and nobody posts a video of you getting rejected online for the world to see (or at least, hopefully not).
If she says "no," unless it's incredibly harsh and you just want to hightail it out of there (and that's very rare), play it off. It might sound silly, but you being unfazed when she says "no" is one of the most crazy attractive things you can do around a woman. Needless to say, you don't want to go either of those routes, so be prepared for that and prime yourself to be normal after you ask her. And after you ask her out and she gives you her answer, you're going to continue the conversation on as if nothing else had happened. If you stick with these tips and insights on how to ask a girl out, I'm confident you're going to start getting just about every girl you ask on a date agreeing to go out with you. At the very least, you'll be a very hard guy for a girl to say "I'd like to be friends first" to! Sign up for our email insights series and get a copy of our popular ebook “How to Text Girls” FREE. I had barely spoken with this girl at my spanish language school and our first real interaction was my asking her out, something I did impulsively and that was so "NOT ME". Some months later I asked (IN PERSON) a very similar girl (in terms of personality) and that I met at the same language school in the same exact way, with the exception that I had spent a lot of time small-talking and be nice and conversational etc.. Of course I hadn't read anything like the articles on this website or other PickUp and Masculinity material like I am doing now. Ok asking a girl out over the phone or text is the worst because 90% of the time she will always say no .
He posted that in JUNE not September, just over three months sure, but still, didn't get to Sep. Theres this girl i been meaning to ask out for ages, but shes always surrounded by friends so i can barely ever talk to her let alone ask her out. I walked up to her in front of the entire school, and flat out asked her to go to the school dance at the end of the year with me. But by the time I finally asked her out, she'd largely given up on me -- the window had passed, and she'd moved on. She told me she wanted "to be friends first," which I knew meant we weren't going to the dance together.
I'd been planning to write a post on this for some time, but a reader just wrote in asking about this one specifically -- so, I'll put this one off no longer.
That way, if you're just skimming for the main points, or don't have a lot of time to get all the way through it all, you can take a look through these 3 most vital points now, and then you can come back to the rest later when you have more time or need more tips.
How many days and nights will you spend tearing yourself up inside just thinking about her wondering, fantasizing, dreaming -- when all you had to do was ask? In fact, the only time you'll ever even hear women talking about how much they wished a man would ask them on a formal date is when they're near the end of their twenties, and they start talking about how they've had their fill of one-night stands and bad boys and now they're finally ready to have a gentleman come and court them and eventually marry them and take care of them. You simplify your dates -- more on this later -- and you ask women out in a super chill, casual way. Women don't decide things because they logically make sense; women decide things because they emotionally do. If she's smiling and talking with you and laughing, that's a pretty good indication she's enjoying herself with you -- and that she'd be open to spending more time with you and enjoying more interaction and conversation with you.

Well, I've got a few more insights on how to ask a girl out to help you step up your game there -- so you're in luck. You won't get to know her much better there, and you can't get together with her in front of 30 people.
And women will sometimes even flat out refuse these things because they don't want the guy to inadvertently kill the attraction they have for him by accidentally plopping himself into the platonic guy pal zone. They're there for the date, not for you, and you odds of doing anything other than having a nice friendly outing are pretty low. If she has an idea, it's usually better that you can't make it -- unless that idea is conducive to seduction. A big part of the reason why guys get nervous asking girls out is because they don't know exactly what they're doing. Like I was going to get stabbed in the hip or something if she didn't want to go out with me. That doesn't mean cartwheels and victory chants are in order in (well, not in earshot, anyway).
You make a personal note -- internally, before you ever go talk to her -- that no matter what she says, you're going to be cool. In phone, it happens fast, so you can progress things normally from a conversational standpoint and let it unfold a little more first and get buy-in before scheduling it up. What if you dont have class together but you always see each other in campus, then how would i approach her then?
I'm not going to read the responses to this, but I asked my best friend out in Early March, and was met with a Maybe.
And I know THIS is 2014, cos I only just found this site, but at least I can read dates (lol no pun intended, especially not one that bad :P) also, I hate trying to type on a phone! They might think it's a classy, romantic idea, but formal dates don't get women in your bed, and they don't get women being your lovers or your girlfriends the majority of the time either.
Don't kill yourself trying to figure out exactly the perfect thing to say -- you're just asking her out. It takes work to make decisions, and frankly, most women are the same as most people -- the more decisions you take care of for them, the happier they'll be, so long as the decisions you make are good enough that they don't have to disagree or fight them. Well, if you choose one of those good first date ideas, you're going to know exactly what you're doing: you're taking her on a date she'll like, where the two of you can get to know each other, and that'll be conducive to the both of you potentially becoming lovers if things go well. But ask her out a week later, and she's probably going to say "yes." And if she doesn't, rinse and repeat. Because if you give her more than one gift she will take a mental note and use you to buy stuff for her.
Anyway, wouldn't you say that before a guy tries to ask girls out on dates, that he should be adept socially with all types of people first? They are, basically, trying to be nice, but for guys who haven't learned to read between the lines on what women are really saying yet, it can be confusing. Don't start discussing where you'll go afterward, or your plan for the date, or ask her if she's ever been to this place or that place before. You ask her out within a few days of realizing you'd like to ask her out -- preferably, you ask her out within a few minutes of realizing you'd like to ask her out. I think what chase was saying was they judge on emotions and if you get too excited or give them a vibe you don't care as much, the girl would go on some emotional cycle of anger, sadness, or hysteria, even. Just what time you're meeting, and where you're meeting, and nothing else about the date, to give you the smoothest sailing possible and avoid bogging her down with details and making the date feel like a chore she'll have to think hard about and have second thoughts over agreeing to.
Should a guy first practice his social skills in general and then move up to asking women out? Say " hey, thanks for (what she helped u with) it really ment alot to me, mabye I could take u out for lunch sometimes to return the favor." or something like that.

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