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At some point someone notices a problem in their life, either they are not staying afloat with bills or they can’t afford that thing they want and they decide to look out the window and ask the question, How Can I Get More Money?
The problem is this is a results based question, the results in your life whether they are financial, personal, spiritual, or health are RESULTS of what your current habits and actions have been.
You see, the value you bring to your marketplace, whatever that marketplace is, will DICTATE the amount of money you are compensated.
Consistently bringing value to the WORLD is really the answer to most people’s problems whether it be money, or something else. You are right on and to the point exactly what you need to do to make money in this industry! You are so right Ray it all about help others frist and the rest will fall in place thank you.
His blog, Dear Joan, is dedicated to helping smaller nonprofits write truly donor focused appeals that get better results and raise more money for your cause.
I spent the early part of my career as an account handler but always had a secret desire to work on the creative side. Initially I worked as a freelance journalist, writing mainly for national Sunday newspapers. Mazarine: You’ve written fundraising campaigns for nonprofits in several different countries, how does fundraising direct mail in other countries differ from the US? I’ve written copy that’s run in the USA, the UK, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand the Middle East and South East Asia, and one thing shines through: no matter where you go, donors are much the same — people who care.
Of course, someone in Thailand may well give for different reasons to someone in Tennessee. The key point is that the fundamentals of good direct mail copywriting hold true no matter where you are: understand your donor, craft appeals that make your donor the hero, and connect your donor with your beneficiary.
Jules: I’m fortunate enough to do most of my work in some of the most giving counties in the world. I have found that non-profits in smaller countries enjoy better response rates and ROI figures. I believe that smaller nonprofits with smaller donor bases enjoy a closer relationship with their donors.

Jules: Yes, I believe being local, being specific, being relevant, presents smaller charities with a special advantage — if they apply the fundamentals well. Sadly, because smaller non-profits often don’t have the money to buy top quality direct response fundraising advice — they are often not applying the fundamentals very well. Often they try hard too hard look or seem ‘different’ to the big players, when what they should really be doing is learning from them.
My advice to the development directors of small non-profits would be to stop looking for something brand new to turn your fundraising around — look instead at the fundamentals. Don’t try to tell your donor about everything you do in one go — tackle one issue at a time, and repeat your winners. And don’t talk about yourself — talk about your beneficiaries and how your donor is the key to changing their lives.
Mazarine: Do you advocate buying mailing lists or do you counsel nonprofits to grow their lists organically? Thank you Jules for agreeing to be interviewed for my blog, I’ve certainly learned a lot, and I hope my readers have too! There is a second question that will actually help guide you to a solution to the how can I get more money question. I recently just connected with an old friend who turned his life around because he made himself valuable spiritually. If you want more money, ask, How can I provide more value at work or to the people I serve.
I migrated towards direct marketing pretty early on, influenced by the likes of Drayton Bird and John Fraser-Robinson. Then an opportunity in fundraising came along when I pitched for and won the role of lead freelance copywriter for an excellent not-for-profit DM agency in Dublin, Ireland.
But then a cat rescue supporter in Tennessee will probably be giving for different reasons to a medical research supporter who also lives in Tennessee.
For any non-profit, large or small, the only group of people that really matters is your donor base. I don’t have any quantitative data to support the reasons for this, but I think it’s a function of market and database size.

A small local charity is more relevant, more immediate, and closer to their individual supporters, than say a global organisation with hundreds of thousands of donors.
Are you applying the tried, tested and proven techniques that successful direct marketers and fundraisers have been talking about for decades? Experience has shown that there are other more cost effective recruitment channels than cold mail. There’s nothing worse than becoming the Nth appeal sent to a tired old list of people fed up with charitable solicitations.
I don’t mean it has to be charitable works, nothing wrong with that, but it DOES need to be solving the problems of others. Go help your fellow man and woman create a better life through network marketing, become of value to this planet and you will have plenty of money. Thank you for your continued and unselfish effort to educate the masses in our great industry! He is a professional direct response copywriter specializing in the creation of highly persuasive fundraising campaigns for charities and non-profits. As to why, the main reason is that your donor may well be more responsive to email than printed mail.
If you need help in this regard, because this is a revolutionary suggestion to most network marketers who have only been taught to beat their poor unsuspecting friends and families over the head with their MLM product, you can watch my free video called the Prospecting Scorecard. Over the last four years his work has raised more than US$16 million worth of funds for leading charities, NGOs and community groups worldwide. Stop wishing on the sofa that money will fly in the window to you, it won’t, and even if it did through some form of lottery or hand me down, if you lack the proper principles to care and feed that money, it will just as soon fly out the window as it did in.
Or did you just PITCH your business to people without LISTENING to them, their problems, and identifying where your product or service could help them? Additionally, appealing via two different channels spreads your chance of catching your donor at an opportune moment, or in the right frame of mind.

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