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I’ve reached 4 stars by tapping into my business network group and getting over 101 friends and followers. Watch this video from one of the qkadoo members on your daily workflow to make some extra money. In the oh great apple server farms located on the 3rd rock from the sun, there is a database that houses your account information. He takes care of the business side and I take of the tech side. I mainly deal with the technical support, business workflow and web development for all of our various websites. It’s a Team Build group of websites called the Team SpiritUp Group and you’re going to love it! We’ve spent the last 3 months and gazillions of man hours getting ready for our team launch now scheduled for January 2015. Together as an international team, we will compound our initial small investment and make a serious positive cash flow. Watch the video on my blog post: Quick Overview of our Team Spirit Up Plan to make Some Cash!. You will be my direct team member and part of the global international Team Spirit Up Group. Note: the above link will take you over to the 4 Corners site using our main Team Build Affiliate Link.
If one of our team members sent you to this page to begin your research on our project, then get back to them so they can provide you with their affiliate link. If you found this page and you don’t have a sponsor, then by all means join our team using the above link and we’ll assign a team member to help you! Once you make it in we’ll introduce you to all of our team members, share all of our team tools and give you access all of  our websites. Everyone is great at our Team SpiritUp site and we’re all building the international team like crazy.
This is a Team Build starting in the beginning of 2015 and we’re developing people to handle the serious cash flow coming your way. Our team will be PIFFING in hundreds of clients world wide very soon and by spring of 2015, it may turn into Thousands of clients! For the most important topics related to these webinars, I’ve listed the links to each webinar replay.
We’re proud to release our first video related to the Introduction of Team Spirit Up Overview. During the production cycle of this video – I was working too hard and had a Red Neck Breakdown!
Come on inside and learn all about PIFFing and why this is a sound business decision for the both of us!

Where I come from (United States), a red neck means simple country folk that work hard and play harder!
We’ll just jump on the quad, fire up some Pink Floyd music, grab the dogs and head down to the creek to clear the head and get ready for this video.
This Overview video is 45 minutes, but I’ve broken it down into chapter topics (with hot links). If you found this page and you don’t have a sponsor, then by all means join our team by filling out the form on this blog post and we’ll assign a team member to help you!
If you have questions and our team member is not sure of the answer, feel free to contact me using this form and we’ll setup a conference call to get you answers. The Qkadoo social media platform is the new Facebook for 2015. The best part is Qkadoo shares revenues (profit) with YOU- their loyal user base! Lynette, the owner of Qkadoo just published a quick preview of her new platform for Qkadoo that is awesome.
If you’re new to our site, please sign up for our newsletter so you’ll receive the latest news concerning our projects. Our Team Spirit Up group of websites are on the bleeding edge of business and technology and you need to see what we’re all about. If you’ve taken the time to do your due diligence and your ready to get to work, then my team will pay your way in and help you to grow our business.
We will teach your team how to purchase your first four Financial Lessons out of your profits as the team builds.
We’ll show your team how to purchase your DirectPay Express Debit Card from your profits in the backoffice.
The general public who stumbled onto my site and currently does not have a sponsor for the Four Corners Alliance Group (4C group). Current members of the 4C group who want to sign up a new person directly under them using their affiliate link.
Current members of the 4C group who are acting as a team leader and want to sign up a new person using the affiliate link of one of their downline. Sign them up directly under you. Do you want to bring in a new member directly under your 4C group affiliate link. Sign them up under one of my downline team members. Do you want to bring in a new member and assign them to one of your downline team members 4C group affiliate link. In the winter of 2014 we began developing our group of new websites to support our ever growing team of world wide investors. From the feedback I’m receiving from my downline, I thought I’d throw together a short 10 or 15 minute video of our Team Spirit Up Plan to make Some Cash! That you can jump around and review the topics that are most important to you. As you move through the video, the chapter info at the top of the video will update. The only thing our team asks is that you bring in 4 friends or family members to our group.

It’s set up for 3 types of people who want our Team Spirit Up group to pay their $18 sign up cost.
In January 2015 we launched our Team Spirit Up Group of websites and partnered with a company called Four Corners Alliance Group.
Making money online is still a relatively new process and there is a lot to learn and discover about it. It is also constantly changing and adapting as new platforms are started and new ways of making money discovered.So you want to start treating your blog like a business and want to figure out how to make money blogging. What should you do though if you are being asked to do posts for either products or discounts and not getting paid a fee for the post. It will make you seem untrustworthy as a blogger which will loose you readers.So if you receive an email or message about doing a post in return for a product I think you should as yourself these 3 questions.Would I want to pay for this product?
Since I still love that print years later it was worth my time to review it in a post in exchange.Are you comfortable writing a post on the product or topic? I have been contacted to write posts reviewing lingerie and even though I wear lingerie this wasn’t something I felt comfortable doing a blog post about. So I declined to do the post.Are they asking you to do a reasonable amount of work in exchange for their product? When I’m being paid to do a post on a product I am willing to go out of my way to go pick up the product, test it, take photos, write the best post I can, create an image, and share that post as much as I can with my readers. It depends on what your going rate for doing posts is at the level your at and if you think the product is enough of a payment. As I said I use to do posts in exchange for products but I haven’t in probably 18 months or more now. Each post is hours (if not days, lol) of work, and my time is as valuable as anyone else’s! Recently I did a post for free but I felt like it was for a good cause (cancer awareness) so I agreed to do it, happily really. But then once it was up I received four follow-up emails asking if I could change this or that on it. Whereas sponsored posts seem to be really clear from the beginning about what they do and don’t want, it’s just much less of a headache!

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