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Career advancement is limited, but additional certifications in new technologies like laser hair removal and microdermabrasion can increase demand for your skills (and your salary!). Education: Esthetician licensure and certification requirements vary from state to state, but if you live near a metropolitan area it's likely you can pursue certification a trade school near you. If you have any questions or or would like additional information about Nice One Nails on Merivale and Baseline, please don't hesitate to contact us. If you would like to book an appointment or check for availabilities, please contact the salon directly. At Nice One Nails, we offer a full range of service from regular manicures, pedicures, shellacs, artificial nails (Arcylic, Solar, and Bio Gel nails), to full-body and facial waxing. We proudly provide our services and products at competitive prices that make a visit to out nail salon an affordable luxury. Our regular customers particularly value our well-trained staff, whose number one goal is to provide great customer service. Our estheticians and nail technicians are all experienced, qualified, and certified in the field in which they specialize. These are available and can be purchased in all denominations or according to our services. Our gift certificates do not expire, are non refundable and can not be converted into cash. Services listed on gift certificates may be substituted for what it's worth towards another service.
Services bought as part of a package can only be redeemed as a package and cannot be separated into individual services.
Gift certificates purchased at either the Baseline or Merivale locations can be redeemed at either Baseline or Merivale locations only. Your greatest weaknesses should showcase skills you’ve improved upon in either your current or previous job.
When I went from bartending to working for Sephora, I didn’t have any professional beauty industry experience other than my four months in beauty school.
Since the Beauty Advisor position was designed to be a seasonal position, I had to be very flexible with my schedule.

This entry was posted in Professional Advice and tagged interview questions, interviewing by Kathleen. Estheticians provide skin treatments, hair removal and other processes that help men and women maintain their personal appearance and boost self-esteem.
Estheticians perform complex beauty procedures on clients who are probably sensitive about their appearance (or they probably wouldn't be paying an esthetician in the first place!). Many work only nights and weekends when their clients are available; others at salons, spas or resorts with a steady clientele will work throughout the day. Tastefully understated accessories, makeup and grooming are a good idea since knowledge of fashion and beauty is an asset for estheticians.
Cosmetologists are usually trained in nail, skin and hair care while estheticians focus completely on skin care technique. Take a few moments to escape the stress of everyday life and let our personal touch redefine the meaning of self-indulgence. If you intend on using it at another location, please purchase the gift certificates there. It is recommended that you schedule your services as far in advance as possible so that we can meet your scheduling requests. Retail product purchased at our store are final sales and can not be exchanged or refunded.
I’m pretty comfortable with talking about myself to my own friends and family members. This is your chance to shine in the interview and tell them how amazing of an employee you are.
I would be paid to talk to clients all day long, answering questions about products and helping them place their order over the phone. I was able to show the good folks at Sephora that even though I was fresh out of beauty school, my passion for the industry along with my experience as a bartender for the past eight years would make me a great asset to their team. Work environment can vary from sterile to spa like, and plush resorts to home-based businesses. You'll need extensive knowledge of skin types, potential allergies and other complications that may arise from treatments so that you can make expert recommendations for each client.

Flexible hours are common, so if you don't like the schedule at your entry-level esthetician gig, don't despair – there are plenty of chances to change hours when you change employers (especially if that new employer is you)! For workdays, spas and clinics will probably have a dress code; often that just means black dress slacks and a nice shirt, but each employer will vary.
This often means that estheticians have a deeper knowledge of skin care treatments than cosmetologists, but curricula will vary from school to school and standards change from state to state, so do your homework before choosing the program for you - unless you really like skin care and have an extreme aversion to hair and nails.
How was I going to convince this huge corporation that I would be an amazing Beauty Advisor? This flexibility gives estheticians the freedom to work almost anywhere they can find enough clients. You don’t want to memorize your answers, but you should have an idea on how you would answer certain questions, before the interview. You want to show the interviewer how you are able to save the day with your positive solutions and forward-focused thinking!
I made a list of tasks and skill sets that I had acquired from bartending and applied them to the Beauty Advisor position. It can be even tougher when trying to convince an interviewer how awesome and skilled you are when you’re in the midst of making a career change. Turns out I already had a number of strengths from bartending that qualified me to be a Beauty Advisor. My patience level helped me keep my cool when dealing with some of the crazies that would come in every now and then.
I came up with three key areas that I would focus on during my interview: sales, customer service and flexibility. I learned and perfected the art of up-selling a drink to anyone who sat at my bar, which ultimately translated into higher sales in the register and more tips in my tip jar. I was already used to not having Saturdays and Sundays off and I almost always had to work on holidays, even Christmas.

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