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Check out this ever-growing list of movies and tv shows that were so nice they had to be made twice -- and more. When speaking of italian movies, many only think of ladri di biciclette (bicycle thieves), il giardino dei finzi contini (the garden of the finzi contini) and la. Next Online Philosophy Course – Classical Philosophy & the Virtues starts in April Register Now! Registration Information: You can register to hold a place for the first class until the class begins.
Please indicate whether you wish to audit or be a full student.  Auditing students are entitled to have access to the lectures. 1) Our Courses are Hosted by Coursesites – a Project of Blackboard – a leading company  in education technology. 2) Paid and Enrolled Students will receive an invite from the site enabling them access to the course materials. 3) Additional instructions will be contained in the welcome announcement on the site itself. We ought not to sail to the Pillars of Hercules and run many dangers for the sake of wealth, while we spend neither labour nor money for wisdom. Boraras brigittae is commonly known as the chili rasbora, dwarf rasbora, micro rasbora, and mosquito rasbora. While chili rasboras do not school very tightly, they do tend to shoal together or loosely school together. In the home aquarium, these fish tend to inhabit the middle third or top half of the water column. The minimum tank size for this species is about 5 gallons, but a tank size of 10+ gallons is preferred.
Substrate isn’t very important for these fish, although they tend to stand out better against a darker substrate. Habitat: A 5+ gallon freshwater aquarium with a fine-grained substrate and plenty of hiding spots.
Final Notes: The chili rasbora is a unique and stunning fish that is just now gaining a foothold into the freshwater aquarium hobby. By the end of the course students should have a feel for the improved exercise of virtue in their daily lives!
Full students will be assessed by the instructor, complete assignments, participate in class discussions, and receive instructional guidance. Verily it is slavish to long for life, instead of for the good life…and to seek for money but pay no attention whatever to the noble.

Because this fish is rarely found in local pet stores, and is almost exclusively bought from hobbyists or private breeders, it is also common to find it sold under its scientific name, Boraras brigittae. In their native environment, these rasboras are found in streams with stained tannin water.
These fish like to have room to swim, so the added horizontal swimming room that a 10-20 gallon tank provides over a 5 gallon tank is preferred.
Because chili rasboras come from sheltered streams in the wild, these fish appreciate having areas of shade in their aquarium. The biggest hurdle is providing a home in which they feel safe and secure with consistent water quality.
They will eat a wide variety of foods including omnivorous flake foods and small-grained pellet foods (such as Hikari Micro Pellets).
Water parameters are rather standard for tropical fish, but the pH should be slightly acidic.
According to the Qabalists, Edom was a kingdom, or a world, which consisted solely of the harsh forces of Geburah.
Jung made profound studies about alchemy, finding in it apowerful archetypal symbolism which could give people the possibility of transforming themselves in a deep way. In this course we will look at how the greatest of the Greek philosophers – Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle – used philosophical inquiry to understand the nature of the virtues.
Finding unique fish for nano aquariums can be somewhat hard, given that most fish species need an aquarium of at least 20 gallons to feel at home. The overall profile of this fish is slim and somewhat similar to that of a minnow or male guppy. It is best to keep these fish in a species only aquarium, as other fish species have a tendency to pick on chili rasboras. Feeding a few small meals throughout the day is encouraged over feeding one large meal per day. Due to their small stature, it may be necessary to break up large pellet and flake foods into smaller bits. If intending to keep this fish species in a community tank, only keep them with other small and very peaceful fish. A factor contributing to their growing popularity, aside from their small size, is their beautiful coloration.
Theancient lords of Edom were 11 in number, and this number is associated with the principle of Evil in the Bible. This micro fish species does well in aquariums of just 5 gallons, given that the aquarist is experienced and can provide the proper water conditions for this fish.

Kali’s is a form of Adi Shakti, A form made out of rage, wrath for the ones against nature. This is a process describing a crisis of faith, or of meaning, in which every value in our life is questioned, losing its weight. There were certain Qabalistic speculations around the conjectures regarding the kings of Edom certain Demonological traditions liked with the thought that they belonged to the Emanations of the Left Side.
This process is called in alchemy the nigredo, the black phase.In alchemical treatises, this phase is represented with images of ravens, skulls, skeletons and dead bodies. She wants to kill your ego, the false you, the limited personality that you have been carrying for many births. Suffice to say, this is a process which not many people go through voluntarily, since it requires that one’s ideas and preconceptions about the world are brought down. This is a symbolic and initiatorical death through which every person seeking to recreate themselves must pass.
The very embodiment of Death, Mahakal and Mahakali haunt the Smashan amidst the spirits, corpses and ashes of burnt bodies.
We witness this type of situations (either in our lives or in those around us) when a relationship breaks up, be it a romantic relationship, when someone is fired from their job, or we cut communication with a loved friend.
Kali is found in the Smashan as she is cremating the Karmas from your casual body freeing you from the oblogation of being born again.Someone with a clear consciousness will not fear Kali. The ego falls back to the original chaos, from which it must arise again by overcoming its catastrophe, or die in order to stop feeling pain. Ancient alchemists gave great importance to this phase, in which one can experience the deepest darkness related with the blackness of spiritual death. Eliade writes that“This kind of experiences translate into Saturnian symbolism, into melancholy. Because of its symbolic meaning, there is a possibility of a resurrection of the individual. From the fragments of the destroyed ego arises a new ego, renewed by its traumatic experience, and now closer to its core, the self.

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