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Imagine whatever you touched, it turned into the piece of paper with the symbol of that object. Imagine whatever chemical word or symbol you wrote, it would magically become the real thing. Dots are also used in chemistry to represent an unshared (unpaired) electron which normally is shared. In chemistry the dash is used to represent a single bond (sharing of one electron each) between two atoms. The lesson from this tutorial is to learn symbols but at the same time learn what they represent. How do I create a double, long, short, or byte variable without using "new" or one of the conversion routines, like "integertobyte"?
Is there a way to see the loaded variables and their dimensions in NCL similar to "whos" in matlab? I'm getting an unexpected value when I use the power ('^') operator combined with a negative value. What's the easiest way to convert a GRIB1, GRIB2, HDF 4, or HDF-EOS 2 file to a NetCDF file? How do I dump the contents of a GRIB, HDF, or HDF-EOS file (or variable on the file) to the screen?
How do I retain metadata for a variable that was read off a series of files using "addfiles"? Once I've opened a file with "addfile", how do I find out what variables and attributes it contains? Is there a way to control whether my binary file is read or written as little endian or big endian?
I'm trying to convert a file to a NetCDF file using "ncl_convert2nc", but getting an error message about violating format constraints. Why do I get different results when reading my HDF-EOS2 file, depending on whether I use the ".hdf" or ".hdfeos" extension? When I try to access the Climate Diagnostics Center [CDC] OPeNDAP server via NCL, I get "Permission denied". I'm running into a problem when opening lots of files with addfile or addfiles ("Too many files open").
How do I determine if my data contains any missing values, or count how many missing values it has? When I draw a map using the high-resolution map database, I seem to randomly get different resolutions.
If I am creating a color contour or vector plot, how do I select my colors such that they are spread across my whole color map? How do I draw weather symbols (wind barbs, weather front lines, high and low pressure indicators, arrows, dots, weather icons, cloud symbols, lightning bolts, etc.) on a map?

How come I get different line thicknesses on different output devices using the same thickness value?
How do I generate a one-dimensional array of equally-spaced integers or floating point numbers? How do I convert my NCL graphics file to another format, like PNG, to put on the web or in a presentation? When I run NCL, I get an error message about being unable to load the "System Resource File". I'm trying to compile my NCAR Graphics program using the Intel or gfortran compiler, but getting some undefined references.
I am trying to create a contour plot and getting an error about the scalar field being constant. I am trying to create a contour plot and getting errors about sfXArray and sfYArray having an incorrect dimension size.
I'm getting the error message "PLCHHQ - CHARACTER NUMBER 10 (w) IS NOT A LEGAL FUNCTION CODE". I'm getting an error from the "shea_util.ncl" script about "copy_VarCoords" being an undefined procedure. When I compile an NCAR Graphics program, I get errors about undefined symbols like "_png_set_rows", "_png_destroy_write_struct", "_png_malloc", etc. I'm trying to assign a value to an NCL variable, but getting a "right hand side can't be coerced to type of left hand side" error message.
When I call one of the gsn_csm_xxxx_map plotting scripts, I get an error message about a units attribute not being correct. I'm trying to create a contour, vector, or contour plot, and getting a weird error about spline approximation. Is there a way I can download the NCL website documentation so I can access it locally on my machine? If I obscure an NCL X11 window with another application, the X11 window doesn't refresh when I bring it back to the foreground.
Here is a large collection of Facebook smileys, chat slang words, text effects and many more tips to use Facebook effectively. No, actually don’t raise your hands, keep them on keyboards as you obviously love typing whole words.
Thus *How To Write Bold Text in Facebook Chat?* will display as, How To Write Bold Text in Facebook Chat?
But some people don’t understand this and they keep pinging you on Facebook chat even if you are not in the mood or situation to chat. In our decimal number system, we rely on the dot (the decimal point) to set the value of the numerals.
Also, just because they look simple doesn't mean that they aren't conveying some important information.

Focusing too much on symbols will give you headaches, sore eyes, and a feeling of being weighed down.
A follow up to looking at pictures is to buy some hydrogen peroxide and learn how it smells and even tastes (dilute it and taste it).
Chemistry or any subject is so much more interesting if you dig into the real story behind the symbols.
You can get rid of this annoyance, just disable Facebook chat for some time to get rid of all interruptions.
Pour it on the next cut you get and you will see that amazing enzyme, catalase, turn the hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. If you learn these, you will be more proficient with symbols than Robert Langdon (Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons) or Abigail Chase and Ben Gates in National Treasure. Remember the dot represents an electron that normally was being shared (paired) but now is unpaired. For example, all the boring formulas and symbols you see in this picture actually represent something interesting or important. The enzyme is so efficient that just one of these catalase molecules can decompose 6 million hydrogen peroxide molecules every second. This is called an chlorine radical which is even more reactive and dangerous than chlorine gas (Cl2). Mg2+ means the positive protons in magnesium out number the negative electrons by 2 giving it a positive 2 charge.
In the upper right, I found this picture with an article about an affliction that Michael Jackson supposedly has called vitiligo.
So even though a small dot doesn't look like much, it can mean the difference between unhealthy and deadly. OH· is called the hydroxyl radical and will easily chemically react with tissue in the stomach. According to the article, vitiligo causes excess H2O2 to be produced in the skin which bleaches out the dark melanin pigment in skin.
Imagine chemistry where all you had to do was write the symbol and that substance would appear. So the difference between OH- and OH· is the difference between medicinal and poisonous.

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