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Learning to make fast decluttering decisions about your belongings can be a difficult task, but with practice you will find it becomes easier and easier.
So just how do you make considered decisions quickly and easily and not regret those same decisions later on?
You can easily discover what has motivated your decision making process in the past by reflecting on why you made your previous decisions. Were you so frustrated by the mess around you and it was all so overwhelming, that you simply tossed everything – and then lived to regret it.  Perhaps you were faced with too many choices about how you could use various items in your home, that you were overwhelmed by the choices and so made none. Whatever the reasons are, once you understand why you have made the decisions you have about your belongings, you can work on improving your decision-making abilities moving forward. When you feel that you have too many options, simply stop, take a deep breath and go with your gut instinct.

After you strengthen your overall decision making skills, then it’s easier to focus on making your decisions faster. Or perhaps in the past you have thrown out an item that you later found you needed, and you are now letting your fears of making a wrong decision stop you from making any decisions at all.
With regular practice, you will notice that you are making decisions about your belongings quicker and easier.  Practice your decluttering decision making. Soon enough, you’ll find yourself making better decluttering decisions quicker than ever before. Rather than repeat your mistakes, you don’t make any decisions about your belongings and they are now taking over the house. Start small and declutter items that have little value or sentimental attachment.  This way you can practice your decision making skills and if you throw out something you wished you hadn’t of, it is not too expensive to replace or will not impact you emotionally.

Be ready to take responsibility for your actions, even knowing that everything might not go according to plan. Even the most organised people have thrown out (and kept) items that they wish they hadn’t of.

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