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That's all, and please do remember that sending money with "Personal payments", thank you! If, however, that customer had a Paypal balance and paid through Paypal, completing the transaction is free to them — all they have to do is a database update on their own records. Last time I tried to pay through paypal without a paypal account I couldn’t because (if I remember correctly) you could do that only if you have a US based address, or if I am wrong about this then maybe my county was not listed in the available countries list. Nevertheless, I just got a complaint from a customer located in Jamaica, which was unable to pay without an account and this was an issue.
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Now you can add your Indian bank account to your PayPal account, so you can withdraw your money directly to your bank.
This is a great feature now in PayPal which will pull down many services like xoom and others who used to charge a lot of transaction. This will open up an Add bank account form where you can add Name, Bank name, NEFT IFSC, Account Number and confirm the account number. You will need IFSC Code ( Click to get the codes for your bank) which is 11 digit code for the bank.
Once you click on this you would get a Payment form where you need to enter what amount of money you want to transfer.
The very important point to notice here is the purpose code which you need to select in the withdrawal form.
You will go through few more screens which will take your confirmation, update you with currency exchange rate etc and once you confirm everything allow 5 to 7 days for money to get into your account.
The Indian Financial System Code (IFSC) is an alpha-numeric code designed to uniquely identify bank branches in India. A Professional Tech blogger, Editor and Writer who talks about solving day to day problems of people who use computer. This was the question in my mind right now,that how we can take out the money,thx for the info as I have been unable to find it anywhere else.

Hello friends I think Paypal is most trusted bank and I am also having my account and transfer from paypal to any listed Indian banks very easy and hassle free. Hello,i want to ask you that whether all branches of SBI with a IFSC code are able to withdraw funds from paypal?
I have registered in Paypal and linked my ICICI account and transferred a minimum of $10 to my account on May 5th but I didnot link the card as I do not have a credit card and it is not accepting the ICICI debit card. I was able to link my Punjab National Bank Debit Card with paypal but I did not get the 4 digit code on my Statement that I need to confirm it .
If I have a joint account then is it ok if I withdraw paypal funds in that account or will I have to use another account.
This same withdrawal feature in Paypal during the bank account adding process, the BANK NAME field is a drop down box some years back, where only certain banks name are available.
Ok i have a paypal account and some $ in my account which i recive from a friend, but my Paypal account is not verified cos i dont have credit card or a debit card..
This question has been asked by a number of guys ppl, bt sumhw, the answer still evades me… the 4-digit paypal code! Second, what rate do they use for conversion – the day I submit withdrawal request or some other rate?
Third, I heard some rumours that paypal doesnot actually transfer money when you withdraw, they seal your account on unfair reasons…!! Really pleased :))** Beautiful clothesI finally got the dresses ( had to order through a friend in another country since my country doesn't allow personal import of clothes ). I wanted to point out that as far as I know, if you use PayPal for handling subscriptions, your customers must have (and use) a PayPal account to pay. Anyway, this is not helping people that are not able to have a paypal account (because their country is not supported by paypal) to pay through paypal, just it makes it easier for the one that can have paypal account but don’t want to bother entering all the details.
If you use the Express Checkout API, the user must have a PayPal account and is not presented with a choice to pay without a PayPal account. He sent me a screenshot which was the same as the first one presented above, but without the ability to pay without an account.
Because of issue between RBI and PayPal and keeping regulation in mind, PayPal has asked customers to add reason for withdrawal.

This is an 11 -digit code with the first four characters representing the bank code, the next character is a control character, and the last 6 characters identify the branch.
So many times I have done such transfer and within 3 to 5 days money from paypal account is transferred to your Indian bank account provided right account no and IFSC is given.
But now This BANK NAME field is a text field, wherein we need to enter the name of the bank. I have no idea why this is the case, and I wish PayPal would make its APIs consistent in this respect. The Reserve Bank of India publishes the IFSC and MICR codes, but only IFSC codes should be used. You will be surprising to know that if you provide incorrect IFSC they will charge extra money as service charge. I have been trying to link the debit card that I have with the Indian bank to the paypal but I am not getting the 4 digit code. I am planning to start a paypal account, but one thing I would like to ask is, if my employer credits dollars into my paypal account, while transferring it to my personal bank from Paypal, will it be done in Indian rupees. The problem is when I try to withdraw any money to my citi account , it says (in the review information screen )that the account is a checking account, but on the contrary, my account is a savings account. MY question is so coz, rite now I receive cheques in dollars and it takes around 23-35 days for the same to get cleared and the money to get credited to my bank account. Please let me know if this is plausible and my money will be successfully transferred to my account. So does the money transfered from Paypal to bank take the same duration to give me the Indian equivalent of dollars or does it happen way too fast, as I read in someone’s comment as 5-7 days? I have asked Paypal to send the code again twice now, and each time it says 4 digit code sent.
I have left my email id, could it be possible for you to pls let me know the initial steps of starting an account with Paypal?

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