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Google adsense advertisement is the best way for any blogger to earn through Blogging and there websites but the problem is always about which is the best place to place the adverts.
Adsense placement is quite tricky and placing your Google adsense adverts can double your traffic if you place your advertisement with trick and without annoying readers. I have visited many discussion forum and here goes the guide which might help you to increase your revenue: First of all have a look at official Google adsense heat map Which clearly talks about the best adsense placement without annoying your readers. It’s a fact that non technology websites make double of the money then technology websites reason being that reader of technology websites are well aware of advertisement and they generally ignore the advertisement but on the other hand non technology websites like dating, astrology websites make more money with google advertisement because of unawareness of the readers. Another fact is when readers from technology websites read the article and they find it useful they click on advertisement to appreciate the article.
Where to keep the advertisement without hampering your readers point and without knocking down your advertisement. You might think that I can write better post and get more organic traffic and Better traffic = Better Income.
Have a look at SEOunleashed he cleverly placed the advertisement (Yahoo advertisement) between the posts which does not even look like an advertisement but you need to be very careful with keywords when you planning to do anything like this. Google search for your website is also a good idea to increase some more revenue and placing Google search unit at the best visible place on your website would be much better idea. Though I will suggest place advertisement smartly without hampering your reader view and instead of keeping empty space on your website it’s better to fill it with advertisement.
Do let us know if you follow adsense heatmap or you have found your own best ad placement for adsense? Another point to note is that try to stay away from too much ads everywhere because that will actually alarm the user that there are ads on the page and they will be careful where they click. It’s interesting how easily we can manipulate our adsense earnings just by changing the ad placement.

After a few years of working with Adsense, I noticed that the typography of the website could greatly affect your CTR. I am not sure but I red somewhere that, Lesser Number of ads and on upper folds pays more CPC ?
I created a wordpress plugin called AmpedSense which will help you split test your adsense ads.
Has anyone experienced with placing a banner ad after the introduction of the article, before the main content of the post? I use a plugin called Ad Injection which allows you to set up an ad unit to come out 0-10 days after the post goes live. I'm seeing an awful lot of traffic here lately from people looking for information on Kijiji paypal scams. Text: were a group of really cool guys , who recently kicked out a guy from our group, and need a replacement.
I'm amazed this guy can sell anything, since virtually every item in his lineup is spelled wrong. is Canada's number-one online classifieds site, owned and operated by eBay Classifieds Group. Answer: Some people out there make a little money on Blogger with putting ads on their blog. Answer: From the past 2 months, I am experiencing a very irritating problem in my mobile phone and laptop. Answer: Hey, I want to know, if i have mobile traffic on wordpress website, so how can I make money from it? Prime aim of any blogger is to give excellent content and he can’t take a risk to place advertisement at the middle of the post which is very annoying.

So better keep it less in number and on tricky positions yet without spoiling user experience. Making your headings smaller, as well as keeping all the elements with the same color scheme has helped me to bring more attention to the ads displayed on my sites, hence improving my earnings.
For my site, the ads below the navigation bar and bottom of the right sidebar (marked in white in google adsense heat map) works best.
Also, after Google panda updates, it’s become necessary to keep less ads around content and above the fold. I have been experimenting since long and this one increased revenue to nice 40% in one month. I have been always confused about all the adsense ads placement and now its all clear thanks to this beautiful post!!
I wasn't going to post it, but people keep coming here looking for the "black guy Kijiji ad" -- which I find a little offensive, but if people are looking for it, they might as well find it here. Unless explicitly cited, advice and opinion provided here should not be considered as coming from Kijiji. I tried it two days ago but as of yet my CPC has remained the same, but my CTR has decreased.

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