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In this article, Brad Hettich, President and CEO of Commercial Lending X, summarizes the essential foundations of how real estate can help you make money. The author lays out five primary ways real estate can help you make money in the long-run: lower taxes, cash flow, using leverage, equity growth, and inflation.
Buying properties and leasing or renting them to tenants produces dependable, predictable income each and every month. For over 30 years, Tom Troccoli has bought and sold hundreds of properties from commercial buildings, office buildings and retail locations to multi-family residences and apartment complexes. He understands the advantages, the risks and the potential pitfalls of real estate investing and puts this knowledge to work for his clients everyday. Help you purchase your property and handle every aspect of the deal from the offer to the closing. Help you evaluate properties you're considering and tell you what the property is earning now, what the expected return will be and how to insure your property and deal with losing and replacing tenants.
Successfully manage your properties for maximum return on your investment or manage your properties for you. Answer all of your questions and help you plan a strategy for long-term wealth and reliable income that grows over time. Tom works with a group of trusted partners that include accountants, attorneys, property management professionals, architects and builders who handle every aspect of real estate investing from finding the right property to financing, lease agreements, property management, new construction, contracts and much, much more. If you meet the above requirements contact Tom Troccoli today to learn about your options, get answers to your questions and finally get started on your investment goals!
One of the reasons most real estate agents get into the business is the potential for making money in real estate. Most people when they are getting started or thinking about getting started in real estate investing, their first question is, Can you really make money flipping houses? Wholesaling real estate is one of the fastest ways you can start making money flipping houses. Since real estate is typically a longer-term investment, it’s a good opportunity to put your cash to work into a tangible asset that will appreciate in value.

The author emphasizes that when investing in real estate to use as little of your own cash savings as possible by using leverage.
There are several big-dollar tax incentives for real estate investors that can be used to offset rental income. As a real estate investor, you can utilize leverage to increase your assets and equity in the property without spending your own money. When investing in real estate, a great opportunity to make more money is by investing in areas and zip codes with increasing inflation rates. In fact, real estate investing is one of the best wealth building vehicles available today, aside from striking oil or winning the lottery. A property worth $100,000 today could be worth $500,000 or more over an extended period of time. And he's helped clients just like you to build wealth and dependable income by investing in real estate. Working with and building relationships with great people and learning about real estate and sales are positives as well, but everybody loves money. It is important for real estate agents to speak with clients and leads about more than real estate listings. Have you tried posting on Pinterest, improving your listing presentations or networking at local events? Whether you are a Realtor®, a broker or a homeowner, our home warranty can provide you with peace of mind because you have the right coverage.
You need to know how to find deals, evaluate the leads, determine what to offer and then what to do. These include maintenance and repairs, property management costs, advertising expenses, utilities, and travel. By borrowing from a bank and having the rental income pay for the mortgage, you can grow your equity over time without spending your own money. The logic goes that as rental prices increase, your mortgage payment remains constant, which means your cash flow will grow from the rent.

Potential investors have lots of questions and they are not sure who to go to for the answers. A trusted advisor that's already bought, sold and leased literally hundreds of properties over the last 30 years? By building lasting relationships with them, real estate agents can improve their understanding of the people they’re trying to help, and as result, improve their ability to assist them with buying and selling. Upgrading the methods you use to connect with clients will help you reach more of them, and make more money in real estate. However, the three biggest ways to save money on taxes from real estate income include deductions for depreciation, mortgage interest, and homeowner’s insurance premiums. As you build up your equity position in the property, you will be able to earn a nice chunk of profit when you are ready to sell and invest in something new. Compare that to the stock market, where you risk 100% of your money for an uncertain return.
Once you know how to do all of this you can easily flip a house in less than two weeks and make a quick $5,000, $10,000 or more.
However, if you’re investing for the long-term, real estate can help you generate significant profits and a regular monthly cash flow that can help you save for retirement.
You can wholesale a house for quick profit, rehab a house for profit and even flip a mobile home quickly for profit. If your expenses are greater than your income, you can still achieve positive cash flow if your tax breaks put you back in the black. Additionally, the various tax breaks and deductions ensure the long-term viability of your investment property to make you a lot of money.
A rental property calculator tool can help you calculate the incomes and expenses from an investment property and help you budget accordingly.

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