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Which is why, we have a total of 20 cool and funny printable 'Happy Birthday' cards and clip arts you can choose from. This year, apart from posting a birthday wish on someone's wall or sending a text message, why not send a card as well? Buzzle gives you cool and funny printable 'Happy Birthday' cards and clip arts that you can print and send to your loved ones.
All you have to do is go through the following images, and click on the images you wish to print. The day truly is special where many of us get the opportunity to spend it with close friends, family members we haven't met for a long time, and those who matter the most in our lives.

To obtain an enlarged version, choose the 'landscape' or 'portrait' option on your printer before you click the 'print' button. And as always, before social networking and smartphones took over our civilization, the norm of giving a birthday card is necessary. Once you have the cards and clip arts, you can easily cut around the edges, and use it however you like.

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