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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. A common pest in New England which very few people have difficulty identifying is the queen carpenter ant. Download the whitepaper to learn the benefits of moving offline supporters online, tips for using social media to engage and attract supporters, why opt-in lists perform etter than rented lists or purchased lists – especially for email, and why you should act fast when you do bring in a new supporter.
INTROFlipping through your Facebook news feed on your smartphone, you see a posting from a friend who has ayoung child with diabetes. O SlideShare utiliza cookies para otimizar a funcionalidade e o desempenho do site, assim como para apresentar publicidade mais relevante aos nossos usuarios.
She is commonly found inside homes in the spring, wandering around like she owns the place, and is about as big as a Ford Fiesta. He alerts you that it is World Diabetes Day and urges you to call your congressionalrepresentative to advocate for diabetes funding. If a hot-button issue occurs for your organization,you can communicate with your supportersimmediately, avoiding the unbudgeted cost anddelay of a direct mail piece.

You may wonder how anyone can ever overcome such a devastating blow, and also wonder if there is even a remote possibility of saving your marriage. He shares a link to an advocacy group that will provide thephone number and information you need to make the call. Increasingly, video, GIFsand photos can deliver a dynamic message of an organization’s purpose or need with potent impact unmatchedby a one-dimensional brochure or letter.Direct mail is also expensive in materials and time. Another friend, whose child benefited from organdonation, sings the praises of nonprofits that helped their family and adds links to donate to these groups. With email, you would know the answer.Make the Email Address AskTo grow an online base, you must constantly seek and invite supporters to join your online list.
You follow the two links because you knowthose two little children and you know what their families have been through.
You can easilystart by asking for email addresses on every piece of paper communication you currently use from pledge cardsto newsletters. Every page of your website should offer an easy option to sign up and share with others.If you need a jump start collecting emails for your current database, there are data append services such asFresh Address that can turn your direct mail list into an email list.

You’ve opted in.MAXIMIZING THE DIGITAL AGEThrough online engagement, nonprofits can connect with donors and supporters through timely, impactfulmessages and active, grassroots participation opportunities like never before. Consider that an 18-year-oldAmerican can barely remember a world without the Web and Facebook.
Integrated solutions, click-throughs, automation, listmatching, measurement, reports, segmentation and many other services already exist and can release staff frombeing bogged down by process to instead focus on message.
By harnessing the existing technical power, thechallenge becomes finding a new way of thinking in order to creatively connect with supporters.

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