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Most people have some idea of what detoxing is but they also have some confusion about why it is considered helpful by holistic practitioners for improved health. The idea of fasting, taking only a liquid diet or that of fruits has been a part of many ancient cultures. This urge to purge tells me that people have probably always felt the need to rid their bodies of unwanted, disease promoting crud that accumulates over time.
Today, holistic health providers as well as integrative care physicians find putting their clients on some type of detoxification program improves people’s health in a number of ways.
Detoxification programs are used to help resolve many chronic health conditions such as food intolerance’s, yeast overgrowth, skin conditions, neurological and behavioral conditions like ADHD and depression as well as many digestive conditions. Detoxification, when done safely and correctly, can also help reduce chronic pain, improve sleep and ease you into releasing unwanted weight. Many people who have trouble losing weight do not realize that a contributing factor is excessive toxicity in their body. Our bodies are constantly detoxifying these substances through our liver, kidneys, lymph glands, lungs and skin. In the simplest sense detoxification involves abstaining from foods that are known to cause inflammation, lead to imbalances or that are really fake foods with little nutritional value. Eliminating or at least reducing exposure to toxins in your environment should also be a part of any properly conducted, holistic detoxification program. Additionally all prescription drugs as well as over the counter medications are filtered through our already overburdened liver.
This is also why many programs include specific nutritional and herbal combinations of products. During Phase I a special enzyme called P450 located in the liver converts fat loving toxins into intermediate substances that are more water-soluble.
In Phase II of the process the intermediate substances that still need to be further converted go through a series of reactions involving other enzymes so they can finally be eliminated from the body.
Certain vegetables and fruits are especially good to include during a detox are; asparagus, broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables, as well as avocado, spinach, garlic and essential fatty acids.
Increasing green foods such as Spirulina, chlorophyll is also helpful as these help remove toxins. There are also many herbs that are wonderful during a detox that help support the liver as well as bind to toxins so they can be removed more effectively.Usually animal protein sources are reduced and on some programs eliminated altogether for a period of time.
Remember that although or bodies are always going through Phase I and Phase II of detoxification, while you are cleaning your system you are intentionally increasing the amount and load of toxic material being filtered through the liver.
After you remove non-supportive foods (and non-foods) and replace them with the right supportive foods (which varies from individual to individual) you need to repair the GUT and improve the digestive process. Any properly done detox involves a careful re-introduction of heavier protein foods and sometimes those foods that are commonly reactive foods that you may have tested positive for . Timing and individual health considerations must be taken into account before anyone does a detox. If you have an auto-immune condition or have recently undergone surgery, or are in a very weakened, physical or emotional condition putting yourself on a full detoxification program may not be a good idea and could potentially harm your health. Likewise, if you are planning a trip, or will not have the ability to shop for and cook your own food this probably is not the best time to detox. I have found most people do very well on a graduated detoxification program that allows them to continue to eat a variety of whole foods and that takes place over several weeks up to a month. Disclaimer: The materials and views presented here are not intended as diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure for any disease, mental or physical, and are not intended as a substitute for regular medical care. Equipping Godly WomenChristian living tips, tricks and resources to help you be the amazing woman God created you to be. When you think about ways to become a more Godly woman, is taking care of your health on the list?
Okay, I know this is easier said than done (trust me, I know!), but getting enough sleep is absolutely essential for your health. Not only is soda full of empty calories, but it contains all sorts of other terrible-for-you chemicals as well. Stress might seem one of those inescapable side effects of being alive, but stress causes so many negative health side effects, it is best to avoid it as much as you can.
Eating out may be fast and easy, but constantly eating fast foods and convenience foods is horrible for your health.
As women, it is often way too easy to put our families first, neglecting our own health in the process. If the fact that Jesus says you should forgive isn’t enough (and it should be!), did you know that forgiving offers many health benefits as well? Forgive those who wrong you and you can expect lowered stress levels, reduced pain, better heart health and greater happiness. Whether you have neglected your own health because you have been busy doing Kingdom work or because you are busy taking care of your family, the time to improve your health is now.
A devoted Christian, wife and mother, Brittany loves helping other women grow in these roles as well. I’m a wife, a mom of three adorable (and energetic!) little ones, an online content writer, a teacher, and most importantly: a lover of Jesus! Get to know more about me and this site here, and don't forget to grab YOUR copy of my new book, Putting God First: How to Make God the #1 Priority in Every Area of Your Life . You can also read something more about the ways in which lemon peels are used in preventing and treating different health problems. Lemon peel contains 5-10 times more vitamins than the juice itself, including vitamins C, A, beta-caroten, calcium, magnesium and potassium. The peel contains ingredients that have shown to be important in the fight against cancer cells in human body.
Lemon peel is loaded with vitamins C and P (flavonoids) whose combination cleanses blood vessels and decreases LDL cholesterol and blood pressure. You can also shred some fresh lemon in your dishes or drinks, but unlike frozen, it will not last for long. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. Join tens of thousands of doctors, health professionals and patients who receive our newsletters.
The new year is here, and most of us are likely to have made at least one resolution for 2016. Other research recently reported by Medical News Today linked mental illness to a higher risk of heart disease and stroke.

What is more, studies have associated poor mental health with gender discrimination, social exclusion, increased risk of violence and crime and an unhealthy lifestyle. The UK's Mental Health Foundation also describe good mental health as the ability to learn, form good relationships with others, and express, manage and feel an array of positive and negative emotions. In this Spotlight, we look at some ways in which you could improve your mental health and well-being, ready to take on whatever life throws at you in 2016. One of the healthiest diets is considered to be the Mediterranean diet, which incorporates high consumption of beans, nuts, cereals, seeds, plant-based foods and fruits.
A 2012 study reported by MNT revealed that the Mediterranean diet is not only good for physical health, but it is also beneficial for mental well-being. In September 2014, MNT also reported on a study published in BMJ Open suggesting that eating five portions of fruits and vegetables a day is good for mental well-being. High alcohol consumption has also been linked to increased risk of anxiety and depression, therefore mental health experts recommend limiting alcohol intake to promote good mental well-being. But you do not have to engage in long, dull sessions on the treadmill to reap the mental health benefits of exercise. Challis noted that research from Mind also found that 9 out of 10 individuals who took part in green exercise activities, such as walking and gardening, reported improved mood. The Mayo Clinic recommend going to bed and getting up at the same time every day - even at the weekends and during holidays - as a routine can boost the body's sleep-wake cycle, promoting a better night's sleep. A bedtime ritual - such as a warm bath or reading a book - may also encourage better sleep, as such rituals tell the body it is time to wind down.
Challis also told us that the sleep environment is important for a good night's sleep, and that most people tend to sleep better in a cool, dark and quiet room.
A high intake of alcohol, caffeine and sugary foods in the evening can disrupt sleep patterns, so experts recommend limiting their use for a better night's sleep. Association between psychological distress and mortality: individual participant pooled analysis of 10 prospective cohort studies, Tom C. Mayo Clinic, Mediterranean diet, Sleep tips: seven steps to better sleep, accessed 3 December 2014.
World Health Organization, Mental health: strengthening our response, accessed 3 December 2014. Visit our Mental Health category page for the latest news on this subject, or sign up to our newsletter to receive the latest updates on Mental Health. Please use one of the following formats to cite this article in your essay, paper or report:MLAWhiteman, Honor. For any corrections of factual information, or to contact our editorial team, please see our contact page. Please note: Any medical information published on this website is not intended as a substitute for informed medical advice and you should not take any action before consulting with a health care professional. Preventing and controlling heart disease can be as easy as choosing to take the stairs over the escalator, eating lean proteins over fattier meats, or just monitoring your weight. Eat Better: Eat plenty of fresh fruits, non-starchy vegetables, lean proteins and quality carbohydrates.
Improve Your Weight: Aim for a BMI below 25 and less weight carried around your stomach, and more around the hips. Kick the Habit: According to the CDC, cigarette smokers are 2–4 times more likely to develop coronary heart disease than nonsmokers. Keep Your Blood Pressure in Check: It’s known as the silent killer for not having any symptoms. Control Your Cholesterol: Cholesterol or plaque build-up is one of the main causes of heart disease. Salt water is rich in minerals, which will help you get rid of accumulated toxins in your body.
Salt water contains huge amounts of calcium, which will help you have healthy and strong bones.
When combined with periods of standing, performing stretches at the desk can do wonders for the body. In ancient times people didn’t have the blenders, detox in a box products or go to spas but they still realized the benefits of detoxification.
A cleanse or detoxification process is also a way to assist in spiritual purification practiced by many Eastern religions. Keep in mind we are exposed to a variety of toxins every day through the air, water, and the food we eat. However, whenever the burden becomes too great on the liver – which is the body’s main detoxifying organ, cannot keep up and  it stores the excess toxins in our adipose tissue (fat) for later.
In place of these poor sources of sustenance you eat more cleansing foods that are nutrient dense yet easy to digest. Our modern lifestyle means we have more environmental exposures from, cleaning products, lawn and garden products and air pollution as well as our drinking water than ever.
Remember that anything you put on your skin (shampoo, deodorant, perfume, nail polish) in addition to what you ingest is also filtered through the liver. These are giving to help support the detoxification pathways during the Phase I and Phase II processes. This can be problematic for some people who have poor liver function or who have problems with methylation pathways, so working with a trained nutritional professional is very important. This means you will need to adopt better eating and lifestyle habits avoiding those foods and substances that created toxic over load in the first place. It also means you will need to add supportive nutrients in the form of specific foods that are high in natural digestive enzymes and friendly flora and or add specific supplements.
Some are based on eating raw plant foods or juicing for a period of time, while others are less strict, including specific raw, cooked plant and animal foods.
Just keep in mind that detoxing is a process and each person’s body reacts differently to the process of removing toxins from their body.
Very often these people tell me that working with me was the catalyst for so many other positive transformations in their lives. Nor is any claim made to diagnosis, treatment, prescribe or cure for any disease, mental or physical, and as such is not intended as a substitute for regular medical care. Better sleep is associated with a reduced risk of injury, increased cognitive function, improved memory and better health.
There are actually TONS of ways to fit more fitness into your day no matter which obstacles stand in your way.

For example, stress can cause headaches, tiredness, lack of motivation, sadness, overeating and sleep problems. Not only have these foods contributed to the growing obesity epidemic in our country, but they’ll also make you feel plain crummy as well. Next time you feel a cold coming on, why not try reaching for a natural home remedy and spare your body the chemicals instead? According to a study by the Centre for Aging Studies at Flinders University, people with large networks of friends outlive people with fewer friends by as much as 22 percent! Choose your friends wisely and they can help encourage you to make healthier choices and to be the best version of yourself possible. If you are interested in getting healthier, whether that is through eating more real foods, through exercising more or through using more herbs and essential oils, but you don’t know how, learning more is your first step. When she isn’t busy taking care of her growing family, you can find her at Equipping Godly Women, where she regularly shares tips, tricks and encouragement to help you be the amazing woman God created you to be.
Salvestrol Q40 is essential in the fight against early stage cancer cells, especially in cases of breast, colon and skin cancer. This recipe is ideal for atherosclerosis, cholesterol and hypertension, due to its high vitamin P content. While cooking your meals, shred some of the peel over your salads, soups, fish dishes, steas and many other meals. This will give your food and drinks a refreshing flavor, and what is more important, a large amount of vitamins and anticancer elements to stregthen the protection against cancer and cardiovasculas diseases. If you cannot find any, make sure you wash them well or you can even soak them in apple cider vinegas solution for 10-15 minutes before using the peel to remove any dirt and chemicals. But while the majority of our goals for the coming year will incorporate improvements in physical health - such as hitting the gym and losing weight - have you thought about how you could improve your mental health? One from 2012 published in The BMJ, for example, found that individuals with poor mental health are at increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer. It can help with weight maintenance and protect against a range of illnesses, including heart disease, diabetes and cancer. The diet is also low in saturated fat, includes moderate consumption of fish, poultry and dairy, and low consumption of meats and sugary foods. And in 2013, another study of almost 11,000 middle-aged women found that those who followed a Mediterranean diet not only lived longer than control participants, but they also had better cognitive function and mental health.
The US Department of Health and Human Services recommend that adults should do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise each week or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic exercise.
In 2014, MNT reported on a study by researchers from the University of Michigan, which found that group nature walks could promote good mental well-being. Other studies have shown that outdoor exercise can be as effective as antidepressants in treating mild to moderate depression and anxiety.
A 2010 study by researchers from the George Institute on Global Health in Australia found that people who have less than 5 hours sleep a night may be at higher risk of mental illness. It’s important to check your blood pressure often and kick the salt shaker habit and limit processed foods to balance your sodium intake.
Salt water also has antibacterial properties and it kills off the dangerous bacteria in your intestines. With a continual onslaught of more toxins being processed the liver is forced to store more and more in our fat.
Lacto-fermented foods and pro-biotic rich foods along with healthy fatty acids are essential. These are often combined with some type of specially formulated detoxification powdered product used to replace meals. This is why it is very important to make sure the detoxification program you begin is the right one for your individual health situation. Always consult with your personal physician before beginning any new program or making any changes on your own.
Getting better sleep will improve your mood and help you be more efficient and productive as well.
If you are harboring unforgiveness in your heart, it’s time to lay it down and move on. In combination with vitamin C, this vitamins cleanse blood vessels and strengthens blood stream.
Keep in mind though, although olive oil may be a better choice, it’s still a fat so keep the portion sizes small.
Sea salt is rich in potassium, magnesium, calcium and it’s extremely beneficial for your health. By fostering dialogue on topics ranging from health and beauty, to nutrition and exercise, to pregnancy and parenting, to work and family life, the HealthyWomen Community empowers all women to live their healthiest lives. In general I would be cautious about any detox that is too severe and is only done for a few days because you risk dumping too many toxins into your body too fast and you are less likely to get the full benefit of making lasting lifestyle changes.
Instead, the path to better health starts by making small, easy and meaningful improvements every day.
This collection of 30 Paleo recipes makes eating healthy amazingly delicious AND good for you at the same time! Drink two tablespoons of this juice every three hours, and before and after every meal (also 2 tbsp). These simple stretches can be done while sitting and will help improve circulation, boost energy and improve quality of life. While exhaling, turn to the right side, grab the back of the chair with the right arm and with the left use the arm of the chair to slowly pull the torso to the right. If you aren’t a fan of the taste of plain water, try making an infused water recipe instead.
Take the stairs instead of the elevator and go walking on your lunch break. This collection of 30 at-home beginner exercises makes it easy–no equipment needed! If you still struggle with varicose veins, it’s important to talk to a medical professional at Ivein.

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