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We have provided the original source link for you to also credit the image(s) owner as we have done here. Do it like Beyonce in Jealous (watch the official video) and learn how to make your boyfriend jealous in 4 simple steps. There are many men who become comfortable with the knowledge that their girlfriend will always be there for them.
Whenever they get home from work or come home from a night of partying with the boys, they expect you to be there. If used properly, reverse psychology can work wonders when it comes to how to make my boyfriend jealous.
If your boyfriend is constantly guilty of not noticing when you have lost weight, you can get revenge and learn how to make my boyfriend jealous in the process. Tell one of your friends to call you at a specific time when you know you’ll be with your boyfriend. There are women who believe that it is essential for their man to show jealousy where they are concerned.

For example, if you’re at a restaurant and your waiter is particularly handsome, make a point of telling the waiter how nice he looks so your boyfriend will hear everything.
When you answer the phone, a great way regarding how to make my boyfriend jealous is to start whispering to pretend you don’t want your boyfriend to hear the conversation.
For these women, when their man shows jealousy, it is a sign that he loves them and is possessive of them. When it comes to how to make my boyfriend jealous, one of the first things you need to do is show him that you have a life of your own. If you are constantly gone when he comes home, or if your phone frequently goes to voicemail when he calls, your boyfriend will start to get the hint that he is not as important in your life as he thought he was. You will never wonder how to make my boyfriend jealous again, because you will be able to see the jealousy in his eyes. It will provide the desired results for women who want to know how to make my boyfriend jealous.
You can even try to sound a little bit bored when talking to him, showing that your mind is somewhere else. Whatever the reason, when a woman feels neglected, making the man jealous is often an effective tool to make his attention focus back on her.

When you are thinking of ways how to make my boyfriend jealous, this method has its benefits. Do not be surprised if your boyfriend starts paying more attention to you and wants to be involved in your life to a much greater degree than he has been.
One of the easiest ways regarding how to make my boyfriend jealous is to make him afraid he might lose you. If you play your cards right, he will be burning with a desire that he has not had since you first met. Your boyfriend will immediately think that you were looking at someone else who just walked in and you got distracted.

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